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  1. Yes, thanks for the update... we are traveling from the U.S. (Ann Arbor, Michigan)..... I think Australia and NZ may restrict visitors from the U.S. - just don't know how long... We will play it by ear and maybe cancel our 2nd trip due to COVID! We also bought tix to Australian Open through a 3rd party company. My guess is if the Ausie open is cancelled I may not see my money for those tickets from the 3rd party company. However, hopefully cruise and airfare would be refunded by the carriers..... Keep me posted if you hear more ! Interesting times for travelers !
  2. thank for the reply and video... reminds me of the fjords in Norway, looks really beautiful. Yes, our cruise is likely 50/50 at this point. It was a re-schedule after our Japan cruise was cancelled with the very first round of China / Japan cancellations - at that point there really was not discussion of COVID in U.S. or Austrailia, so we rebooked to an Australia NZ cruise - then things really went downhill for cruises ! Plan B may be to keep our flights and just do NZ and Australia on our own perhaps adding a flight to Queenstown.
  3. thank you for the reply.. That is a situation I didn't think about. After Milford, the ship heads to Australia, so it seems if the overland excursion people from Queenstown can't board in Milford, then they would be flying to Australia? That doesn't sound like a good option. I will call Celebrity but sometimes it is hard to get answers to detailed questions like these. I am also assuming the inland trip and Queenstown is appealing and offers its own beauty and thus worth considering.
  4. We are booked on the Jan 25, 2021 Celebrity Solstice (Auckland to Sydney) We dock at Dunedin on 1/30 then visit Dusky, Doubtful and MIlford Sound on 1/31, the 3 fjords are scheduled at different times on the afternoon of the 31st. However also on the 31st there is an overnight excursion offered that visits Queenstown. No times are given for the excursion. I am wondering if we still get to see the fjords if we sign up for the overnight excursion. Also, the excursion description says " Day 1: Milford Sound to Queenstown, Day 2: Queenstown to Dunedin" The description says you re-boar
  5. We just booked 1/25/2021 Solstice (Australia and NZ). When I log into my X account, I see the cruise but when I go to cruise planner and choose shore excursions there is nothing listed. We are 11 months out. Is this too soon to see any excursions? thanks.
  6. Need advice from those familiar with the Yokohama port. Trying to decide to stay in Yokohama or Tokyo prior to our April 10, 2020 Celebrity Cruise out of Yokohama. We are spending 6 days pre-cruise in Japan (arrive Osaka - 3 days in Kyoto, 1 day in Nagoya (Nagoya stop is a business diversion for me) then 2 days in Tokyo or Yokohama). I have been to Tokyo for business and saw the major sites, but I have never been elsewhere in Japan. My wife has never been to Japan. So trying to determine if Yokohama would be a nice place to stay for the 2 days prior or are we better off in Tokyo. I a
  7. Viking put us in the Hilton. They had a big presence there, including a separate Viking reception desk, etc. So that is where we met the tour guides.... Should not be an issue. Not sure about other hotels, perhaps Viking only uses those if needed for capacity. I would guess they would have tour guides meet you at the hotels.....
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