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  1. The accident was all over the news in America. Issue is stories have short shelf life as media moves on to next shiny object and too infrequently does in depth or follow up reporting. Slightly excusable as accident report is not coming soon.
  2. Uniworld folks tend to dress better than Viking folks but I saw few mens' jackets on Uniworld. I did not bring one. Wore collared shirt, usually long sleeved but would wear short sleeves if hot, and slacks with loafers, not sneakers. Most men on Uniworld dressed similarly. However you would not look out of place with a suit coat at dinner.
  3. Non-smokers. Would gladly report anyone smoking on their balcony that we could smell. Would follow up to ensure continued compliance. No problem with the existing top deck section for smokers. Smokers like to cruise too.
  4. Maybe it's just me but I found my Icelandic flight, Boston to Bergen thru Iceland, to have the hardest, least cushioning seat backs I can remember. On my Do Not Fly list. Flying to Oslo and taking train to Bergen next year.
  5. Taking Star from Bergen to Montreal next August. Please have all common areas and my PV cabin totally refreshed. Thank you!
  6. CLEAR is quite expensive & per year so not gonna try it. Interested in anyone who has subscribed as to advantages.
  7. Never did the tip in advance thing. One thing to consider is AFTER receiving exemplary service onboard, call the department and tell them that for example, Steward X has done Y and Z and is terrific. We found out that as a result the employee is cited at the next department meeting, perhaps that very evening, and a record is made in their performance file. Those cited tend to get promoted. Someone that good above and beyond also gets some euros from us at the end of the trip.
  8. My wife dresses for dinner and likes being served. Thought the Restaurant would be her home. Shortly into our 1st VO cruise Homelands she discovered the World Cafe for dinner. Loves it. She also loves Chef's Table, my least favorite, but fine with me for a change of pace. Second cruise, in the Med, they featured the Pool for open air dining. Steak & lobster buffet one night. Loved it.
  9. No, Viking counts nights as nights on board, no credit for pre-cruise stays or post cruise stays. Bummer. Even worse, my latest booked cruise quotes 10 nights but since only seven are spent on the ship in this 10 night cruise I can only get OBC for the seven nights. Viking
  10. September 2014 Viking Freya Romantic Danube, the Freya wheelhouse was all plywood. When I asked, they told me that it had failed to retract when approaching a bridge.
  11. How does one get the Silversea $698pp each way business class upgrade? Was never offered to me. I'll mention it next time.
  12. We used TJ on our Viking cruise there. Beyond fantastic. The Mercedes van is very mobile. Much better than a tour bus. We saw more sites and at a better pace than if we'd booked with the cruise line and at half the price. Guide was fantastic. A 26 yr old PhD working at the Hermitage. No Russian accent (grammar school and onwards english & free internet to watch Amerikanski TV shows & movies). Lots of interesting side stories. Wife had the hots for him. Wife opted for the ballet. Although she was just one person. Same price. Personal guide. Young lady took her to supper where she usually ate. Loaned her her sweater because she was cold. Funny story after the ballet, TJ driver taking her back to the ship near midnight brought her towards the Viking River ship docks. We were on Viking Ocean. Hilarity ensued! Russia photos start here... https://www.flickr.com/photos/seacoast_nh/34538270073/in/album-72157682140797852/
  13. Yes, sign up onboard. Viking encouraged us to xfer to a TA. Same prices. TA offers on board credit and personal service. Advises on trip insurance. Can assist with flights and especially if you want to do pre or post cruise stays on your own at half Viking prices. Signing up onboard you defer payment until 6 months before sailing and can change your mind on which cruise. I did.
  14. I had a similar experience. Even though I'm not a clothes horse and cluelessly oblivious to most style, I'd prefer that someone not wear sweaty sleeveless shirts, etc. to dinner. Clean up after your day tour. This IS the exception, but I notice on Viking that it's becoming more prevalent. They DO seem to enforce the slacks & collared shirt on Viking Ocean dining room.
  15. The problem with being 30 is that there likely will be no peers aboard. Sure I've been on a couple Viking (tends to be very old) river cruises with a 20 something couple aboard but he'd be a 3rd wheel. BTW the 20 aged folks had a great time. Since he's Euro traveled, he'll enjoy the day tours and time with parents. Easy to head off on your own after notifying the tour guide and do your own thing. The problem will be after dinner. The good news is that most dock sites are right in town or a short cab ride away at worst. Were I a social 30 something, walking into town after dinner to local spots would be a fun experience. Just avoid the onboard entertainment which is aimed at us geezers.
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