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  1. Once we're shown to have immunity either via antibodies or a vaccine.
  2. And, no doctor can give you an exact date of those bites--they're either fresh, recent, or resolving. Bed bug feeding sites usually begin itching with 72 hours and, if not scratched extensively, resolve after a week or so. I doubt he'd have theorized "10 days old" unless he was told about the recent cruise history.
  3. I don't think that any insurance will cover you if there's an official travel warning/advisory/prohibition for an area--and you always run the risk of something like that being announced after final payment, or even during the cruise. I imagine it's the cost of extended quarantine that causes the companies to exclude coverage for it. I'm sure that it's going to be a crapshoot for awhile until the settles down. I never buy the cruise company insurance because the medical coverage is poor, but I may buy it now just so that I can cancel more easily.
  4. We always buy a travel insurance policy that has primary medical coverage, usually $100,000 plus. We also have MedJet Assist for the year so that with hospitalization, we can be flown back to our hometown healthcare ASAP.
  5. Off the Eurodam 2 weeks ago and seamlessly switched between two phones, a laptop, and a tablet.
  6. On our 10 Eurodam partial transit cruise two weeks ago we saw less than 5 children...............
  7. There will be 6 of us traveling together, so I'll be buying these [wristbands for the Fitbit Zip]: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U1YAJ42/?coliid=I1BDTEA756FQO2&colid=276YL82WWY91W&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  8. We're just off a Eurodam partial transit. To see entry into the locks, yes, about 5:30am. We opted for an excursion that included a Gatun lake cruise, a walk in the rainforest, and the new locks visitor center--something DH really wanted to see. We had a fabulous day. We watched the new Panamax ships go through, saw a movie about the Panama Canal, and walked through the nature center at the visitor center. The cruise was on a small, but reasonably comfortable covered boat and we saw tons of wildlife. The walk in the rainforest was easy and informative. The entire tour we were seeing sloths & howler monkeys in the trees, and our guide & bus driver were excellent at stopping and pointing them out. We found the trip to be comfortable & very enjoyable. The tour was about 5 hours. We were returned to the port where there were native crafts and a duty free shop at the terminal.
  9. We just returned from a cruise on the Eurodam. About 6 days into the 10 day cruise, we sent out a small load of laundry that included 3 cotton/poly men's shirts, each with 2 zippered pockets. 24 hours later, they came back looking fabulous. On day 8, hubby puts on one of the shirts and tries to open a pocket..........not gonna happen because the zippers won't budge. He goes on to try the other two shirts and has the same results. I try all 3 shirts and come to the conclusion that the zippers are permanently fused shut, likely as a result of ironing. Now, these same 3 shirts were laundered on the Veendam in August and we had no issues, so I'm pretty unhappy. I called Guest Services and they ask that we bring them the shirts. Nothing to lose, but I'm not optimistic--these particular shirts were hard to find and DH loves them. 8 hours later the shirts are returned with a pockets working just fine. We never got an explanation, but I'm pretty sure that I figured out the problem--a combination of damp starch & iron heat resulting in a temporary glue! Rewashing & pressing without starch fixed everything. So, needless to say, I'll be definitely asking for NO STARCH when sending these out again--and I'll never forget to take zippers & starch into account ever again.
  10. Oh, we didn't get the discount because of our Mariner status. We got it because we didn't drink any wine.
  11. On our recent 10 day Eurodam cruise a paired wine, 6 course dinner, was offered with Top Chef winner, Kristen Kish. It was limited to one night in the Pinnacle Grill, 140 passengers over the evening. The event was wonderful. She visited each table and was very personable. She also did a cooking demonstration the day before of the beef dish she prepared for that evening. We don't drink wine, so we got the meal for half price 😊
  12. The pre-recorded portions are short and designed to fit in with the script used by the cruise director. They don't detract from the substance and they allow the chef to complete mundane tasks while the audience is occupied. It works very well.
  13. We are just off the Eurodam. During a 10 day cruise there were 2 "Port to Table" presentations featuring the cruise director, a pre-recorded video, and one of the ship's chefs. The recipes featured local ingredients and copies were provided. While not as informative as the America's Test Kitchen, the talks were enjoyable and relatable.
  14. We are just off the Eurodam and we ate in the Tamarind 3 times. The menu varied A LOT from the one posted above. I don't have a photo, but it was definitely different--broken down into Wood, Fire, Earth, and Water categories with 4 entrees in each section. We found the food to be excellent.
