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  1. Hi, I have seen somewhereon the forum that there's restrictions for the fjords in the future. Do you know when and which ships are exempt? Would I know purely by itinerary which ships are permitted into the smaller fjords, or is there some sort of list or permit they need?
  2. Thanks Mic, so much to think about! There were some good itineraries for Island and Crown princess but I thought Island was smaller so not too many people (eg we like Radiance OTS much better than Voyager with RCI) Also HAL gave great talks when we did Alaska whereas P and O and Carnival didn't make mention of any landmarks or wildlife the last few cruises we did.
  3. Would a B2B 14 plus 16 night Norway then Baltic be too much? Some great packages lately for 2020. Looking at Princess ( Island) or NCL balcony entry grade. I wonder which of these cabins more space and whch works better for shore tours and tenders? I have been trying to research the cabin sizes but they vary.
  4. Mic how would you compare princess to NCL? One of the online companys have great packages with flights, hotels stays and transfers with the mainstream cruiselines. So many to choose from. I really want to see Norway Coast and Lofoten Islands and was thinking a medium sized, well organised (for tenders) ship that was more affordable and comfortable than Hurtigruten.
  5. There is some unbelievable prices for packages to Northern Europe with mSC and Norwegian. Does anyone have experience with them,?
  6. One thing we Aussies definitely inherited from the Brits!
  7. Does anyone know which cruise lines mighthave kettles in the cabins?
  8. Thanks, i realise now i was trying to find the itinerary above but its different dates and 18 not 15 nights.
  9. Do you think you couldtell me the dates of this cruise? I can find similar ones but no this one on my search
  10. That look like an awesome itinerary. I think Azamara might be out of our price range, but which dates did you find? Also, do Azamara include gratuities?
  11. Hi Jean, good to hear Aurora is a nice ship. We are thinking of a 12 day trip to Norway next July 2020, I was wondering how the tender process goes, did you find it efficient? Also, looking at GE or GF balcony do you think ( $4400 aud) £2351 ( with £300 OBC) is a good price? Seems quite expensive compared to prices here but probably Norway has expensive port fees. Thanks
  12. Looking at a trip out of Southampton flying from Australia. I am looking at Aurora. Is she a superior ship in terms of cabin room and furnishings than P&O Australia as theprices and info I have gathered so far indicate that. (Prices for UK P&O similar to other lines especially for balcony cabins) Has anyone gone on both to compare fairly? Thanks
  13. Ok, so i am thinking Princess might do this with My cruise online agent too, good to know. No problem without drink package here as 1 bottle usually lasts me 3 days. I will have to check on gratuities but I think they included too. Its the Island Princess, just came off Pacific Explorer old Princess ship and the cabins and bathroom tiny, hope the Island Princess has larger cabins would be a problem for 30 days I think.
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