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  1. Since you specifically asked about the Mediterranean cruises with RCCL, I will just give you the experience I had on our June 2019 cruise on Vision. We felt that in general people were a little dressier. On formal night, I would say the breakdown was about 50-60% in tuxes or dark suits, 10-15% in a sport coat (some with/some without tie), and the rest ran the gamut from slightly dressed up to shorts and a t-shirt. The remaining nights, most people were smart casual (but not everyone). We did think our Med cruise "felt" a little dressier than the Caribbean, but no one was really over the top.
  2. Still looks like you have a decent amount of space. My husband says he never sleeps as well as he does in an inside cabin on a ship. It's SO dark! He loves it. Have a great cruise. I look forward to following along!
  3. Virgin daiquiris are good for frozen drinks. As I recall, we tried a strawberry and a banana daiquiri. They will also do a virgin Piña Colada. Or blend the strawberry daiquiri and Piña Colada together for a Miami Vice. A virgin mudslide tastes like a decadent milkshake. On Anthem they listed a few “zero-proof” cocktails in some of the bar menus.
  4. ^^This. After Andrew, all hurricane codes became much stricter across the state. I would worry most about storm surge if I was parking my car near the water. If it is coupled with the regular high tide, it can easily reach twenty feet. https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/surge/ However, once a storm reaches Cat 3? I’m out.
  5. Hey now!! 😳 Its okay, we'll take a tropical storm. You can keep the hurricanes! 😀
  6. Also learned a few years prior to Irma not to park on the first floor of the parking garage. Storm surge is not pretty.
  7. I truly believe in karma. I just love it so much more when I'm actually around to witness it in action! 😁
  8. Lol, no not yet. But we have a B2B this fall with he President's cruise and two land vacations planned. Going to need something for next year. Would love to try a northern European itinerary! Looks like I gotta start researching again. 😁
  9. I might be a little nervous that they couldn't even spell "Assistant" correctly. 😂 In all seriousness though, best of luck! And have a great time.
  10. Thank you so much for taking the time! This promises to be a very interesting thread. I look forward to following along!
  11. Is it just “One free bag of laundry”? Or is it where you have to send it out on the specific day they are doing the fill a bag of laundry special? We always seem to miss that day.
  12. Yum. This sounds better than any of the "generic" lemon drop martinis I've ever had (though they were still good). Might have to try to ask for something similar.
  13. My sister-in-law once made a carbonara using vegan bacon. Obviously not the same, but it wasn't bad. I'm not vegan, but I enjoy eating veg/vegan and trying new things and I thought she made quite a valiant attempt. I'd try quite a few of these options on the ship. I think it would be great if they'd add more of these to the regular menu instead of having to ask for a separate menu. (Although I know it may be more difficult or time-consuming for them to prepare vegan dishes, I think many people would choose some of these given the option.)
  14. This drink is always our favorite.
  15. I will say that we had the Key and didn't wait in line at all. They gave us "Priority Tender" tickets and we just went down when we were ready. We actually made it onto the first tender. It was nice not having to wait in line for tickets. I don't think the Key is worth the price in many respects, but that morning I was very happy we had it. Because of the Key, we also had priority disembarkation at every other port too. Not just the ones where the ship was running tenders. Just FYI.
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