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  1. Yes, if the lifeguard says there is a riptide, but I wish to go in, that is my choice. I have not surrendered my right to make stupid decisions to some "lifeguard." Nor to the Governor.
  2. Your booked dates include both Christmas and New Years. I've been on board on Christmas, and it is wonderful (but I prefer to be with family). The Filipino crew members put together a choir for the Christmas service that was amazing. And NYE is also great on board. I certainly hope for you that they go as planned!
  3. Great news!! I have refused to worry, but it has been hard to keep my positive attitude about the chunk of money that I had paid to Princess for cruises that Princess cancelled. I am still forcing myself to be positive about being able to take a Mex-Riv cruise next March/April. 2020 is the first year we missed this vacation.
  4. I remember one cruise (no idea which line or ship) where norovirus concerns caused the ship to make the buffets non-self-serve. Instead, ship's personnel dished out your choices from the buffet. I was not happy with it, but it was supposedly "for the greater good." I know that on Celebrity Edge, some of the buffet stations were not self-serve. I would not be surprised to see the cruise lines stopping all self-serve aspects of the buffet, at least until a vaccine has become in common usage. Same thing for the buffets in Vegas casinos.
  5. Great video, thanks for sharing it. I agree, the winners from the interrupted season should be included. One suggestion if you are invited in the Grand Finale: Wear a tuxedo or a suit -- that could be the tiny edge you need!!
  6. Princess has been holding roughly $7,500 of my money since November/December for two cruises that have been cancelled. Princess is certainly at fault for not refunding the money faster. I am angry. However, I am reasonably certain that I will get the money back, and I do not see any point to expressing my anger on this forum. I also remind myself that the interest that I am losing because the funds are in Princess's control instead of my money market is negligible.
  7. Well, at lest it was nicer than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
  8. Don't worry, we would have found some other way to derail the conversation. We love to go off on unexpected tangents!
  9. Princess should have avoided the confusion by having only one ship with the initials CP.
  10. I was once confronted by a crew member during the muster drill who admonished me to pay attention or she would require me to attend the make-up drill. I was reading the Patter instead of watching some stupid video that I felt insulted my intelligence. If the video they were showing at the Muster wasn't geared to a seven year old, it would have been less painful. When the presentation was all live, I paid more attention, because it is insulting to the presenter to ignore him/her. When the presentation is by video, well, the crew has to threaten me!
  11. Wow, I would have guessed that "C" was short for "Coral." Despite all the posts that mentioned the "CP", I never bothered to check., I learned something today, so I guess I can now take a nap!
  12. I had a couple of unexplained credits on a credit card statement. I called the credit card company and learned that the credits were from Princess. I called Princess and discovered that these were two expired Future Cruise Deposits. Why these expired instead of being applied, I have no idea -- left hand (me) and right hand (my wife) type of thing, I guess. So, in my experience, these were automatically credited by Princess when they expired.
  13. I don't think they are opening up cruising again until the "social distancing" requirement is behind us. Whether through herd immunity or a vaccine. Because I don't see how we can practice "social distancing" on board.
  14. Raider, I hope that Princess was acting in good faith. After all, we were hopeful that our two Spring 2020 cruises would go forward, until the gov't made it clear that the cruise lines were being shut down. I hope your refunds are processed quickly, and that your future sailings are smooth!
  15. Cynic that I am, if I were Princess, I'd be giving everyone free upgrades for June and July cruises, knowing that they'd be canceled.
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