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  1. This can be done if you set it up with him in advance. Tell him what time you want breakfast, and tell him not to call first. As long as you have given permission, he will do this.
  2. Especially Jersey Boys. it's a pretty long show; I don't think a two-year old can sit for that long and not fidget or complain. I can't think of any show I would take a child that young to!
  3. Thanks for the tip. I have been debating wearing my winter coat vs. a London Fog spring-type coat; I think the winter coat wins!
  4. My mistake; the original poster did mention restroom visits. I still stand by my thought that if I want to run and get an ice cream or need to run back to my cabin to get my hat, I shouldn't have to give up my seat.
  5. No. If someone has a chair but they go inside to get an ice cream cone or go to the bathroom, they need to give up their seat? That's not what a chair hog is. I am not giving up my seat for a 5-minute bathroom run.
  6. But if you go out early, why wouldn't you just grab your own chairs?
  7. When you get on board and see your room steward, immediately ask for an egg crate for the sofa bed. You are right; it's not a bed. It's a sofa. Hard as a rock and extremely uncomfortable.
  8. This is fantastic! I have to assume that we will have the same activities since we are doing the same itinerary. These will be a big help planning dinners and shows. Thanks so much!
  9. This is great information; thank you! Will be on the Bliss in a few weeks, and have no experience with a ship that large. This will help me a lot. I'm trying to figure out how many cold weather clothes I need to pack. I assume it didn't get warm until you hit Florida? How many days in the cold coming back? I've never had to pack winter stuff for a cruise before 😞
  10. I am trying not to be disgusted by the pictures of people's feet on pillows and couch cushions. Kind of skeeves me out!
  11. Ooh, thank you for doing this for us! I am on the Feb. 2 sailing and I think it's the same itinerary you just did. Would love to see the dailies so I can plan ahead.
  12. Do you happen to know where they sell the Vibe passes? I would really like one on my upcoming cruise on the Bliss, but don't even know where to go to try and get one! Thank you 🙂
  13. You will go to the front desk the morning of the second cruise and they will take care of your registration for the second week (including your new key card). If you are in the same cabin you will not have to pack. There will be a letter delivered to your stateroom the day before disembarkation giving you all the instructions you will need.
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