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  1. Cramming thousands in sports arenas or convention centers will have similar consequences. The difference is people are not in those environments long enough to see symptoms develop but if the disease is not contained it would surely spread at those venues. Airline travel will also be problematic. Will you want a middle seat? Restaurants as well. There will need to be precautions and procedural changes in place for any of those “petri dishes” to begin operating.
  2. Thanks for posting those videos Hoopster95! I liked the first video much better than the second. I did learn a few things from the second video but I did not care for the presenters style.
  3. I agree that the buffet gets a bad rap but it is one of the few areas that they can mitigate directly. I have already seen the cruise staff constantly cleaning railings, elevator buttons, bathrooms and other high touch areas. They can only do what they can do. Nothing is foolproof.
  4. You are right about getting the virus in transit. That is why I believe the infection rate must be very low before starting cruises again. Then the odds of getting the virus in transit would be very low. And the temperature checks and on-board testing capability would help identify anyone that may get it. Of course asymptomatic carriers would throw a monkey wrench into all that. This would help mitigate the risk but the bottom line is that low risk cruising wont be possible until we have a (good) vaccine and a significant amount of herd immunity. And, by the way, I took the refund option on my recently cancelled cruise even though I have 3 cruises booked in 2021.
  5. Yep, this is what they will need to do. For those that can't get a test within 24 (or maybe 48) hours, they will have to have testing available at the cruise terminal. And they would also need to have antibody tests which will be simple pinprick blood tests that only take a few minutes. Just because testing is limited today does not mean that will be the case in a few months. People will do what they have to do to cruise safely. The cruise lines will do what it takes to make this possible. Just my opinion. We will see what actually happens.
  6. If drive through testing does not become common in a few months, then I think the country has bigger problems than no cruising.
  7. I think the Cruise Line Lobby may have enough sway to get the cruise to nowhere regulation lifted temporarily. Even though no bailout, it is in our country’s best interest for the industry to survive.
  8. This thread is for opinions and discussion - lets keep it civil! In my opinion we are still many months from the resumption of cruising. And that is assuming that Royal and the other cruise lines can avoid bankruptcy. Here is what I believe it will take for cruising to safely resume: 1) New case count in the country of departure would have to be close to zero (single digits per day). 2) Flights to/from country of embarkation/debarkation would need to be resumed and readily available. 3) There would have to be ready access to testing with fast turnaround including antibody testing. All passengers will either need to show a negative test within 24 hours of departure or prove that they already had the virus via antibody tests. The ships would also need to have the capacity to test on board with quick turnaround time. 4) Temperature checks before boarding and also on a daily basis for all passengers and crew. Possibly provide each cabin with a no-contact internet connected thermometer to enforce this. 5) Passengers would be quarantined if they have above normal temperatures and, with a positive test result, it would last for the duration of the cruise. 6) No more self-serve food venues. Food at the buffet would either be pre-made and wrapped or served onto your plate by crew. 7) Ports would have to be in locations with new case counts close to zero. Countries would have to start allowing cruises again. We may start off with cruises to nowhere or just stopping at private destinations. 😎 Ships could not sail full. They would need to keep a certain number of balcony cabins empty for quarantines. They would also need to have extra space so that overcrowding of public venues is not a problem. Even with all this there will be risk. Do people agree that the measures will need to be this severe to resume cruising? My best guess is that the first cruises will start up in December at the earliest.
  9. Royal Caribbean is really going to extremes to cancel those $18 drink packages.
  10. I was told it will take up to 30 business days to see the cruise refund hit my credit card. Just requested a refund for an April 20th cruise yesterday. Cruise Planner refunds are also very slow.
  11. I have a question that I don't think has been asked or answered here yet. Nor is it covered in any FAQ that I have seen. I have two cruises coming up in April that I will likely need to cancel. They were booked through a big box TA. I don't expect to use the TA again for a future cruise booking on Royal. I have several cruises booked in 2021 through another TA and would like to use the FCC for them. Is it true that the FCC will be issued to the TA that I am booked with? If so, how can I get the FCC transferred so that I control it?
  12. The prices on those two cruises are outstanding. Especially when compared to what Celebrity offers on Millennium. after those two Japan cruises, Quantum is doing a TP to Seattle. After that, nothing is published.
  13. Adding to the west Coast discussion. My wife follows Mario, the Diamond Concierge on Serenade, on FB. Recently he posted something like: west coasters, see you in May ‘21. So either somehow he knows he will be coming to Voyager in that time frame or perhaps Serenade will be doing some cruises out of the west coast beginning in May ‘21.
  14. If you are intent on cashing out at the casino, just bet both sides of a more or less 50/50 even money bet. For example bet half on red and half on black at the roulette table - if it comes up green you are out of luck. You could insure your bet against a zero by placing a small bet on zero at the same time.
  15. Heavy duty magnets have many uses. We hang our snorkel gear from one. My camera bag (with camera inside) goes on another. I can also hang jackets (when on cool weather cruises), backpacks, and even string a clothesline between two of them. I now have seven heavy duty magnets and I am sure I will find a way to use them all!
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