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  1. As an eight year old I got quite tired of the broken, naked statues in Italy! I definitely remember the colosseum though. For dessert I liked watching the waiters peal fruit at the table too. Watching a cook put my pizza in a dirty oven was confusing. And ashes on the bottom seemed strange. Yes, these were the old fire ovens and mostly in Naples that I remember. The Italians loved children so I was always seemingly entertained by the waitstaff. My brother is a couple of years younger. Have a a great time!
  2. Celebrity has rooms with sofa beds that aren’t suites, no bath tub though. Iirc RCL does too. Don’t remember too many kids on Celebrity but then if you don’t see them the clubs are working. Juneau has a trip to the glacier where you can visit the forest service and then walk down to the glacier too. Those are on your own type drop offs in that you have time without a guide. Icy strait point has a nature trail near the pier as it is a small town. The old dock area was a cannery so there are places to explore. Skagway isn’t as quaint as it once was. My MIL loved the quiet seas in the inside page. Seward, if you go that far also has a trail to a glacier. Ketchikan has a lumberjack show that I haven’t seen can’t imagine a young child wouldn’t love it though. You can find a local guide to see whatever you want to see, totem museum, nature falls and the like. There are duck tours there too. Age group, I’m told on HAL is high but coming down. Celebrity should be average around 40-50 for Alaska. Princess is supposed to be similar. Royal should be a bit younger than Celebrity, I haven’t noticed a difference in the Caribbean or Australia. A travel agent should be able to guide you on age groups. Have fun.
  3. Check Autism at Sea, not sure which cruise-lines or the rules etc. saw them onboard a cruise and they seemed superb. Celebrity planned a tour in Bermuda just for them at the beach! Sort of time for the parents too.
  4. From DC Baltimore has some smaller ships similar to the RCL Enchantment is the Grandeur of the Seas. They have an itinerary that has some 3 days at sea and others that seem to alternate days, not sure about the summer. I first ran into Autism at Sea on Celebrity. If you look them up they have several venues. We normally don’t see younger children on Celebrity until the gangway! But I’ve seen tours of quite young, nursery school perhaps. RCL out of Baltimore seems to depend upon the cruise. We had 500 kids on one cruise.
  5. We used constrain, or similar from mco, it’s a van, no idea about car seats, but it’s a reasonable transport. The hotels we stopped at were near ours, as we came in early from the north! We used GoShuttle in Ft Lauderdale, to Mia. I was disappointed in their rt as they were late because they didn’t get fuel before! Again it was a van from the airport and a large car, minivan returning. Long time to airport too.
  6. My first thought was that they are always worried about child abduction and thus there is a pile of paper required to bring a grandchild, a child without both parents and a raft of other conditions. I know you said one paper wasn’t available, but if Social Services is in fact the “custodial parents” is that avenue feasible? Part of me is the pessimist that believes if you got the paperwork the other paperwork will show up! For adults, a new bride often doesn’t have her passport changed for her honeymoon and still can travel under old paperwork. That got me to thinking about how to solve the problem of how to get a minor permission to travel. keep us posted.
  7. One of our sewing machine stores was teaching that joules matter when trying to protect expensive embroidery machines! It was the first time I’d seen anyone pointing out that it really mattered! Yea! Apparently someone had experienced a pretty fried machine and was anxious to point out that it matters.
  8. I was planning on embroidering one, but either cost trumps the cost of buying one.
  9. My first surge protector was custom made. The first surge destroys a part designed for that purpose and thus there is no second surge as the part needs to be replaced! Without that my expensive equipment was indeed put on a UPS type system, which is a bit large for a suitcase. Most people have surge protector strips for two reasons, the multiple outlets and the single switch turn off. The circuit breaker was supposed to trip on those so that equipment was protected. I was lead to believe that later ones had failed when the light flickered or burned out, however I never believed that protected as well as a circuit breaker and even that could trip after the fact in some situations. I had a phobia, as a child, of fire. All from a demonstration during fire prevention weak when I was 7. My father never allowed extension cords on irons and other heavy pull appliances. And yes, he is the one that built my original surge protector. In college i smelled a burn smell in the lobby of my dorm. It was slight and very localized. As my dorm mother watched me digging in the sofas and chairs she kept say it was probably a cigarette that had been smoked in the area. She became a bit more aggressive in trying to get me to let it go when I found the smoldering cigarette. It didn’t smell like cigarette, it smelled like burning trash. Needless to say tones changed after that and I still trusted them enough to go to bed before they actually put it out! While I know from that experience others can’t smell as well as that, I also have a great respect for fire. And yes, I’ve move away from the fear of a child to a respect of how they are started. I couldn’t be a firman, but I could be a fire inspector if I had more training.
  10. We found, the hard way, that it is better to place it in locked luggage. Yes, you will have to go get your luggage but the device will be on the ship and if you can prove a medical need they will check whether their engineer will approve it. That happened on Australia. If it is in your carry on it is taken and held at the port, Miami. On our last trip it was in checked baggage, we got our luggage, but we didn’t use it as it was used pre and post cruise. I believe their system was set to detect protector because a multi tap we had tripped a circuit. It was quickly reset without much explanation and we did not repeat the experiment. Our main reason is pre and post cruise on most cruises that will provide an extension cord.
  11. Now if we could just stop the crew from putting carts in the extra space in front of those self opening doors! My scooter is relatively short and definitely narrowband I fine the halls normally too narrow!
  12. We travelled on a ship just after there had been more cramming. It was close to home and so we did a last minute cruise. I swear the door nearly hit the end of the bed. There was a desk chair but if someone was sitting in it you couldn’t open the bathroom door! I don’t remember where we put the walker but I’m sure it was in the way. Can’t imagine the scooter fitting!
  13. One of my early cruises was in a room where a poorly folding walker wouldn’t stay folded. We found the best place for it was unfortunately in the room hallway against the door. I hated it! We replaced the walker ASAP to a truly folding one. Now with the folding scooter we can put it where exits are clear too. I try to be sure it’s headed out just in case. —— too many fire classes when I was in elementary school I guess!
  14. I had a colleague that years ago always had trouble crossing back from Tijuana. He looked Italian, sort of. When we went together he seemed annoyed that we had no trouble crossing!
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