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  1. I don’t blame Regent for keeping mum. Every word they utter is an opportunity for more people to be upset by whatever they say. You might find their words comforting but I’m sure those same words would infuriate someone else. There’s no way for them to come out ahead no matter what they do or don’t do.
  2. We are still hoping to cruise in October. If that doesn’t happen our plan B is a road trip through the southern Utah national parks, if the parks are open and lodging and dining are available.
  3. I just received a flyer from Regent advertising their Alaska cruises starting with the August 5 sailing. I wish I could believe the cruises will actually happen. That would make it easier to believe our October 12 LA to LA cruise will actually happen. Now that Regent has begun issuing refunds for the cruises they cancelled I feel better about my plan to make final payment in July and “onboard book” a 2021 cruise when the thirty day window opens in September. No need to tell me I’m living in a fantasy world. I already know that but it’s a happier place than the real world right now. 😎
  4. So maybe the ship leaves LA, sails to Ensenada and moors but doesn’t deploy the gangway, then heads for a series of US ports before returning to LA.
  5. Do people need to get off the ship in the foreign port or is docking enough?
  6. Actually most Scenic river boats have three passenger decks, one “aquarium class” and two balcony decks, and an elevator that serves the three passenger decks but not the sun deck. I worry about all the health checks Scylla plans on doing, and how they will react to a fever. We did a 15 day cruise on the Rhine and Moselle last October. On our last excursion of the cruise half the bus was coughing and sniffling. Probably some had fevers. Are they going to start quarantining anyone who gets cruise cough?
  7. Your reply doesn’t really seem to answer my question. Or maybe I’m even more ignorant than I thought.
  8. I will stipulate in advance to my general ignorance of the cruise line business. That being said, the expenses you mentioned look to me to be generic costs of getting going again that will be incurred whenever cruising is restarted. What is different about Alaska cruising? How is starting the Alaska season different than starting a Caribbean season? I know Canadian ports are closed for now. I suspect that is true of many Caribbean ports as well. My question is about financial costs of starting a cruise season, not border issues.
  9. What would be the start up costs of an Alaska cruise season? All I can think of is the cost of getting Mariner to Vancouver.
  10. Your experience is real and valid, but using it in a discussion about experiences post-March 13 is like discussing the life of the dinosaurs before and after the meteor impact. Regent’s business and cash flow plan changed on March 13. We don’t really know how it changed because apparently no refund transactions have gone to closure yet. Of course the CC Regent community is a nanocosm of the Regent customer base, and maybe hundreds of refunds have been processed, just none of us(although I doubt it).
  11. I think a major path for the virus into your body is through your eyes from contaminated hands. The mask is to keep virus from flying out of your mouth and eventually transferring onto some unsuspecting victim’s hands, hence getting rubbed into eyes.
  12. I wonder if the quarantine center is still open in Oakland. Maybe they’re planning to offload American crew into quarantine.
  13. I’m hoping for the October La to La cruises on Mariner, particularly the October 12 departure.
  14. It’s all a matter of how one deals with uncertainty. I’m looking forward to discovering my risk tolerance when the time comes for me to make final payment for our LA to LA cruise in October. Today I think we are going to pay but that’s easy to say two months before the deadline. It mostly depends on whether bankruptcy seems imminent.
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