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  1. We are very glad we did a tour through the ship.
  2. We agree about the lack of shade at HMC. Renting a clamshell is best. We would snorkel elsewhere- say Bonaire or Curacao. We liked HMC better than the others, but they all have their good points.
  3. We did a partial island tour in Dominica. Our driver was good on the narrow winding roads and our guide was good by telling us the history. We stopped several times.
  4. E-mail The Hilton on Carlisle Beach.
  5. We signed up for a ship's excursion to Harbour Lights and were given chairs when we got there. It was not expensive.
  6. Be sure to ask how many meals, chairs, towels etc. come with the Day Pass.
  7. The small city of Willemstad on foot. One of the cove beaches. The view from Fort Nassau. These are a few of the good excursions.
  8. Curacao is way different from Jamaica. We lived in Curacao for two years.
  9. There are so many better things to see and do in Curacao.
  10. If zoos appeal- the Ardastra Gardens and Zoo are nice. (About 2 hours.)
  11. Went by the lighthouse, but not to it!
  12. Magen's Bay is a good place if there are not too many ship's in. We took the ship's tour to Magen's.
  13. It is a great little city. Good walking city- Heritage Site.
  14. Let us know what you find!
  15. cruiseapril

    Driver for the Day

    We found inexpensive taxis in Aruba- but that was just to the beach, casino, and beach bar at Palm Beach, For a tour we took a 3hour bus trip and saw most of the island.
  16. We like the British Colonial Hilton -close to the ships and taxis go there. We also like the Melia which is on Cable Beach. E-mail for prices.
  17. The roads are very narrow in Dominica- so it is good to have an experienced driver and excursion guide.
  18. We went on a bus tour which stopped at the Aloe Factory, The Casabiri Rocks, and the new natural bridge. We saw most of the major sites and 2/3 of the island. It was 3 hours.
  19. Thanks for the review. We enjoyed the Dolphin Encounter.
  20. We get a van taxi for $5 per person if you wait until its full. Otherwise it is a short ride to the Hilton.
  21. We have done ship's tours in St. Thomas.
  22. That is a light day. Last time we were there there were 6 ships in!
  23. We went to Harbour Lights on Carlisle Beach and enjoyed the beach club.
  24. It is best to e-mail The Melia for the present cost.
  25. Due to the ferries to get to the Blue Lagoon, we took the ship's excursion. That way we got back in time.
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