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  1. hi, Like many here I had to cancel our cruise in June ( Europe). I was told as it had been fully paid I could get all but the deposit back. This was a number of weeks ago, and now I am worried as my TA sent a email saying their office is closed as part of the Flight Centre Group. Would HAL directly reimburse me, or would the money go to the travel agent? And how long should this take on average? Thanks.
  2. It is pretty confusing. Do you think that you could get an accepted claim for cancelling your cruise if you bought the policy before the cut off dates and the Govt has issued the warning? So if the cruise still goes ahead, and you cancel because you are of high risk group and the warning is in place, wouldnt the insurer pay?
  3. My elderly parents and other relatives phoned Princess a few days ago to cancel for a 50% refund cruising in 2 weeks. They were told no, it would cost 100% of the fare, as it was within the 15 days. They were worried about being quarantined and risk to health, also some Ports were cancelled. The did have travel insurance .... a large price as they are over 80. So, this recent information is great and I will be pleased to pass it on to them.
  4. My relatives are due to go on Ruby in 2 weeks to South Pacific. As some ports are not going to be visited, I am wondering if they will substitute other ports? Wouldn't be a great cruise just floating around for 2 weeks.
  5. Hi, Relatives going on South Pacific cruise in 2 weeks ex Sydney. Half the ports have been cancelled due to local chiefs keeping cruise ships away due to the possible threat of Covid 19 . Would Princess usually replace the ports with alternatives, or stay longer in allowable ports? Also, do they refund port fees for those missed? (My friend had a few cancelled last year due to cyclones with P & O and they refunded the port fees.) Thanks.
  6. We cruised HAL in Alaska a few years ago and they gave us blankets and a pair of basic binoculars to use. That was the N.Amsterdam. Does anyone know if these are provided on the N.Statendam? Thanks
  7. Thanks everyone. I can understand their thinking. I am worried about the economic outcome for these little communities, hope the cruise companies help out financially.
  8. My relatives are going to the Pacific Islands in 2 weeks. Ex Sydney Does anyone know if there are restrictions on ports for this region? Its Ruby Princess , Mare, Lifou, Vila, Suva, Mystery Island. not sure if Isle of Pines is there too.
  9. Or grabbing the hand rails, pushing the elevator buttons etc etc. Important to wash.
  10. Thankyou, their rates seem good 12GB for $36 for 30 days.
  11. Hi, I didn't know which forum to put this! Hopefully some knowledgeable cruisers will pip in with an answer. We are doing a cruise in Norway, and traveling for 2 weeks in France. I am not desperate to use internet in Norway, but we will need things like google maps/translate?? for France travel. Has anyone used simcorner or orange mundo? Or what did you do when travelling in EU? I was thinking maybe pick up a local SIM at the airport, but my sister did that and had trouble trying to recharge that way having to call an operator that didn't speak English. So that would be an option maybe if there was an easy app or website to recharge. thanks!
  12. Hi there., Visiting Molde in June. We will probably do the 1hr hike up to the Varden Overlook if it is NOT raining. We are not that interested in the ships tour to Marble Caves. Is there anyone been to Molde and can suggest some activities, like is it a pretty town, or have other historic things to explore? Lonely Planet saying it is "architecturally unexciting" too harsh?
  13. I am hearing you! I thought Vancouver was expensive. We ended up booking Hampton by Hilton €228 about $360 AUD last time I checked, as the Movenpick was $580! We arrive by train so it's easy to get a tram a few stops to our hotel. Enjoy the cruise I am so excited!
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