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  1. If you are intent on cashing out at the casino, just bet both sides of a more or less 50/50 even money bet. For example bet half on red and half on black at the roulette table - if it comes up green you are out of luck. You could insure your bet against a zero by placing a small bet on zero at the same time.
  2. Heavy duty magnets have many uses. We hang our snorkel gear from one. My camera bag (with camera inside) goes on another. I can also hang jackets (when on cool weather cruises), backpacks, and even string a clothesline between two of them. I now have seven heavy duty magnets and I am sure I will find a way to use them all!
  3. Don’t forget Ovation in 2016. That makes up for missing 2017. So they will average one a year from 2014 to 2025.
  4. As mentioned a few posts ago they had Pickleball on Symphony when we cruised her in November. It is played on the sports court. They have portable nets but no lines so boundaries are more or less a guess. They had open play two times in the early morning and a tournament one afternoon.
  5. When we changed ships from Brilliance to Ovation at Barcelona in 2016, Royal actually transported our luggage directly from ship to ship and provided a bus to take us from dock to dock. They provided special luggage tags. You had the option of walking if you desired. Everything went very smoothly EXCEPT they had also promised to deliver wine we had carried on board Brilliance to drink on Ovation. The assured us it would be no problem and the wine had already been tagged with our information. Unfortunately it was left behind on Brilliance! However they did give me free replacement bottles of wine on Ovation to make up for it. I sent an email to Royal Caribbean requesting they consider doing something about moving luggage and they agreed. The fact that there were about 60 people changing ships probably helped. If you book the prior cruise on Rhapsody, send an email to Royal Caribbean guest relations at least 6 months in advance and see if they are able to do something.
  6. We booked Reflection as well because we wanted a TA out of Rome. From the looks of things, the only possible Royal TA out of Rome is Odyssey and the jury is still out where that TA will leave from. If the Odyssey TA looks irresistible the Reflection booking is fully refundable. When we did a TA out of Barcelona on Freedom in 2017 we had a stop in Cadiz, and three stops in the Canary Islands. That was also a 14 day cruise out of Barcelona so the starting point for Harmony is no excuse for the crappy itinerary!
  7. Wow, that would be a surprise! It is supposed to be home ported in Rome. They would have to have a one way to another port like Barcelona and then start the TA there. Thanks for letting us know! I think the price on Reflection has already gone up! We may have to look more closely at Connie. By the way, in 2017 we did a cruise out of Rome and then did a one way flight on Vueling from Italy to Barcelona that was pretty cheap. Short flights in Europe on discount carriers are always a reasonable option. No need to cruise from Rome to Barcelona!
  8. We are considering the Celebrity Reflection TA out of Rome for Fall 2021. The only possible Royal TA from Rome in that time frame is Odyssey but I think that won’t come out for a few more weeks.
  9. We are doing a couple of Royal Caribbean cruises in the spring that visit Vanuatu, New Caledonia and French Polynesia. I bought the Voom surf and stream internet package for both cruises. I was wondering if anyone had recent experience with Voom in this part of the world. I ask for recent experience since SES networks (the satellite service provider) launched a bunch of satellites in the last 2 year including 4 more in April 2019. Thanks!
  10. Searched for newly released transatlantics in the fall of 2021. The Anthem out of Southampton on Oct 20 came up with pricing. When I tried a mock booking, it said there were no cabins available for 2 people. I suspect it is not really released yet.
  11. What a great suggestion. Thanks a bunch. We have been cruising so have not been following Cruise Critic much and just checked in today. Also thinking about booking a rental car at the airport. The local edition Hertz opens at 9 AM but the airport location is 24 hours and has a better inventory of vehicles.
  12. Looking to book summer/fall 2021 cruises. Typically these become available in November or December. Any announcements with a deployment schedule? We have a future cruise onboard booking certificate that is burning a hole in our pocket!
  13. They had open play Pickleball yesterday from 8-10 AM and it is scheduled again for Friday at 2:30 PM. They don’t have any lines down so it is a bit of a guess for boundaries.
  14. There is a rumor that Symphony now has Pickleball. I will be on board in a few weeks and will report back afterwards.
  15. Do Transatlantic cruises from Europe typically come out at the same time as the European sailings?
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