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  1. I have followed Jeff Farschman's cruises for several years. When checking his blog, amazingvoyages2.blogspot.com to review his experiences in Cuba for our upcoming trip I found that he has started his 2019/2020 adventure. The photos are amazing and the port reviews are always interesting and delivered with a positive outlook. So, for others who enjoy his voyages as much as I do you can now enjoy. He is in the Caribbean. Cherie
  2. I'm surprised that those of you who boarded in Vancouver and have been through the muster drill need to participate again. What time does the ship depart Sydney? Is 4pm 2-3 hours prior to sailing time? I also would be disappointed. Hope you have a great day with your friends. Cherie
  3. Many report that the Tasman Sea can be an "E" ticket ride, hope you are enjoying it. The thrill of cruising into Sydney Harbour is something I hope to experience one day. Enjoy!!!! Thank you for all the photos. Cherie
  4. I love this photo. Clothesline bacon was a hit at your table!!! Could you taste the rosemary? Cherie
  5. I love the New Otani if you can be in an ocean front room. And their Hau Tree Lanai restauant is wonderful. I would still take an ocean view or Diamond Head view from PS or QK than non-ocean view at Marriott or New Otani. It's great we have options. I hope OP will let us know what they decide. Cherie
  6. I have stayed at all three and I prefer the Park Shore or Queen Kapiolani. The Marriott is a nice hotel but many of the rooms do not have desirable views. The pool decks of the Park Shore and Queen Kapiolani have fabulous views over Kapiolani Park and Diamond Head. When we were at the QK they offered complimentary beach chairs. Our favorite casual restaurant, LuLu's, is in the Park Shore with great views, mai tais, and kalua pork nachos. Lulu's takes reservations and is open for B, L, and D. Have a great time. Cherie
  7. Looking forward to hearing what you do in this part of Fiji. What did you end up doing on Pago Pago? Hopefully you were able to get some good photos. Have a great day in Fiji! Cherie
  8. Oh noooooooo!!!!!!!! I hope the rain lets up and you are able to see Pago Pago. Is this your first visit to any of the ports on this cruise? Pago Pago just sounds so exotic. Thanks for letting us cruise with you. Cherie
  9. I call BS, HAL. You shared personal info with a third party when customers did not give you permission. I would be pi***d. JMO, Cherie
  10. I am so enjoying all of the photos and posts. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking us along!! The "educational tour" in Honolulu was great. UH Manoa has some dorms with killer views and I doubt that the students there appreciate them either. Cherie
  11. We are a family/friend group of 13 visiting Cuba for the first time in November. A lot of the information I am using for this trip I got on this forum. Thank you to everyone who has given information on visits to Cuba. Cherie
  12. Thank you for the stats on disembarking and embarking passengers. That is a huge number disembarking. There are not many cruises to Hawaii that will allow disembarking in Hawaii. Embarking for this cruise in Honolulu would be my preference. I hope you are enjoying a fabulous visit to Honolulu!!! Cherie
  13. Zelker, thank you so much for the answers to my questions. You and richwmn are taking us along on a great adventure. Cherie
  14. cccole

    Oahu Luau

    Sounds doable, just be flexible. We happened upon a restaurant, Dixie Grill, not too far from the airport. We had picked friends up at the airport and were waiting for our Pearl Harbor tour time. It's a casual fun place, with a great outdoor patio, and frequented by members of our military at local bases. You can check it out on TA. It is an easy drive back to the airport from there with no worries. If you feel like a pic nic when you get to North Shore stop by Ted's Bakery, near Sunset Beach, and get some great food to take to the beach. Remember, if "surf's up" parking may be a nightmare, just be patient. I hope you'll let us know how your day goes. Have a great time, Cherie p.s. and, remember that if you have anything of value put it in the trunk of your car BEFORE you park, preferably when you pick the car up.
  15. Thank you for the info. The passenger will have access to top notch medical facilities in Honolulu. When you have a chance, if the Captain had not announced the increase in speed would you have noticed? Because of your background you may be different from most on the ship. I'm just curious. The weather must be warming, the sunsets beautiful, and the waters calming down. Thank you for the sharing your adventure. Cherie
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