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  1. The South Pacific Islands are one of my two favorite areas to travel. I never thought about doing the islands "in order". We spent a very nice afternoon at a vineyard on Waiheke Island but I don't know if the wine was really as wonderful as I remember or it was the view and sunny day. I looked up the vineyards you visited and Total Wines carries Craggy Range wines. We might have to try their Pinot Noir. There is a shop, Henry's Wine and Spirits, in Brooklyn that carries a Man O' War Semillon Blend but I probably won't have it shipped. Looking forward to your reports from Australia. Possibly exotic islands in the Indian Ocean or Africa will be on the itinerary instead of Asia. Thanks again for letting us enjoy your WC with you. Cherie
  2. Thank you so much for the photos and reports from New Zealand. I love the history and legends you give us of your ports of call. 53 species of plants and trees growing in the Tane Mahuta is amazing. Did you have favorite wines in the vineyards you visited? Thank you for letting us enjoy some of your cruise. Cherie
  3. Thank you to USN59-79, AllureofVacation, and sailingdutchy for your reports. It sounds like the delays in Cambodia were not cherished experiences but the crew of the Westerdam and the staff at the hotel made every effort to make you comfortable. Welcome home. Cherie
  4. Pitcairn Island always seems so mysterious. For those who would like to see the island Captain Jonathan was given permission to tour the island because it will be his last time stopping there. The photos and commentary are great and it's fun to see what it's like on land. Cherie
  5. I hope if I ever take a WC I will have as much fun as you do!!! The beach on Easter Island looked so inviting. I think I would want to spend time around the island and also time at the beach. I thought your time cruising Antarctica was so impressive that I would not take a WC if it was not included. It's been fun keeping up with Captain Jonathan's blog for this cruise. His description of keeping the ship in position and keeping passengers safe at Easter Island was amazing. Do you think there will be any children on this WC as there have been previously? Thank you so much for the photos, your wonderful reports, and for taking us along. Cherie
  6. I'm sure you remember the measles outbreak which included Tonga in 2019, there were hospitalizations but no deaths. This has to be on their minds when they are not wanting cruise ships to unload hundreds of tourists. I agree that if Tonga does not deny air traffic they are only dealing with part of the problem. At least they are trying to protect their citizens. Not sure why crew were not allowed to leave Tonga. JMO Cherie
  7. OMG...this is amazing. Thank you so much for the reports. Can't wait to hear about the dinner. What an experience. Thank you for including us, Cherie
  8. Roland4 - Thank you for the report of your day on Nuku Hiva. I have always thought French Polynesia to be paradise but it sounds like Nuku Hiva and The Marquesas are in the running. I'm really enjoying your comments on this cruise. Cherie
  9. Roland4 - Can't wait to hear how you like Nuku Hiva. Sounds like a great first port after being "under the weather." Thank you for letting us cruise with you. Cherie
  10. If you are looking for a beach the Hilton Waikoloa is not a good choice. The Marriott Waikoloa is a much better. The beach is public, as are all of the beaches in Hawaii, and the restaurant Lava Lava is next door. I do love the Sheraton Keahou. It has great pools, restaurants, and the manta rays come visit in the evenings. Cherie
  11. Wow, I love Hong Kong, but wouldn't fly there now. 200 of their 400 cases have been hospitalized. I am sorry that HAL is not taking more of a leadership role in helping passengers with this decision. There are reports that some basic necessitities to help prevent getting the virus are in short supply in China so get whatever you can that will help you upon your arrival. I really hope that your cruise is wonderful, no matter what the itinerary. Cherie
  12. Sharon, Thank you so much for posting. Pete was so nice to list blogs for the 2020 WC and I always tune into the "John and Sharon" blog. I don't think I would have imagined that participants on a HAL excursion would be walking through the rain with their luggage. Hopefully there was help for the passenger who seemed to need a lot of help. I appreciate your great attitude. Judy and Pete have the same positive approach to hurtles that appear. It's fun to "travel" with all of you. Cherie
  13. I, along with many, appreciate the time you take to write your daily reports and post photos. I think this itinerary is one of the best, if not the best, of the itineraries since I've been following your WCs. Possibly the route is what attracted a larger number of full world cruisers. I am just loving the route and hope it will be repeated when I can be a passenger. I also love reading the detailed reports of your Sommelier Dinners. Can't wait for the Moulin Rouge dinner. Happy to hear that John will soon be back to pickleball. And it will be fun to hear where your friend Will replaces his gold cross. The new chain and cross will have quite a story. Thank you brightening our days with your photos and reports. Cherie
  14. Thank you Kochleffel and fatcat04 for the photos and info. It is alwas amazing to see this. Wishing everyone onboard the helo and the ship a safe evac. The USCG has to be the best!!!!! Cherie
  15. Great suggestion. Thank you. I will look into options from Honokohau Harbor. Cherie
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