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  1. I haven't been on the Bliss so I can't speak to all the restaurants, but Cagney's, Le Bistro, La Cucina and Teppanyaki should all work for both seafood and meat eaters. My choice for romantic dinner would be Le Bistro, but I don't have experience with Ocean Blue.
  2. It would be helpful to know what ship you are on, as I could be more specific with recommendations. I know many people reserve their dining ahead of time, but we've never had issues booking as soon as we board, even for up to nine people. Restaurant reservations is always our first stop. Most the restaurants have both meat and fish options. Personally, I would get the extra dining package. The food is definitely a step up from the MDRs. The romantic dinner really depends on the ship. Bottled water isn't included in the drink package.
  3. As I said it is worth it in "value" if you prefer higher end whiskey or wine. Really value is subjective to each person. But if you prefer high end wine or scotch, it is very worth it rather than paying for it as you go. As you can see from a previous poster who did the math for you. If you are fine with the drinks closer to the $15 or below price, stick to the regular package or, if you do not drink, do not do any package. Really it comes down to doing the math for what you like to drink. There is no one answer for everyone as everyone's preference is different, which is the beauty of many options.
  4. As the previous post highlights it comes down to if you like higher end whiskey or wine. If you do and drink a couple drinks a day it easily pays for itself as our math lesson in the previous post shows. I had the premium plus on the Epic and yes I drank double shots of Johnnie Walker blue in the evenings. In another thread someone said that was $50 per shot. You add a couple coffees and a couple bottles of water and you are well over a $100 per day in value.
  5. Those port arrival times are not enforced. That being said, 10-10:30am is a great time to arrive to get on board early.
  6. We've had groups as large as nine and always booked restaurant reservations immediately upon boarding. Even with large groups, we've never had an issue getting reservations. We do make it a priority to board early. It is recommended with large groups to have reservations for the main dining rooms, too. If you don't, you'll be split up or have to wait.
  7. We've never had a problem booking all our dining reservations immediately upon boarding, even with groups as large as nine. Two weeks ago, on POA, their was a restaurant reservations rep in the suite waiting area so we were able to make our reservations even before boarding.
  8. Approximately 16 by 22 inches. It is a paper bag, so care is needed not to rip the bag. But that being said, you can fit a lot in it by rolling the clothes tightly. I’ve also heard of people reinforcing the bags with packing tape. And again, be sure to itemize on the form provided.
  9. We’ve taken two minors and had the paperwork filled out. We also had additional documentation for crossing the Canadian border. No one ever asked us for the documents, but we’d always rather be safe than sorry.
  10. My sister-in-law has celiac and has done two cruises. I've done three cruises gluten free, all on NCL. Everyone has been very accommodating. They have a separate kitchen for gf. We normally preorder for the following night. Ships have been different as to how they do the preorder. Some have a special person come to you to take your order, some have your regular waiter take your order, and some you go to the restaurant where you will be eating the next night to order. They do have gf items marked on the menu, but they can do other dishes gf. Some of my favorites are the crème brulee and the Napoléon at LeBistro and the risotto at LaCucina. If you have any other questions, just ask. I'm happy to help.
  11. We were on both a Greek island and Mediterranean cruise in August and were never charged VAT. We've only ever been charged sales tax at US ports. For example, Houston, New Orleans, Tampa, etc. We've never been charged at a Caribbean or Mexican port.
  12. Others have reported, that if the person with the Premium Plus package orders a bottle of wine with dinner, the waiters have just asked how many glasses they wanted.
  13. Grand Cayman is one of our favorites. Get a local tour operator to do a combination of Stingray City, Starfish Cove, and snorkeling. In our group of nine, even inexperience or non-snorkelers agreed that this was their favorite excursion.
  14. He should definitely try all the single malt scotches including some high ended blends like Johnny Walker Blue and Chevis Royal Solute(Blend of 21 yr scotch). Some of these are not on the menu but if he goes to the whiskey bar which is maltings on most ships and they get to know him they will have suggestions of good whiskeys and Scotches to try. I personally did not care for the whistle pig rye which everyone raves about but we all have different taste. I really enjoyed the higher end Scotches. If either one of you are martini drinkers the botanist gin makes a flavorful martini. We also enjoyed having sparkling water and cappuccinos with meals in addition to the bottles of wine.
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