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  1. Regent reps are back up to 40 hours because Jan & Feb are the busiest booking months of the year. The "cruise wave".
  2. Your pontification may be right; or it could be very wrong. You way want to wait till next Tuesday night and see who controls the Senate before guessing on any tax increases.
  3. Bar Harbor, ME is making noises about limiting cruise day trippers after seeing what happened in KW.
  4. An O agent told me yesterday that the balance of 2022 sailings will be on the web site tomorrow, November 4th. Reservations will be allowed one week later.
  5. WOW! Talk about a glass half empty. Brittany12, why not wait a year and see what develops? Obviously you are not eager to get on a ship anytime soon. So, just chill and see how the cruise lines handle the restart. I see the glass half full and have booked Seabourn for 3 weeks in April next year.
  6. I have an annual medical assistance policy that covers medical issues once I am in travel status. Therefore, I do not need (or pay for) a policy that includes medical evacuation or medical assistance. Are there policies that just cover the cost of the trip pre embarkation?
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