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  1. We went to Magen's Bay several times and enjoyed it. Check out the webites for the various beaches.
  2. We did an island tour on Martinique. It included St. Pierre and the volcano museum, a trip through the Rain Forest, time at Balata Gardens, and time at Balata Church. Balata Gardens were very nice.
  3. Thanks for the review. Where else did you go?
  4. We like the Melia as it has chairs near Cable Beach as well as chairs near the pools. Our suggestion is to look at the websites to compare beaches.
  5. We like the Melia for it's beach on Cable Beach. It also has pools overlooking the beach. See the website.
  6. CoCo Cay is a very nice island.
  7. We took a taxi in to town- walked around and went to the museum. Then we took another taxi back to the cruise port and got to see much of the small island. The taxi drivers talked about the history. Very inexpensive do it yourself tour!
  8. Our experience was similar to the above.
  9. We didn't go to CoCo Cay because of winds but spent the night in Nassau. (Had been there before.) The time in Nassau turned out to be better than expected. We had one afternoon to go to the Melia and the next day to go to the Blue Lagoon. We stayed on the ship at night.
  10. We took a taxi into town and walked around-went to the museum. Then we took another taxi back to the cruise port and saw most of the island.
  11. Willemstad is a good walking city- small and interesting. Some take the trolley first and then walk with a map after deciding where to go.
  12. We would check on the type of buses used too.
  13. We found a taxi in town easily. Do get the local phone number of a taxi company though.
  14. Also look into the Curacao Beach Express which we took through Holland America. We spent the morning there and the bus waited for us.
  15. We took Holland America and did the Curacao Beach Express to Blue Bay.
  16. The town of Willemstad has many sites and museums. Good place to walk around.
  17. cruiseapril

    Aruba at 4 pm

    We took a taxi to Gilligans at the Radisson (now Hilton) and that was good with a band playing. The taxi was only $10 for two.
  18. Embassy Suites is good. We have had the breakfast ther, then a big lunch on the patio, then the reception. We didn't even need dinner!
  19. The website for Hyatt Place on 17th St. gives lots of information.
  20. A tour of Willemstad can take hours. We would have a big lunch on the ship and tour Willemstad all afternoon or have a customized tour.
  21. We took a good land tour in Barbados, through the ship, which stopped at St. John's Church, Andromeda Gardens, and a landhouse where we had drinks and a rest. We went all the way from town and back again another route and experienced much of the central island.
  22. Thank you for the detailed review and the photos.
  23. The Hyatt Place and the Embassy Suites are good places to check on prices.
  24. How far is Reflexions from the pier?
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