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  1. Great find and for the newly blind young man that was the concern of the original post I can’t believe he wouldn’t just love the tech for its own sake.
  2. Sounds like you had a great time! Bravo!!! Did I tell you about a deaf gal on a cruise visit to a ballet in Russia? One of the ballerinas fell and hurt herself. She was an abundant resource for knowing what really happened as her sight was greatly sharpened. Similarly your son will develop greater hearing and you’ll be asking him about some things you missed.
  3. That’s the reasoning I used to justify my scooter which was slightly less but carries more weight.
  4. I’m missing your point. People, cruisers, have been mugged in Jamaica, they have not heard early departure whistles when ships have been forced out of port in San Juan, and a variety of other things do happen on overland tours connected to cruises. While many may recover because of their tour being a cruise line tour it is important to know what your options are should you be stranded for a variety of reasons. My stepmother’s first husband died suddenly in the port of Barbados. She spent some time frustrated with the Consulate, the cruise line and just the natural responses to a death of a loved one. If your point is that those who can afford a cruise can afford a better watch though, I might have to agree that is absurd to count on the Consulate to help!
  5. First day in Tokyo went well. One of the stations, however, has a long slope that was technically too steep for the scooter. With the help of my guide and my husband they were able to apply enough push power to my back to keep me moving up the slope. Since the seat folds down there is no way to push on the chair, but we didn’t test that here, we already knew it. As a solo, in general, one would not be able to get out alone in Winter Park. There are some sidewalks in the area that have short sections of steep, but I made those because of the length of the slope was quite short. As for looking for scooters, yes they do all run together! I would note that my husband found the ability to drag the transformer like luggage was a bit uncomfortable as it was a bit short and he is under 6 ft! The Triaxe Tour and Sport are a bit longer and don’t fold in half so they are not as compact. Both are also three wheelers so they have tighter turning radiuses. The guide was amazed at how tight I could turn. It’s worth noting too that the subway gap in one station was a step up but all were a bit wide. The station people will help with a ramp, but it takes time to do that getting on. To get off they ask where you want to get off and meet you there with the ramp. Since I can walk short distances I would have just rolled the scooter over the threshold being sure to lift the front wheel over the gap. Since I was alone others did it.
  6. Although I’ve heard many say that taking scooters apart is easy I agree with you I didn’t want to do it either! If it got where I couldn’t lift a scooter I’d look at a ramp of sorts, but we have a minivan that needs replacing and the car manufacturers have all but quit making them! Trunks are harder to do. I really liked the Transformer as it was more compact and was lifted in the middle and could be done one handed if you were strong enough. It is a 4 wheeler and needs a football field it seems to turn around, not particular uncommon for 4 wheelers. I rented a transformer, before settling on my Triaxe Tour. For what it is worth, I just arrived in Tokyo and several young people working at the airport loved it! Glad to help, I found the Mobie by seeing someone with one!
  7. The transformer by Solax and the Mobie both have an option for a lift that runs off the battery. The transformer self folds, but both are in high 40s low 50s for weight. If you have an hatchback that the scooter fits in, I think the 3 pieces makes sense for around town.
  8. I did a lot of cobblestone with my triage tour. They are hard on the side casters to the extent they begin to come unscrewed. I’ve now removed them and am just careful on side to side slant. I just recently discovered that the Triaxe Sport is listed at 44 lbs. I didn’t like where my feet had to go, but it has a luggage feature. I also didn’t like the front brakes but unlike my tour it does have a speed regulator. Both are rated over 300 lb. the new Tour is supposed to hold 375lbs. I believe the Sport is now 350lbs. As for help loading sometimes it is less help than you want. But on and off the ships they always seemed to want to carry it. I prefer to put it in freewheel and let them drag it while I walk. Not everyone has that luxury. But then some of my cruises uses gangways that become stairs according to the tides. Havent done a whole whole lot of tenders but I’ve done all that were available. Some of the ways to the tenders are step steps but the crew likes the weight being so light. We fold it so they can see it before they say no!
  9. As an eight year old I got quite tired of the broken, naked statues in Italy! I definitely remember the colosseum though. For dessert I liked watching the waiters peal fruit at the table too. Watching a cook put my pizza in a dirty oven was confusing. And ashes on the bottom seemed strange. Yes, these were the old fire ovens and mostly in Naples that I remember. The Italians loved children so I was always seemingly entertained by the waitstaff. My brother is a couple of years younger. Have a a great time!
  10. Celebrity has rooms with sofa beds that aren’t suites, no bath tub though. Iirc RCL does too. Don’t remember too many kids on Celebrity but then if you don’t see them the clubs are working. Juneau has a trip to the glacier where you can visit the forest service and then walk down to the glacier too. Those are on your own type drop offs in that you have time without a guide. Icy strait point has a nature trail near the pier as it is a small town. The old dock area was a cannery so there are places to explore. Skagway isn’t as quaint as it once was. My MIL loved the quiet seas in the inside page. Seward, if you go that far also has a trail to a glacier. Ketchikan has a lumberjack show that I haven’t seen can’t imagine a young child wouldn’t love it though. You can find a local guide to see whatever you want to see, totem museum, nature falls and the like. There are duck tours there too. Age group, I’m told on HAL is high but coming down. Celebrity should be average around 40-50 for Alaska. Princess is supposed to be similar. Royal should be a bit younger than Celebrity, I haven’t noticed a difference in the Caribbean or Australia. A travel agent should be able to guide you on age groups. Have fun.
  11. Check Autism at Sea, not sure which cruise-lines or the rules etc. saw them onboard a cruise and they seemed superb. Celebrity planned a tour in Bermuda just for them at the beach! Sort of time for the parents too.
  12. From DC Baltimore has some smaller ships similar to the RCL Enchantment is the Grandeur of the Seas. They have an itinerary that has some 3 days at sea and others that seem to alternate days, not sure about the summer. I first ran into Autism at Sea on Celebrity. If you look them up they have several venues. We normally don’t see younger children on Celebrity until the gangway! But I’ve seen tours of quite young, nursery school perhaps. RCL out of Baltimore seems to depend upon the cruise. We had 500 kids on one cruise.
  13. We used constrain, or similar from mco, it’s a van, no idea about car seats, but it’s a reasonable transport. The hotels we stopped at were near ours, as we came in early from the north! We used GoShuttle in Ft Lauderdale, to Mia. I was disappointed in their rt as they were late because they didn’t get fuel before! Again it was a van from the airport and a large car, minivan returning. Long time to airport too.
  14. My first thought was that they are always worried about child abduction and thus there is a pile of paper required to bring a grandchild, a child without both parents and a raft of other conditions. I know you said one paper wasn’t available, but if Social Services is in fact the “custodial parents” is that avenue feasible? Part of me is the pessimist that believes if you got the paperwork the other paperwork will show up! For adults, a new bride often doesn’t have her passport changed for her honeymoon and still can travel under old paperwork. That got me to thinking about how to solve the problem of how to get a minor permission to travel. keep us posted.
  15. I was planning on embroidering one, but either cost trumps the cost of buying one.
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