  15. I'll be on the Eurodam. Should be interesting to see what the Cruise Consultant onboard is offering. We're looking at 2021 for something in the Australia/New Zealand line. Thanks for the info.
  16. If anyone has recently been [or is] on the Eurodam , could you give me an idea of what entertainment was/is, available? We embark on Sunday and I'm just curious. Thanks!
  17. We'll have $200+ available on a card when we board, so we'll just go to the front desk and have it applied to our account. It'll cover a good chunk of our gratuities or 2 FCCs.
  18. We just booked a cruise for Jan. 26. I'd been watching it for over a month, so I made air reservations and a pre-cruise hotel reservation back then. We only fly Southwest in the US, so I could have cancelled with no charge [and I never book pre-paid hotel rates], so we'd have lost nothing had we not been able to go. I was able to book a room that I like--very, very important to me as I won't book guarantees--at a good price. I'm sure had we waited longer we could have gotten an even more rock bottom price, but we didn't want to risk it selling out . This close, you get no perks & you pay in full immediately, so you better be sure. You also must know if you want their cruise protection plan [we buy travel insurance from a 3rd party]. You can't transfer the booking once it's paid in full, but of course if you have a TA, you can book with them from the get go [in some instances, HAL insists that you can only get a guarantee, so the agent may need to push a bit to get the room of your choice]. I ask for no upgrade, but I have called a close as 3 days before sailing if I see a room that I prefer is available. I've been able to get a free upgrade doing this, but I've also been turned down, too. Even this close, we've been able to book the shore excursions that we wanted.
  19. That I don't know [don't have a debit card to try], but I doubt it. I'm guessing that they just refuse mixed payments because it can cause problems with refunds.
  20. We just used one to pay for some shore excursions on the website. It was easy enough, but be aware that you can't mix a payment with a gift card and a credit card, which is really ridiculous.
  21. Well, that's full on malarkey..........not from you, but from whomever says that about glass straws [they must have stock in a company that makes them]. I have both rigid plastic and silicone straws. Just like the plastic straws you get at any fast food place, NEITHER one "changes the taste". They can't. They're tasteless and inert. Now, I don't want to deal with the stainless steel straws--with or without silicone tips---but that's just a personal choice. I do like the silicone straws because they are a wider bore [great for frozen drinks] and can be rolled up small--two will fit in a tiny pouch. Mine are a solid length--no indents for folding--so I'll have to see how long they last with frequent use. As for drink cups, the lexan is lightweight and can be treated much the same as glass [dishwasher safe, etc.] and they're lightweight and nearly unbreakable. For disposables, I like the biodegradables that use a corn resin, but they're still expensive. The good thing is that as more people look for better products, the costs will go down and selection will go up.
  22. Now if they'd just stop printing up photos--EVER. Until they do, they'll never get another photo of me. I will only buy things on a flash drive---and they could be reviewed on the TV in your room, then uploaded to the drive by the photo people. Cha-ching!
  23. Well, when we wait for "everyone else" to do it, no one does it because misery loves miserable company............So, I think it's good that companies & states are doing things to force it into the norm. It's worked well with smokers--down to 13% of the US population when it was over 20% just a few years ago. I carry a stainless steel bottle for water when I travel, I don't buy drinks in plastic bottles, and I have reusable washable bags for grocery shopping. If I have take out, I refuse plastic cutlery. I've bought some dishwasher safe silicone zip top bags so I can cut out using single use plastic bags. So far, it's been quite easy. I'm going to begin carrying my own carry out container in my car and if I eat out, I'll take it in with me in case I have leftovers. The more people who make these incremental changes, the better for EVERYONE. And straws make a big impact on marine habitats. According to the Ocean Conservancy, straws are among the top 10 items found during beach clean-ups. This is because the plastic tubes are too lightweight to be easily recycled, so they become trash and often end up in the ocean, polluting the water and eventually killing seabirds, marine animals, and fish.Feb 21, 2019 https://better.net/philanthropy/get-involved/plastic-straws-harming-oceans-marine-wildlife-skip-the-straw-2/
  24. 18 months ago I bought a lot of 25 heavy duty plastic straws with a cleaner from Amazon. I picked up a large, bright pink vinyl pencil case at the Dollar Store and I keep 2 of the straws in there at all times. I use them everywhere I go. I sit the case on the table to remind me to take my straws. So far, I've only forgotten one straw when I threw away my cup from a movie theater😥 At this rate, I'll have to leave the 22 remaining straws in my will😁 Thanks for the heads up. I have no problem taking several with me, but I may need to find a new case that will fit in hubby's pocket.
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