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  1. Boblerm, ClefsDor, Thank you four your insights and info on the river cruise. Sound like it can be as enjoyable as the ocean cruises. Perhaps we should give it a try, find out how much we like it and at the end, add another type of experience to our cruise travels. Keith, Thanks for taking the time to start your upcoming river cruise blog. I am looking forward to reading you posts as well as your review of the Mozart. Hope the weather warms up a bit during your time there.
  2. Keith, We haven’t been on the Crystal river cruise, but so far reluctant to try in fear of lack of activities & entertainment onboard. Will be interested to read your review to help us make a decision for a future river cruise. Have a safe flight to Vienna and wishing you and Anne Marie a wonderful experience on your next cruise.
  3. We just landed in Hong Kong today. Can’t wait to get on the ship on Thursday. We’ve also signed up for Meet & Mingle. Stickman1990, Dimsum 8, have a safe flight and we’ll see you onboard.
  4. Keith, Thank you for clarifying the information I needed. Looks like we won’t have the Gala buffet, but glad to know my friend will be able to experience the Mozart Tea. Pooch1
  5. Looking at those beautifully decorated Easter eggs, it brings back memory of the spectacular Gala buffets Crystal puts on outside the Waterside dining room. Is it true that only cruises that have more than 3 sea days will have the Gala buffets? Can someone verify if this is true ? We love Crystal a lot and have pursuaded our good friends to join us on the May 9th Hong Kong to Tokyo on the Symphony. However on this cruise , there are only 3 sea days. We are hoping they have a chance to experience the beautifully presented Gala buffets as well as the Mozart tea in the Palm Court.
  6. I like fine wines especially reds. However i am not a wine snob. To me wines need to be drinkable or quaffable and in this respect most crystal wines meet this standard. There are about 8 to 10 reds floating around at any one time. Usually at least half of these are fine for every day drinking. My favorites are the portuguese douro, the chianti reserva, the bordeaux and the Spanish Blau. The malbec is in my opinion a little too light for a malbec. These are way better than the house wines one would experience on other lines or on shore and in no measure could be considered swill. If i have a special occasion then we might choose a wine from the non inclusive list. Crystal has a very good selection of other spirits and liquers. Very satisfied with what they present. The only suggestion i would make is for having a few local wines/beers brought aboard at each port cheers
  7. Hi Keith, I do not post very often, but I do read the Crystsl blog on most nights before I go to bed. First of all I like to thank you for sharing your world cruise adventure and experience with all of us. As you continue your journey beyond your world cruise, I like to wish you and Anne Marie a safe and wonderful trip. We started cruising on Crystal in 2012 on the Transatlantic cruise on Serenity and while onboard, we met a number of nice people with whom we have become friends and have been travelling with since. Before that, we travelled on different mass market lines and since we’ve been Crystalized (as they say), and we now only sail on Crystal. I also would like to thank you for posting the Reflections which provides both the daily program as well as the port arrival information which I find to be very helpful. It was very nice of you to post the 2022 World Cruise itinerary for all of us to have a preview before Crystal published it. My husband and I went over it and found the itinerary to be quite interesting. Even though we’ve been to most of the ports, there are some places we have not been and some places we would like to revisit. In our mind, we think this itinerary will sell well, so we went ahead and booked our first World Cruise. It’s a long way to 2022, but the anticipation will keep us excited until then. In the mean time we have 10 segments (total of 155 days, all on Crystal ) to keep us going for now.
  8. Yes you do need to enter your Crystal Key when making reservations for the specialty restaurants. Take a look at the copy of your booking confirmation and you will find other than your booking number, there are also Crystal Keys for each passengers sharing the cabin. The Japanese restaurant on the Serenity prior to dry dock is called the Silk Road, but will change to Umi Uma post dry dock. The New Chinese Restaurant is called Silk which does not require reservation on line prior to embarkation. So if you make reservation for Silk Road on line now, it will automatically register you for Uni Uma after dry dock. I was on the Holy Land cruise last year post dry dock. I made my reservations on the PCPC and everything woked out fine. Hope this helps.
  9. Perlgirlnj, Are you referring to Serenity 06/21/19 from Reykjavik to Stockholm? If it is, my husband and I will be on that cruise. To answer your question on Hellesylt/ Geiranger, I think the ship stops at Hellesylt, let passengers that are taking the long excursion ashore and then sails to Geiranger port to pick up the passengers that return from their excursion because the excursion departs from Hellesylt and end in Geiranger. Passengers who are not taking the long excursion will get off at Geiranger to do their own things. Hope this is the right answer. Perhaps Keith can shed some light on this.
  10. Wishing you both a wonderful trip in the North Cape. I heard the scenery is really beautiful up there. Since we have booked the Iceland & Nowegian Fjord cruise on the Serenity next June, we are looking forward to reading your post everyday. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. Rowena
  11. Thanks for the info. We’ll be on the Serenity for 2 segments right after the refurbishment in November. This will give us a chance to have a first hand look as to what is going on.
  12. bags r packed Thanks for posting your thoughts on the Symphony. We were on that ship last November ( The President cruise from Rome to Dubai) right after the refurbishment and we found the table arrangement in the main dining room to be too closed together. Your are right about the heat in the Silk restaurant/ lounge ..... it can be very uncomfortable on a hot sunny days. During our 18 days cruise, the ballroom dancing are mostly held in the Starlight Lounge and occasionally in the Palm Court. Like you said, the dance floor in the Starlight Lounge is acceptable but we found the dance floor in the Palm Court not as good. (The rectangular shape dance floor on the Serenity’s Palm Court is better.) However, according to the drawing of the new plan for the upcoming refurbishment in October, it looks like the size of the dance floor in the Palm Court will be cut down. Some of the ballroom dancers on the same cruise are not happy about this and they are all thinking about cancelling their future bookings. Since we love ballroom dancing and had booked another cruise on the Symphony next year, we are concerned as to where the ballroom dancing will be ? Where is the nightly ballroom dancing now on the Symphony ?
  13. We just came back from the Manila to Singapore cruise a few weeks ago on the Crystal Serenity which stops at Vietnam & cambodia. We did not have to apply visas prior to boarding the ship as Crystal did a blanket visa for the passengers. However we were required to fill up some simple forms as well as hand in a passport photo. The cost of the visa will be applied to your shipbiard account. However, since you are going until 2019, you should double check just in case they change their rules. No entey visas are required for Thailand & Hong Kong.
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