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  1. d42, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. A few weeks prior to your cruise we were on the Ruby Princess on the Los Angeles-AK R/T. I honestly can't say that I noticed excessive rust on our balcony. Of course, I wasn't looking for it, either. We had pretty good food on our cruise. Of course we only ate in the dining room one evening, and that was OK. Not the kind of dining that I eagerly anticipate, but, pretty much, what I expected. A couple evenings we went to Vines and made dinner of their noshes. I, usually, order the Tapas and Mrs, XBGuy, usually, orders the Sushi. The Tapas were the best I have ever had in Vines on previous cruises on various ships. They were actually prepared dishes--e.g., shrimp, lamb meatballs, wings--not just cold cuts and slices of cheese. We enjoyed multiple dinners in the specialty restaurants. SHARE was outstanding--we had three dinners, there--and Crown Grill was, well, Crown Grill--better than the dining room. On two evenings we ordered pizzas from room service, and, I have to say, they were pretty good. No, I'm not from Brooklyn. So feel free to denigrate my pizza evaluation credibility. On the final evening we went to the buffet for dinner. Mrs. XBGuy hates buffets, but, for reasons unknown, going to the buffet on the final night of a cruise has become our new tradition. I noticed that they had fried chicken. I thought it looked pretty good, and I could not remember the last time I had fried chicken. So, I took some and added mashed potatoes and lima beans. At the "Action Station" I asked them to grill a couple of their "smallish" salmon fillets for me. OK, I am pretty sure that the mashed potatoes were made from flakes out of a box, and I'm pretty sure that the lima beans came out of a bunch of #10 cans (unless bigger cans are available), and, no, I am not from the south, and I'm sure that I've never had anybody's grandmother's fried chicken, and I positively know for sure that I was not eating wild caught Copper River Salmon. However, I have to say that I enjoyed that meal quite a bit. My wife visited the Lotus Spa for a haircut, and she was very pleased. A year ago on another cruise, the stylist pissed her off so much that she walked out before he even started. So, this year's visit was much more successful. We had a balcony cabin and, of course, it did not have the barrel chair. Mrs. XBGuy brought in one of the balcony chairs, and that worked fine. We even received 24-hour turnaround on two bundles of laundry that we sent out. I will add a shout out to Christopher, our room steward, Nasri and Nino, in SHARE and Citroen (He was named after a car?) in Vines. All were particularly outstanding. We are booked on the same itinerary in September on the Royal Princess. Sadly, the Royal Princess does not have SHARE.
  2. As a general rule of thumb, if there are cabins on the decks immediately above and below yours, it should be find.
  3. That sounds SOOOOOOOOOOOO good. I have had that in multiple restaurants but have never seen it on a ship.
  4. Trying to bring this thread back on topic. OP, I book directly because it's easy.
  5. How embarrassing. I do proof read my essays prior to posting, and, believe it or not. I was not PUI for the above. The first sentence should be: You will get a "Happy Anniversary" decoration on your cabin door--possibly, with balloons. Have a great cruise.
  6. You will get a "Happy Anniversary" decoration on your--possibly, with balloons. To expand, a bit, on beg3yrs response, on our anniversary cruise a few years ago we found a voucher in our cabin with instructions to present it to our server in any of the dining rooms or specialty restaurants on any day (not necessarily our anniversary day) for the special dessert. My understanding is that if you prefer not to have the singing, they will honor that request,
  7. I second this opinion. I'll even add that it is not uncommon, at all, to see people (OK, it's always a guy.) wearing shorts--they, usually, don't last very long on the promenade deck, though. 😁 Personally, on sea days I, usually, wear long-sleeved T-shirts for breakfast or hanging around in the afternoon. I have a limited supply, however. So, when I send them out to be laundered, I am comfortable in a short-sleeved shirt. When we go to dinner, I usually wear a long-sleeved collared shirt or a pull-over sweater with slacks. I really don't know if any of this is helpful, however. What is comfortable for me, may not be comfortable for somebody else.
  8. I ask a similar question about many of the venues, activities and other options on a cruise. However, as I have said many times here on Cruise Critic, the great thing about cruising is that I get to customize my experience to optimize my enjoyment, and my choices have absolutely no effect on the enjoyment of other passengers on the cruise. Similarly, their choices have no effect on my enjoyment.
  9. We have done five AK cruises (four round trippers and one southbound) and number six is scheduled for September (another round tripper). For the southbound cruise we had an inside cabin. For all the round trippers we were in balcony cabins. We have had balcony cabins on both the port and the starboard side. I cannot think of one advantage of one side over the other. The good news is that Alaska is filled with natural wonders. The (possibly unfortunate) reality is that no matter where you are on the ship, you will miss something on the other side. I have become comfortable with that reality. I also think it is perfectly fine to view Glacier Bay from your balcony. We've done it twice. We can hear the glacier cracking, just fine--same for Sawyer Glacier in Tracy Arm Fjord. On our last cruise we were thrilled by the scads (technical term meaning "many") of sea otters that we saw from our balcony just before leaving Glacier Bay.. If we get cold, we step back into the cabin for a few minutes. I do not understand the logic of those who insist that it's cold on the balcony, and, so, the logical thing to do is to go up to the upper deck. No, the upper deck is cold, also. If it is windy, the upper decks will, probably, be colder than most balconies. The previous posters comments made me consider the sun. Our last AK cruise was just a few weeks ago, and it was outrageously sunny. We took some amazing pictures and (digital photography making every picture free) many not so amazing ones. The thing is, however, there were several mornings where the sun coming in through the slider actually made the cabin uncomfortably warm. Hilarious. OP, you are going to have a wonderful experience. Bon Voyage
  10. Is it an "Aussie thing," Mic? When I read Hank's original post that is exactly what I wondered. Again, I agree that it does sound pretty good.
  11. 👍👍👍 I have to say, that sounds good.
  12. Are cruise ships allowed to open the casino in the inside passage after leaving Vancouver? I really don't know. It looks like some of the straits between Vancouver Island and the BC mainland are pretty narrow and, I would assume, in Canadian Territorial waters. I really do not know much about Canadian law, but can this be an issue?
  13. You are correct. I should have stopped my post before I said that.
  14. Pick "Anytime" and you will be fine. The first time you walk into the Club Class dining room, you will be greeted and asked your cabin number. When the headwaiter sees that you are in a suite, he will give you a big welcoming grin and take you to a table. As somebody else has posted, when you enter the second time, you will be recognized and immediately escorted to a table.
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