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  1. Yes, the Royal had a Let It Ride table in November 2019. Royal’s Casino as of Nov 2019: Blackjack $25 minimum pays 3 to 2; dealer must hit soft 17. Double down after split. Baccarat five dollar minimum. Heads up hold ‘em (whatever that is) is five dollar minimum. Fun 21 (which is an abomination). Six dollar minimum blackjack, 6 to 5 continuous shuffle (“CSM”). Two tables of roulette Three card prime, Let it ride Another 6-5 blackjack six dollar minimum. Three card prime. Another blackjack. This one is 3 to 2 with a $15 minimum, but still CSM Craps. Field pays double/ double. They have a big six big eight space. They have all/small/tall bonus paying 30 to 1, 150 to one and 30 to 1. Electronic roulette, two games and electronic blackjack, two games. The roulette is not the stykle of a bank of machine surrounding a physical wheel; the wheel itself is electronic. All of the card games are CSM.
  2. My wife loves the watch we bought to use up some of the Non-Refundable OBC. I have a nice jacket from another cruise using up the credit. And high-end excursions are a nice way to use up some excess OBC -- a good reason to use the ship's excursions.
  3. I once had someone pay me in German Marks. What a pain it was for me to get those marks into US dollars! I am sure the locals prefer pesos over dollars! In fact, right now, I still have Euros left over from my Med cruise in July. I don't want to take the loss, so I keep postponing the exchange.
  4. In both Cabo and Mazatlán, you have to walk the gauntlet of vendors trying to sell you tours. I am not so sure about PV, because recently, I have just headed straight to the minivans taking passengers to the Malecon.
  5. Go to your ship's roll call to see if you can find someone on your cruise who wants to join you.
  6. My wife's first parasailing was from Playa Del Muertos in PV, a beach launch. She was terrified of being swung into a building; I'm glad she had not heard the story you just told!! She was also not thrilled with having to beach run/waddle on the launch or getting caught as she landed. So a launch from the boat, with the length of the rope controlled by a winch, is far better for us!
  7. Princess does not arrange for a priest or minister to be on board. Maybe the Cruise Director will hold a non-denominational service or some sort, but it was not emotionally/ spiritually satisfying for my family. (We went to Mass at the next port of call for our own needs.) There were non-religious Easter decorations and events, and a special dinner menu.
  8. I am sorry, but when I read Frugal's message, I looked back and saw that the OP is going from Anchorage to Whittier, not the other way around. My post pertained to Whittier to Anchorage.
  9. Idaho answered the question. I just want to add that I was very happy with the Princess transfer. Our luggage was locked up at the airport and we were taken to downtown Anchorage, where our carry-on bags were checked and we were free to wander or tour until we were shuttled to the airport for our flights. Very well done!
  10. I think of it as a "might as well see" if I am driving by anyway!
  11. I have not used them myself, but they have been mentioned several times on this forum as being good and reputable. I suspect that some of their fans will jump in with laudatory comments.
  12. Group of six, the vendors will ask for $12 pp, but if you bargain, you can probably get it down to $45 for the group. If you speak fluent Spanish, maybe $40. There is no extra charge if you want to get off at Medano Beach.
  13. Great post, klf. However, I don't recall parasailing from Stone Island. In fact, I'm not sure if I've seen parasailing in Mazatlán at all. There might be, in fact, there probably is, but I just don't recall seeing any. I've gone parasailing in PV, from Los Muertos Beach and from the beach at Zona Dorado. And in Cabo from Medano Beach. For what it's worth, I prefer parasailing from a boat that launches you from the boat itself instead of the ones that launch you from the beach.
  14. Padres' fan hit the nail on the head. The stores will charge a poor exchange rate, but that barely covers their cost and hassle in dealing with US $. I find that the store cashiers like it when I pay in pesos -- I think it shows respect to the fact that Mexico is THEIR country and that I am not treating it as a poor relation. I travel the Mex Riv frequently, so I accumulate pesos and keep them to future visits. I probably have about US$200 worth at home -- with interest at virtually zero, all it costs me is any deflation of the peso visa-a-vis the dollar. Sometimes, it is much better to pay in pesos -- 10 peso bus fare (55 cents) vs. $1 bus fare. The ferry to Stone Island is one where I want to pay pesos instead of dollars. I take advantage of the (decent/poor) exchange rate at OXXO to change dollars into pesos. I'll buy a few sodas and chips and pay with a US$20 and tell the girl that I'll take my change in pesos. As Padres pointed out, it costs me under a dollar to do this with a US$20 -- I won't sweat it. I do not use an ATM card in Mexico, and I will use a credit card only in upscale places. I am concerned about credit card skimming.
  15. There are also minivans at the Port, taking passengers from the Port to the Malecon -- I think it is $4 pp. Very safe.
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