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  1. Sending Prayers and good thoughts to everyone on the ship.
  2. Workermom I am with you. I like to read “real” books. Unfortunately Libraries seem to not to be a priority on Princess ships. The new Sky and Enchanted do not have them. On The last ship I was on, the Crown, the library shelves were only a third full. As Kruzprincess said, it depends on the ship. The days of packing a couple of books to read on the plane and then hitting the library once you boarded maybe leaving us. With those long cruises coming up, ( lucky you😊)I would definitely be looking at an E-reader. ( Doing that myself this spring).
  3. DH & I get to the dining room right when it opens on the last day and just sit by our selves. We look at the menu while waiting and are ready to order right away. Usually plenty of time.
  4. So sorry this happened to you and the rest of the passengers . Also sorry for the people on those islands that depend on tourism for their livelihood.
  5. Hi I did look at the port of call board, but the last post was from Sept 2019. DH & I prefer to take Princess excursions. Has any one done the Fatima one? it looks like a lot of driving, with not that much time at the Shrine. Also we will be there on a Sunday. If we do something else, does anyone know if the stores are open on Sundays? Thanks in advance
  6. Totally agree with doing away with the baked Alaska parade. It’s time as come and gone and If you are trying to get to a show or casino, it just drags dinner out. ( and I hate that desert anyway). My suggestion is do away with the Cheap chocolates on the pillow. Not that I am a chocolate snob, but as a veteran of the never ending waistline battle, I try to save my calories for the good stuff. Now if they had Godivas...LOL
  7. About 18 months ago, we shared a table in club class with some great ladies from Australia. One of them needed a gluten free diet. The head waiter and staff treated her like gold. They gave her the next days menu and she put her order in . You should be fine . All the best Happy New Year.
  8. Voljeep, thanks for the laugh...Andy says hi
  9. Recently there was a thread about there just being a book cart, not a library, on the Sky Princess. DH and I are booked on the Enchanted this summer. I looked at the deck plans twice, and I do not see a library. Looks like I will be buying a Kindle this spring 😁
  10. Loved this review.. it is currently freezing rain in Connecticut If the comforter is too warm for you, just ask your Steward to get you a top sheet. ( goes under the comforter) We always ask for one, with never a problem . Merry Christmas to you both!
  11. Looks like beautiful day. Thanks for posting.
  12. When you first met them, Just ask the steward to make up the bed with a top sheet. The only issue I ever had was years ago, when the steward made up the bed with a top sheet...on TOP of the duvet. A quick word and it was fixed. I am still laughing about it.
  13. Thank you all Suzyed, I look forward to hearing your report when you get back. Have a great time
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