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  1. My wife and I have been on the Breakaway once but have sailed out of NO many times. It is a nice ship. The ropes course is fun especially the plank. Sid Norman's Pour House usually has classic rock music and the whiskey bar right around the corner makes good cocktails. For specialty restaurants, Le Bistro is one of the best and we have heard Ocean Blue is good but we have not been there personally. Also the waterfront is a nice area to chill on sea days. I would spend a couple days before or after the cruise to experience New Orleans. It is an amazing city with great food and music. I am happy you got your 8th anniversary cruise in before Covid. We have a cruise in January....hoping it goes.
  2. They don't claim that the DSC is included. The gratuities that you see on the price breakdown page are for the beverage package and the dining package. When you get to the price breakdown information, it specifically says that they are gratuities on the Free at Sea offers. I just checked several other cruise lines and they don't include the DSC on their price breakdown either unless you check the box to prepay.
  3. I agree with most on this thread about tipping but whether you tip per drink, at the end or beginning, it also goes along way to fill out a hero card for the servers and bartenders that have provided extra good service. After giving tips to bartenders, they have reminded us to also fill out hero cards. So obviously they see that as something of value to them.
  4. We don't automatically tip on each drink and have rarely felt like we've received bad service. However, if we find a waiter or bar tender we really like, we will often give them an additional tip.
  5. Two things it doesn't include is bottled water and specialty coffee. And the wines by the glass are a limited selection.
  6. This is exactly the kind of research I'm talking about! You know your priorities. You want to be able to book early and NCL perks aren't of value to you. And you can do the math to compare the different lines to see which one provides you with the most value. Then you base your decision on that. Perfect example of an informed consumer.
  7. I agree that this isn't unique to cruising, which is why I don't understand all the complaining about "nickel and diming". It happens in every area of life. Why are people so vehement about it toward cruise lines? But I don't think there will be enough people that move to other lines to force NCL into trying to attract them back. They always have new cruisers, cruisers from other lines giving NCL a try, and those that are willing to put up with small grievances. Is NCL perfect, absolutely not; but no other cruise line is either.
  8. I agree that constructive criticism is part of what these boards are all about. I just find it odd when people come on here to repeatedly and vehemently hate on a cruise line. If I hated a company that much, I'd air my grievances, leave the board, and spend my time on something that brought joy.
  9. Thank you for your response to that post! Very similar points I would have made.
  10. My point of using that comparison is that every business has a marketing plan to get more of your dollars. Stores intentionally put items in certain locations to get customers to spend more. It isn't a tactic that is unique to cruise companies.
  11. I completely agree that you shouldn't have to say something but if you don't then you are letting them get away with it. Maybe if enough people call them out on it, managers will stop telling the waiters to do this.
  12. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply that this never happens. I was only speaking to our own experience. And I agree that no one should have to call out their waiter. However, if you know the T&Cs and don't call them out, then you are allowing NCL to not follow their own rules. That is on you. If enough people continually call them out and speak to the food and beverage manager, perhaps the issue would resolve. Allowing it to continue unaddressed and then coming on CC to complain about nickel and diming isn't going to solve anything. We experienced something similar with our Premium Plus Beverage pkg. Because so many people have the Premium Bev pkg, waiters sometimes didn't think we could receive what we requested. We had to specifically point out that we had the Premium Plus. We didn't just accept what said, we knew what we had paid for and kindly pointed that out. Once we did, they were happy to accommodate us. And we had some of the best bartenders/waiters on that cruise.
  13. This has never happened to us with the SDP. Only with the Platinum meal perk are there additional restrictions. If you are told otherwise and know what the T&C say, then call out the waiter on it. If you don't, then that's your own fault. Sometimes there is confusion between the SDP and the Platinum meal. There are plenty of menu pictures on CC to show you ahead of time that there are a few items that have an upcharge. It shouldn't be a surprise, if you do your research.
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