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  1. Offer "Specials of the Day" in the specialty restaurants. I know that every couple of years they swap out one or two menu items in Crown Grill, but, otherwise, the menus are pretty static. Another of the reasons that we enjoy SHARE is that the menu is regularly revamped. I have seen Alaska-themed specials in Crown Grill on AK cruises and one time in Sabbatini's, I was offered Osso Bucco (it was terrific). but that has been it. I know that this is a pretty trivial complaint. I guess that speaks to my overall satisifaction with the Princess product.
  2. My dentist is originally from Egypt. That is my best Egypt story--and that was the long version. 🤣🤣🤣
  3. The 19th of March, the feast of St. Joseph as @Vict0riannnotes, is the day the swallows return to Capistrano--well, more or less.
  4. I am glad that you made it to Bageloo. Lately, I've beem making sure we have a stash of bagel chips on hand for dipping into hummus. On my last visit (Friday) I grabbed a packet of the butter cookies. They are terrific. I also grabbed a slice of Red Velvet Cake for Mrs. XBGuy. Cake is an easy way for me to earn husbanc points. Mrs. XBGuy is a Cal Poly grad--Hospitality Management. However, she knew that she really did not want to work in a restaurant or a hotel. She worked at Cal Poly for a few years and, eventually, fell into an interesting career in recipe development.
  5. I agree that she does a terrific and succint job.
  6. Before I start on my wine pontification, I have to say that Ham & Bean Stew sounds pretty darned good to me, and the pic posted by @dfish seals the deal; . Chateau d'Yquem! YOWZERS!!!!!!! Even us California wine bigots acknowledge the liquid gold magnificence of d'Yquem. Let's see. It's Open a Bottle Night, and the Vin du Jour is Yuckum.
  7. Fun fact about the Alicante Bouschet grape. It is one of the very few grapes whose flesh and, therefore, whose juice is red. This is the reason why Alicante Bouschet wines are such a deep, dark color, Alicante Bouschet is one of my absolutely favorite wines. When @cat shepardsays "This wine was a bit elusive," I might add that any wine made from Alicante Bouschet grapes is hard to find--at least in the New World. However. this grape is widely planted in the Alentejo region of Portugal. While the label might not indicate so, you can be confident that any red Alentejo wine will
  8. Thank you for the kind words, Ray. Who knows? We may meet some day. Mrs. XBGuy and I received our second shots on Monday. Naturally, we, subsequently, orally took fermented grape juice as a post-procedure anesthetic.
  9. Has anybody seen Mickey Mouse barefooted? I cannot recall that I ever have. I ask this question, because Mickey has only four digits on each of his hands. Does he have six digits on each of his feet? That meal recommedation sounds terrifc to me. Since it seems OK to post jokes on The Daily, I stumbled into this one, yesterday. It is tangentailly related to Mickey's arithmetic.
  10. My wife and I have been seated there when all the free-standing 2-tops have been taken. My wife prefers the 2-tops because she feels they are give her more privacy. I agree that they are spaced farther apart than the banquette tables. I believe, however, that if you just ask to be seated at one of the banquette tables, they would be happy to seat you there.
  11. There seems to be a lot of discussion on how one becomes a VIP on Princess based on the comment that VIPs can be invited into the Concierge Suite. Is it possible that a VIP is Anybody the Captain says is a VIP Anybody the Cruise Director says is a VIP Anybody the Art Auction Manager says is a VIP Anybody the Casino Manager says is a VIP Anybody the Maitre d' says is a VIP Anybody the Chief Medical Officer says is a VIP Anybody the Executive Chef says is a VIP
  12. I doubt if anybody has any recent information, but I can tell you from my own experience of nine or ten visits to SHARE on both the Ruby Princess and the Emerald Princess that in addition to the 2-top tables with the individual chairs there are some banquette tables off to the side of the room in which seating on one side of the table is accommodated by a long padded bench. The other side of the table is the standard chair. This picture which I cropped from the page that discusses SHARE at the Princess site https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/food-and-dining
  13. As has been hinted above, on embarkation day go to the Club Class Dining Room as soon as you can and speak with the headwaiter. If there is no table big enough to accommodate all nine of you, he may be able to offer a workaround--e.g., squeaze an extra seat at an 8-top or offer two adjacent tables.
  14. As usual. @cat shepardhas provided an outstanding report on @richwmn's wine of the day, but I just wanted to add my $.02 worth. Ramey is an outstanding maker. I would not hesitate to recommend any Ramey wine. David Ramey was the winemaker at Dominus in Napa Valley and in the 1990s received permission from his employer to "make a little Chardonnay on the side." He and his wife founded Ramey Wine Cellars and released their first Chardonnay bottling in 1996. Ramey kept his day job at Dominus and, subsequently, as winemaker at Rudd Estate until 2001, when Ramey Wine Cellars became his full-ti
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