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  1. I would think from the crew's perspective being off the coast of Singapore would be great. I love the parts of Malaysia we have visited but for a long "lay up" Singapore would be a bit more exciting. I have no idea how these lay-up positions are chosen but cost must be a factor. What a journey!!! Cherie
  2. Cruzingnut, Thank you so much. That totally explains it. And also, thank you for your other informative posts on this thread. What a journey for the Amsterdam. Cherie
  3. Well, I hope he is doing something fun and I look forward to the next/last post on his blog. Beginning retirement after the career he has had must be full of possibilities and reflections. I hope his first priority is not satisfying CC members disappointed that he is not posting post haste. But, possibly you have more info than me and know that he will never post again. I throughly enjoy Captain Jonathan's writing and am hopeful. Cherie
  4. The Amsterdam off-loaded non-essential Indonesian employees on May 6 in Jakarta (pg 14, posts 339-346) before heading to Manila. Can anyone tell me why they are heading back to Jakarta instead of going to Malaysia? Were all of the Indonesian employees eligible to leave not given a ride to shore? Please point me to the posts that may have already been made that answer my question. I have really enjoyed reading the saga of the Amsterdam which was supplemented by Captain Jonathan's blog. Thanks for any help to clear my confusion. Cherie
  5. I hope Captain Jonathan is enjoying himself a bit and will make his last post to his 2020 WC blog when he has time. It may be a difficult and long post to compose. There are so many things to cover and reflect on. I am also looking forward to reading it when he is ready. Cherie
  6. If you can possibly go as far south as Puerto Vallerta I think it has a lot more character and is really pretty with the jungle almost coming to the beach area on the southern part of the city. JMO Cherie
  7. You might read the posts from Scrapnana who was on this year's WC as a single. She posted on CC and I also accessed her blog on TheInsideCabin.com where Pete listed several 2020 WC blogs. Cherie
  8. I am looking forward to reading Captain Jonathan's next post on his blog. Leaving the Amsterdam must have been emotional. I hope he and his wife have their toes in the sand on a sunny beach with a beverage of choice in hand. Cherie
  9. I got a good laugh out of this photo, and it reminded me of the Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Dorothy Lamour movie, Road to Bali. Cherie
  10. Airfare should have already been refunded to HAL and they should have refunded you. American Express will take care of that for you now. Airlines have been really good about refunds so it is unfortunate that HAL has not refunded this to you. Cherie
  11. PShelley, I am surprised at HAL refunding in incremental amounts. It seems like it would be better to make 50% of their customers totally happy than to piss off 100% of their passengers. I understand the immediate refund of excursions and delaying refunds of actual deposits and/or final payments but doing it incrementally is a bit shocking. And, it seems that it increases the cost of employees making the refunds. I'm really surprised by this approach. Thanks for this info. Cherie
  12. Thank you The-Inside-Cabin and Copper 10-8 for your replies. I remember hearing such nice things about Ashford when he was onboard and just didn't remember if the others also made an appearance. It sounds like Mrs. Hazel Donald was really a delight to have on board and she enjoyed it as much as the other passengers. Thank you again, Cherie
  13. Copper 10-8 - Great photo of WWII Navy task force. Probably a more accurate image of Manila Bay. Thank goodness, though, that the current ships in Manila Bay are not packed with young U.S. sailors at war. Cherie
  14. I was also thinking that Ashford may have a significant sum in is contract if he is asked to leave. Under the circumstances it would be even more tragic for HAL if Ashford receives a severance while others wait for their refunds. To The-Inside-Cabin, did Ashford always make the special appearance on World Cruises or did Kruse also show up? Really miss your daily reports from the WC!! Cherie
  15. Copper 10-8, The thought of all these ships in Manila Bay reminds me of flying into Panama City and seeing all the ships waiting for their turn to go through the Canal. I just love the view, day or night. Different circumstances indeed, but a large gathering of vessels. Thanks for all the good info. Cherie
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