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  1. I would also be concerned about crew morale. All of the crew will be transferred, so lots of goodbyes and misery! That might impact the passengers’ experience.
  2. It is about a ten minute walk from the cruise terminal building. Ask Falcon or one of the other blue shirt Volunteers— you turn left when you reach the road in front of the terminal building. Cost: 30 pesos or $2US per person round trip. then, the reasonable cost for food and drink, plus any activities there.
  3. Isn’t there a wine store on Sepulveda near the airport? Total Wines or some such?? If anyone can post the name and address, the OP can Uber to there on his way to the port.
  4. As CynCyn said, they (room service) deliver the cans to your cabin. You will probably find the soda in your cabin when you first board the ship. If you want a Coke at the show, you would need to run back to your cabin and grab a can from the fridge. Just as if you had brought your own soda aboard. This inconvenience is why I buy the soda package instead of bringing my own aboard. If I am at the buffet or at a trivia contest or …., I don't want to run back to the cabin. With the soda package, I just ask the nearest bartender or cocktail server and they bring me a glass of soda. And I do this lots of times each day!
  5. When my brother cruised with us, he kept a "blue ice" ice pack in the fridge. It did not freeze, but it was cold enough that it kept a small cooler cold in temperate temperatures during an all-day excursion. We did not ask if we could make arrangements to freeze the blue ice elsewhere, but I would think that with all of the insulin-dependent diabetics cruising, there have to be arrangements that can be made!
  6. From interior to balcony, for 14 nights? I would grab it. But as has already been said, it is your money. One thing to consider, you might find that if you do this upsell, you will no longer be satisfied with the interior cabins. My first mini-suite was an upsell, and now my wife will not accept less!!
  7. Yes, I know. That is why I included my "explanation." Oy, these people!!
  8. At the risk of the excursion selling out, you can wait until you are on-board before buying the excursion. The excursion staff can give you the cancellation deadline.
  9. This from a Texan?? Explanation: Midland is a city in Texas. So. being US-centric [the States being the be all and end all], I figure your "Midlands" is a typo for "MIdland, Texas"!
  10. I've done a lot of 7 day Mex Riv out of LA, and the formal nights are always Day 2 and Day 6. Day 1, everyone is too rushed and frazzled, no time to get the clothes pressed, the hair and makeup done. Day 2 is perfect, at sea, lots of time. Days 3, 4 and 5, in port. Day 6, again, plenty of time to get ready for the dress-up event. Day 7, you are already packing and stressing. Can't dress up in formal clothes, they are already in the suitcase!
  11. Did you read those threads of over 50 pages and 17 pages respectively about the Medallion? If so, you are a lot more than one hour in the hole!
  12. I don't care what the others do. Formal nights on a cruise are my only chance to wear my tux these days, now that I no longer go to black tie events at home.
  13. For shade, we kind of “rent” a table w/ umbrella from one of the restaurants. “Kind of rent” because it isn’t a rental arrangement — we use the table, chairs and umbrella and we buy beverages and food. Just like a sidewalk cafe at home.
  14. I use the self-service checkout only when I must! I prefer a live check-out cashier. So, Princess, keep employing real live people!!
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