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  1. I normally would wear similar clothes to prior posts, but when we sail on the Silhouette for a TA to Southampton in April, we will be wearing the tux and long gowns because we will be sailing back home on the QM2 for the first time, and will be observant of their dress code. We certainly won’t want to waste luggage space for dressy evening chic plus the formal wear needed for Cunard. So, my point is that everyone is doing their own thing, so do your own thing! I personally love to see the people who make the effort to dress more formally, even when I am not going formal myself. I would say we are about 50/50 with the level we dress up. I have the good fortune to have a husband who enjoys wearing his tux but some vacations there’s just not room for all the fancy stuff. So, be comfortable and have fun. Aside from shorts and maybe torn jeans on formal nights I don’t think anyone cares what you wear.
  2. “This is where my palate had left the restaurant, walked to the rail, and jumped overboard.“ Got a good laugh out of that hilarious statement in your blog! 😆. It is really fun to read, and full of some great info, even for those of us who are longtime Celebrity fans. You are doing better with wines than we did....taking notes!
  3. I love reading this! Very entertaining and fun to read! Aside from seeing Celebrity through your eyes as a new cruiser, I am very interested in your take on the wines. Our experience has been hit and miss, with wines we would prefer not available....more times than we would think normal. Even something like 20 year port, which my husband enjoys. I hope you have good luck finding the wines you like and want to have!
  4. Well, thanks, Lissie! I guess I will have to try it!
  5. Have not been on Cunard yet but our first is in May this year....so I have to ask, What on earth is cloudy lemonade?
  6. For what it’s worth, when we were on the Edge I did a mostly day to day posting during the trip and someone asked me to check to see what iPads they had, so I posted photos for them. Their response was that they were different from what was new and currently out so they presumed they were older models. Something to consider, perhaps?
  7. We are on the Silhouette Eastbound for a TA in April, then returning on Cunard, the QM2. First time on Cunard for us. Next August we will do a westbound TA on Oceania. First time on Oceania. So, count us in the group exploring options other than Celebrity for the first time in many years. We were on the Edge in October last year. We liked some of it. Disliked some of it. I would not say we are fans and would not be eager to book an E class again. However, we love the S class ships, so that will probably be our preference as far as Celebrity is concerned.
  8. Carrie and family, We share your shock at the sudden and devastating passing of this wonderful person. I am guessing she would be surprised and pleased to know she is so fondly remembered in the CC community. Our condolences to you and her family and friends. Joanie and Rolf
  9. Enjoying reading your review! The balcony looks wonderful. Would definitely prefer that to an IV. My husband got the fish in Tuscan and really enjoyed it.
  10. Oh my gosh. Of all things to happen. SO sorry to read this. What a way to start the trip!
  11. Jim, I really enjoyed your review and postings. I learned things about the Edge from you while we were on it at the same time! I’m sorry our paths didn’t cross. Maybe next time! I noted that you commented on the heat and humidity in Ft. Lauderdale....we felt that, too, and when we were outside it was about 7:45 a.m.....and then we got to Atlanta to find pouring rain and boy, it felt cold after all that mild weather we were blessed with on the trip. Thanks for all your posts and for sharing the information with us all. Joanie
  12. Cruisegirl6: I’m not sure what you’re asking or saying? In my listing above I liked plenty of things and I listed the things I didn’t like or missed. If you can clarify I’ll try to answer specially. I admit, they are mixed together....I wrote them as I thought of them. we were off the ship at 7:20....see long post above about disembarking..
  13. Mauidiver and others, I went back to the ilounge twice more and there was never a staff member there. I’m sorry to not get the info you needed. Note to self, don’t wait till late afternoon the last day, because the staffing might change. I thought the show last night was clever. Enjoyed the music but especially the dancers. I thought they were a very talented group. The singers much less so. It was not called kaleidoscope...that title is wrong. My husband didn’t love the show due to the singing, but it’s not his thing. We played roulette again last night and again the number 8 hit three times. Very rare for that to happen two days in a row. So we walked away up $236 which is a nice way to end. We were up at 5:45 this morning to just get it over with. We had tag 16 which had us off the ship at 7:15. We went to al Bacio for one last Americano, then to Cosmopolitan for breakfast at 6:30. They serve the usual menu that was available all cruise. At 7:20 we were off the ship and are now sitting in the yuckky Delta terminal at Ft L waiting for our flight to Atlanta. The ship staff in various places mentioned the inspection so there was some anxiety or at least pressure there. They definitely were pushing to get people off the ship as quickly as possible with what seemed to me to be somewhat earlier group departures. So, I am signing off. I hope some of this has been helpful. I didn’t really intend to keep posting beyond that first post but it turned out differently and I have enjoyed communicating with you. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts as you visit Ms Edge. Here’s our final summary: -Not our favorite ship, but would go again. -Interesting and pleasing visually. -Better food in the OV and the high ceiling helps. -Pool area beautiful, especially at night. -Walking track is a 10. -Tons of places to sit in shade outside on THIS cruise. -Magic Carpet was a meh to us. Gimmick and no big deal. -Public bathrooms on board pretty, nice touches. -Elevators were quick, the light up feature is cool. -Staff was uniformly fantastic. -Favorite entertainer was Nic Paige. -4 dining room concept was a hit for us. -IV was ok. To do Edge again we would do a regular balcony or a suite. -cabin storage was very good. -magnetic wall hooks work well. -Not fans of Eden due to the smell, but Jim reported that it wasn’t there when he went. -The Club was not a hit at night. Usually almost empty. -We missed having a great place to dance. -I was fine with the M Bar. My husband misses the S class version. -The shops? Almost always empty. How does this drive revenue for them? I don’t get it. -we missed the Sky Lounge. I will still try to answer questions if I can. I’m excited for those of you who have Edge booked, or anything booked! We’ve been gone a month and I’m ready to embrace normal life but feeling so blessed to have had this great trip. Wishing everyone safe and happy travels. Hope to see you on board some day! Joanie
  14. I’m rethinking the Cyprus. Tonight it seemed much more brown and visually not as appealing. I don’t know, Greek to me might be white and that beautiful Mykonos/Santorini blue. More appealing I think. We are not production show people but are in the theater waiting for the final one called Kaleidoscope. When you come in there is a blank backdrop that gradually morphs to reveal a full scene. Really cool and clever. I’ll let u know what we think after the show.
  15. I stopped in on the way to the MB tonight thinking it would be a quick answer. But the area was dimmed and no one was there. I’m so sorry. I fully planned to get your answers. I’ll watch as we pass by tonight to see if there is another chance. If so, will report back.
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