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  1. I was on this cruise and I had the same symptoms. It started with a bad sore throat at the end of the first week, followed by congestion and a horrible cough. I went to the gift shop on board to buy some cold medication and they were all out. The sales clerk told me they had sold out the cruise before us. That speaks volumes; whatever this was they had on that ship prior to us. I went to a pharmacy in one of the ports and bought some Alka-Seltzer Plus and some cough drops; that helped a bit. I never had a fever, and felt ok other than the almost constant cough and congestion. I sat next to a woman at dinner one night that said she had the same symptoms. I ended up at walk-in care the week after we got home because I just couldn't shake the cough. They couldn't find anything wrong with me; my vitals were fine and my lungs were clear. This is actually two cruises in a row I have come home with some kind of "crud", but the last one (last fall out of Boston) I had congestion, but no cough. And for the record, I make sure never to go anywhere near the buffet.
  2. Governors control their States, the president doesn't. He can't force States to do anything.
  3. Based on the fact that there are currently 15,000+ cases in NYC alone. Of course, most of the cases are clustered in large cities; most cruise ports are in large cities. If you were the Governor or Mayor of one of these cities would you want cruise ship traffic? I'm thinking no. The ports will not open up to that kind of foot traffic; some of these ships hold 6,000+ passengers and crew.
  4. I highly doubt they are cruising out of any US port in late April; probably not May either.
  5. As someone just off the Bliss, I will never cruise a ship that size again. Too many people for too small venues. I will stick with the smaller ships, and the Dawn is my favorite.
  6. People who have colds don't end up on ventilators and die unless they are severely compromised. So there's that.
  7. It is not "basically a bad cold". Have you not been listening to the CDC?
  8. If you work in a hospital I hope you would at least be cognizant of the people around you when you return to work.
  9. Thanks for your review and taking the time to put your thoughts on paper. I was on the Bliss February 2-16 and completely agree with your assessment about the service levels; they were terrible except for the specialty restaurants. Lines were long for everything, and people were generally rude. I have cruised NCL a fair amount, but this cruise really made me sit up and take notice. Never again on a large ship that can't handle the number of passengers it crams on.
  10. I also agree it's not worth it. Last summer there was only one attendant for the haven area, so service was spotty. Without a restaurant and lounge, there really isn't anything special about the haven other than the small pool area. Certainly not worth $1000 for 5 days!
  11. It was $259 for the two-week cruise; I think I read somewhere it's $209 for one week on a 7-day.
  12. Head immediately to the Social on deck 6 when you get on board. There is no other place to purchase them. Make sure you get to the pier nice and early so you can get a low boarding number. I was in boarding group #1, and was #19 in line to get a vibe pass. Not sure how many they sell, but the line was quite long and they sold out quickly!
  13. I am one of those with a compromised immune system, so yes I would cancel if I felt there was a risk. My next cruise is Bermuda out of Boston at the end of May; I am already past final payment so I will wait until close to sail date to make the determination.
  14. Wow. Some of us in the medical profession wear lanyards daily with our medical credentials. I'm thinking most of the physicians I know didn't need mitten clips.
  15. Not really, it's just the two bedroom was cheaper than the one bedroom for some reason. The Dawn doesn't have a haven, so I did leave my room a lot! On the Gem, I left a lot for the specialty restaurants and shows. The Gem doesn't have a haven restaurant or lounge, so you can't really hang out there full time!
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