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  1. I used to think the movie Groundhog Day was really funny, but now that we are kind of living it, not so much.
  2. Yes, I think NCL, Oceania and Regent are all part of the same company...applies to all three. Plus, as you note, select cruises to Canada and New England in October.
  3. Someone just posted On the Oceania board that Oceania has cancelled all August and September cruises.
  4. Two observations about insides. We have had them twice. The first was a cruise with my twin sister and her husband. We got up at our usual time, whatever that was back then. Left them a note under their door about where we were and the time. SIX notes later they finally woke up, and it was around 10:30. The total blackout of light is really conducive for deep sleep, so perhaps that’s a good thing. Our second inside was on the Summit to Bermuda. We hit weather and that is where I learned in no uncertain terms the very high value of being able to access fresh air and a view of the horizon. After that, it was NEVER AGAIN for me, and we have not had an inside since. The specter of an inside and Covid just further cements that viewpoint.
  5. What he said. Totally agree. We have also done both on Celebrity.
  6. We feel the same. We have refunds now from Celebrity and Oceania. Crickets from Cunard, even after calling and being reassured that our refund was sent to “Finance”. Very unimpressed.
  7. Thanks, pinotlover for responding! Hoopster, you are my hero, for finding those photos and posting them. So kind. I showed them to my husband and we are both very happy we changed. That overhang would drive me nuts. So thankful to all you generous souls for responding so we could make an informed choice!
  8. Thanks for the reassurance, TMPTB and Mura! I’m glad we made the change. Now the wait to see if this actually transpires! Hopeful...
  9. Many thanks to all who posted. We decided the combination of the huge overhang and being able to read the name tags of the officers on the bridge was not appealing, so thank you to the posters who gave us that insight. We moved this morning to 10028, port side, across from the stairs, but a cabin down from the elevator lobby. A few reviews made us think any noise at the stairs would be more easily dealt with than noise from people waiting for and getting off the elevator. I will let you know what we think! Excited for our first Oceania cruise and for having that little carrot out there to look forward to.....thanks to all who responded. You were very helpful! GP
  10. Oh, my, great info to have, TMPTB! Yikes. We prefer the port side but I think the only other two are across from the stairs and elevators..on 10....10028 and 10030. But I think I would prefer that to looking forward to the bridge and not seeing the sky. will give a call to O tomorrow to see if they were hiding something else! 🤔😀. Thanks so much for your response. GP
  11. Thanks, 1985, for the input. We have had a few bad experiences with nearby crew doors and noise. One awful experience below the pool deck. Eager to not repeat those and learn from our mistakes! 🤗
  12. Well, we took a deep breath today and booked Marina, South America, February 17, 2021. We booked a PH2, cabin 11008, port side, forward. There are others to choose from. We thought deck 11 would be safe with cabins above and below. It seems close to the bridge....wondering if anyone has any input regarding our choice? We previously had booked for the first time on Insignia for this August but cancelled due to this wicked virus. At that time we had three cruises booked. One on Celebrity, our first on Cunard and the Oceania one. Of the three, Oceania gave our money back first. Celebrity just this week, and Cunard has apparently fallen off the planet cause it’s crickets from them. Thanks in advance for any cabin suggestions you might have! We feel quietly encouraged to have a cruise booked. Something to look forward to in these tough times.
  13. Follow up....we did get the refund, finally, for our April 15 cx cruise on the Silhouette. It was in four different credits, the final total was correct. Thanks for the helpful suggestions! Now we are in pursuit of a Cunard credit of about $4000. Cunard is spectacularly silent and uncommunicative. Good luck to those of you still waiting for your money.
  14. No, I didn’t call them yet! But I will, based on your suggestion! Thanks.
  15. Holey Moley, it took 1 hour 33 minutes on hold and three different reps, but I finally got the answer that they send "some" refunds to our cc company on May 13. Because we booked with an online big box she said she didn't have access to the specific amounts because it is password protected by the big box. They have not shown up on our online statement. She said that they often end up on the next billing cycle for the cc company. So, our next call is to Visa. My takeaways: 1. When they tell you they don't have access to your account, don't take no for an answer and ask to be transferred to someone who does have access. 2. Be prepared for a long wait. I talked to the first rep, 18 minutes on hold, asked to be transferred. Sat on hold about 25 minutes. That rep said he had no access because we booked with a TA, not Celebrity. He transferred me and I sat on hold almost an hour, to the final person who at least had some info. 3. I agree with Jim, above, you will need to be dogged. I'll post again when we finally see some $$$. Good luck! I figured if I waited long enough I'd have more success. Not so much.
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