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  1. You could get a few pesos from you bank, but if you do not use them all and want to change them back, it ends up costing more than a vendor that gives you an unfavorable exchange rate. If you are going to be there for one day, just take plenty of small ($1 and $5) currency. There are so many cruise tourists that most places now quote their prices in US dollars. If you are staying for a week, then getting some pesos might be worth it.
  2. Not sure where you heard or read about people getting seasick. The Ultramar ferries are new boats. The ride is very smooth. We have taken them from Cozumel to PDC and back many times and never a hint of seasickness. I guess if you are prone to seasickness , take some Meclizine. The seating is nice, some with tables. Snack bar that even serves Starbucks.
  3. Went there in June (we were land based). Well worth the experience. The water is very clean, in fact, you need to rinse off before you get your wet suit, helmet, and life jacket. The water shoes are a must, but they charge to use theirs, so take your own if you have them. There are several deep places, but not for long and your head never goes under water, so I believe that you could wear your regular glasses. Anyone with any kind of mobility issues or cannot walk a long ways on uneven surfaces should not attempt this tour. That would be more of an issue than the swimming. We had one non-swimmer and the guide helped him. The pictures are expensive. They give them to you on a memory stick. If you are on a tour group from a cruise, I would try to go together and buy one package of all the pictures, then share!
  4. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=657052
  5. If you read the reviews for Wind Spirit here on CC, you will see that the dinner show in Bora Bora is on the second night. Several of the reviews give day by day accounts of the 7 night cruise in Tahiti.
  6. Post cruise, we dropped our bags and then went to Iguazu for 2 nights, returned for one night at the Howard Johnson Hotel Boutique Recoleta. Small hotel in an area with business and government buildings. Close to the Recoleta mall. 4 blocks from the Recoleta cemetery and several good restaurants. We walked to a restaurant in the evening and felt safe. The hotel is new. The room was large and very nice. We paid about $125 per night, including breakfast. The hotel was nicer that some accomodations that we have paid twice that amount for. Would stay there again and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to stay in Recoleta. (one caution, there was some sidewalk construction on our walk to the restaurant, so probably not doable for wheelchairs or walkers)
  7. I read where people have rented a car on Raiatea, but cannot find anything online. Can someone who has rented a car there share what company has rental cars on Raiatea.
  8. Thanks for the info Milepig--I just emailed our TA to get this arranged prior to the cruise!
  9. Will Windstar allow passengers to disembark in Moorea? Would like to catch the ferry across and take a late night flight. The airline that we can use for miles only goes on certain days.
  10. Plenty of taxi's at the cruise terminal--all hours. Taxi's to take you back to the terminal can be a little harder to find. Best to ask your restaurant or wherever you are at to call you a taxi. We were at the Madero tango show, which was not a good experience, so we left early. The doorman flagged us down a taxi, but it took a while. Make sure you agree on a price when you get in. They will tell you how much in pesos or dollars. Be aware of the other people outside the terminal who are getting taxi's for you. We definitely got taken a couple of times, but it was by them, not the taxi drivers. Better to deal directly with the driver. It will be about $10 to most parts of BA other than EZE. Cruise terminal to Recoleta was $10 and La Boca to cruise terminal was $10 as well.
  11. Thank you so much for taking the time to give me this great information--just what I was looking for!
  12. Petoonya, We are booked for Twice the Tahiti next November. Starting to work on excursions. Which ports are an easy DYI to go to a local beach for snorkeling or using the sports platform. We don’t want to miss the must do snorkeling, but also do not want to pay for 18 days worth of excursions. Thanks for your help.
  13. Petoonya, we are booked for Twice the Tahiti next November and starting to work on excursions. Being on the boat for 18 days, we do not really want to pay for an excursion every day. Can you tell us which ports we could probably do on our own, either use the sports platform to snorkel or just go to a local beach with good snorkeling? Which ports are a must for booking an excursion. I have sort of gleaned excursion information from your previous posts, but need help with where we can DYI. Thanks for your help.
  14. Thanks Petoonya. Nice review with good information on excursions. Will have to start booking some after the holidays.
  15. Looking forward to your review. Any idea when it will be posted. Thanks--glad it was a good trip for you.
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