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  1. Is there anyone going on Dark Mofo June 2019? Hubby and me will be but a little apprehensive about Bass Strait in winter 😀
  2. This gave me a huge belly laugh BTW we love putting vegies in our "fake" sushi at home and our Japanese exchange student enjoyed them too, but not as much as the fake meat pies and Supermarket chocolate cookies.
  3. Just letting everyone know that P &O are refunding the Port fees, about $180 per cabin I think so that is great of them! My agent contacted them and it took a few weeks to be returned.
  4. Thanks Mic, Are you allowed to mention a company that does this? I have looked at a few but didnt go thru their pds yet.
  5. Oh, one more question, was going to post a new topic but someone might know. Looking at Travel insurance, only going to Hobart, The policy says "not covered while docked in Australian Port". Does this mean if we get sick in the 2 nights Hobart, need ambulance etc or have our luggage stolen or any number of mishaps that we not covered?
  6. Hi, We have decided to do our 1st domestic cruise to Dark Mofo in June (6 nights). 1) Can we book the Angelo's restaurant prior to the cruise? If not, do they have an interactive TV we can book? 2) Since it is a domestic cruise, with no duty free options, can i buy a bottle of wine from Hobart and bring it back on ship? I am aware P and O won't allow any wine on at embarkation like other companies do. Anyone who has done this cruise last winter and has some tips? Thanks (:
  7. Hi i can't find listing for Cantebury Leisure tours only Leisure Tours are they the same thanks
  8. Ok thanks for the advice, I would only do this if it is a huge difference and also I assume that you lose your deposit?
  9. I am a little confused about re-booking when prices fall. I like to pick my cabin, so usually need to pay a bit more than a guaranteed (try to afford a balcony). I have done 5 cruises (3 x RCI 1 x P and O, 1 x HAL) and my TA will try to price match the online agent offers. I thought that once a deposit is paid, you don't get that back if you want to re-book? The deposits are usually quite a reasonable amount, plus your cabin could be grabbed if you re-book in the minutes it takes to do that (especially during popular cruises). It's so annoying paying early and then they have sale/offers like OBC , and you can be sitting next to someone with same type cabin yet they got heaps of OBC and a cheaper fare! Do you all work around the bookings by checking and re-checking and not using a TA?
  10. Thanks again, i will look at other cruises that include more ports on the way to the Noth Cape. If i can't find any perhaps back to my original Hurtigruten ideas. Cheers
  11. Couldnt seem to attach second one but it goes across to Iceland too
  12. Thankyou for the info. I was looking at either this one to North Cape, or the next picture . So, is there nothing to see from the more traditional cruise ships between ports Cruises I have been on the New Zealand, Alaska and Pacific, they generally travel at night and during the day there are lots of scenery when "scenic cruising " . Or if travelling in daylight, other interestng wildlife and birds to spot. Will also check out RC. I am hoping to have a longer time on land before or after cruising too that would be possible in saving money by going with a bigger ship.
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