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  1. My results were exactly the same. Very easy to do...and got the same message as Jim in response. Waiting game for refunds...it is out of my realm of influence, and I’ve done all I can do. However....Cunard is as still as a mouse. We are still waiting for Cunard to make a move on our May 6 return to NYC from Southampton...and it appears that they have their heads stuck in the sand. So, Celebrity is ahead in the notification dept.
  2. Celebrity has cancelled all cruises until May 12.....time for Cunard to step up and stop playing dead or whatever it is they are doing....just rip off the bandaid/plaster and GET IT OVER WITH.
  3. I would rather we do ten times too much now than to realize too late that we did too little.
  4. Hi, Anne, nice to see what everyone is doing. We live in a gated mountain community north of Atlanta, and our community is mostly retirees but also many who still work. My husband had to fly to NH for a family emergency last week and because he was in multiple airports when he returned we self-isolated and have remained home bound by choice. We don’t want to take any chance of bringing this thing into this community, where it could be devastating due to the general age. We normally take care of our four year old twin grands but not for this two weeks of isolation. My husband is starting to get twitchy...today he was clambering around outside our very steep hillside cutting bushes away from the house. And I am opening drawers and quickly slamming them shut....because once I clean out one, I become obsessed until every drawer in the house is done. I admit to getting crazy with it. When I see my husband hiding from me I know it’s time to dial things back. 🤪🤗
  5. So true. Cruises are the carrots we hang out there to keep going with our normal, which is taking care of four year old twins each day...a labor of love for sure, but exhausting. So it’s the same, I’m sure for all of us, depressing to shove it all to the side. But I keep reminding myself of all the birthdays and weddings and honeymoons and family reunions that are not taking place and it makes our disappointment kind of minor. Not to mention what is happening in beautiful Italy. Maybe that first cruise we all take after this nightmare will be the best of all...like the first cruise we took that caused us to fall in love with cruising! I know we will be very grateful for the chance to have that great anticipation and countdown to the big day. 😍
  6. My husband just flew home from NH. Atlanta is a ghost town. Airport was strangely deserted at 9 a.m....interstate a no brake ride. It’s like something out of the twilight zone.
  7. I think of it like poker...you don’t show your hand and you maintain that poker face. Those of us who are waiting it out vs the cruise lines, who are trying to stay on their feet. I don’t know about you but here is where we have been regarding our 3 booked cruises. 1. What is wrong with these people saying thousands and thousands will die? Don’t they know they are scaring people? 2. Wow. Look at what is happening in China. 3. Let’s cancel our Oceania cruise for next August and just deal with the TA on Celebrity April 17 and the QM2 back in May. 4. Italy, beautiful Italy. How is this possible? 5. We are selfishly mourning our lost vacations....feeling guilty for doing so in the face of this devastation...it will take a miracle for them to happen. 6. We are where Italy was two weeks ago. OMG. Hunker down. I don’t even want to take a breath outside my own house. 7. Husband had to travel to put his mom in a nursing home. We are isolating ourselves just in case he has IT, because we are our brothers’ keeper. 8. We will either have a refund or an FCC. It is out of our realm of influence to determine which. We will roll with it, and we will pray for this beautiful world we live in and every beating heart that inhabits it.
  8. Very sobering thought. It is hard to process that this is the EARLY DAYS of this evil virus when it has already totally capsized the world as we know it.
  9. In this world where positives are suddenly hard to find, I will take anything that is more upbeat!
  10. Thank you for posting this! Looking forward to enjoying a cruise via your review, since the real thing isn’t happening!
  11. 🤗🤗 I would think the wine and liquor stores are jammed full of people hoping to party at home or have a few to ease their stress!
  12. The guesstimate is that the U.K. is 8-12 weeks from the peak, so I would guess that the April 17 TA you are on (and that we are on) is a goner, but just not designated as such. I would think that once they get through this current nightmare of stuck passengers, en route cancellations, etc., they will be much more organized as the month with no sailings evolves. They are trying to keep a thousand spinning plates in the air at one time. I can’t imagine!
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