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  1. We have had a similar experience. We were on the 4/6 transAtlantic on the Rotterdam. We quickly received emails on expected refunds on all but one of our excursions. I’m just going to wait an see what hits the credit card before following up.
  2. Context provides clarification: Dr. Fauci’s statement included his clarification that 10 times figure actually brings the new coronavirus' fatality rate lower than official estimates, which hover around 3 percent. The flu has a mortality rate of about 0.1 percent, so, when considering the likelihood that there are many asymptomatic or very mild cases that have gone undiagnosed, Fauci places the new coronavirus' lethality rate at somewhere around 1 percent.
  3. As has been referenced a couple of other recent posts, CDC says the one suspect passenger never had Covid-19. Check out this article from USA TODAY: CDC: Re-test confirms Westerdam cruise ship passenger 'never had coronavirus' https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/02/21/coronavirus-holland-america-ms-westerdam-cruise-passenger-cleared/4834124002/
  4. Amen to this. We’ve always purchased travel insurance for cruises and for international trips. Never used it until two years ago. We purchased the staterooms for 8 family members on a cruise. Our daughter-in-law fractured her back 4 weeks before sailing and the doctor recommended not going. Insurance saved us the cost of one those staterooms. Last year, my wife was hospitalized twice, once in ICU. We had to cancel an expensive international trip. Insurance allowed us to recoup the entire cost. in my opinion, it is very short-sighted to not purchase travel insurance when making significant investments in a cruise or land vacation.
  5. For the posters who seem to think this is not a big deal, it IS a big deal, and a violation of the law in the EU. I worked in this field for several years before retirement, and still keep my certification active. Passport #s, even in the USA, are considered Personally Identifiable Information (also called Sensitive Personal Information in some jurisdictions) as it is a government issued identity #. Passport numbers have been stolen for criminal activity. We were not impacted by this breach of privacy, but there IS an expectation of privacy for much personal information, and laws to back up that expectation, even in the USA. For those with a cavalier attitude about their own or others’ personal data, read up on Data Privacy laws.
  6. We were last on HMC in February on the Koningsdam. The seas were very heavy, the tenders were still able to run, but boarding from the ship and vice versa was difficult and took longer than normal. A great many passengers opted not to disembark to HMC that day. The NA was also at the island the same day, but the crowds on the island were only a fraction of what we had experienced when the Zuiderdam alone was in port in 2016. It seems the pier, while not guaranteeing that the ship can dock, will enable a much safer and quicker disembarkation and embarkation experience. That would lead to more passengers being able to enjoy HMC, which is really what HAL wants.
  7. They really added some nice perks to the package. We did this in 2016 on the Rotterdam for our 25th wedding anniversary. If was a very memorable experience (and a surprise gift for my wife).
  8. Rotterdam Transatlantic dates, FLL to Rotterdam, have changed to April 6-April 22. This will change the dry dock dates.
  9. As I understand from the Rotterdam Transatlantic reviews, the cancellations were weather related.
  10. Nice webcam, but Marine Traffic website shows the Zuiderdam is docked near Inverness Scotland today (Invergordon).
  11. We decided to switch cruises. The two replacement ports for April 8th cruise were not something to get excited about, so we’ve changed to the Rotterdam TransAtlantic cruise. After some tough negotiation by our TA, we were able to keep our original future cruise booking OBC plus the $50 Holland threw in, and got the early booking special for the transAtlantic cruise. A little more expensive, but better than the non-Cuba Cuba cruise. We’re happy.
  12. We looked online at out April 2020 booking and have seen the new itinerary, but nothing on pricing yet. I’m guessing that pricing would only come from the TA or an email from HAL.
  13. Our experience in late January/early February was different. We took the 11 day Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Koningsdam and anytime we tried to make use of larger public areas, it was packed with long waits or no seating available for the shows. We were in a Neptune Suite, so this didn't impact our breakfast or dinner options - we dined in Club Orange - but we could see the long waits for guests choosing the MDR. The waiting areas were often so crowded, it was difficult to get to the toilets in those areas. The Lido deck at lunch was often very crowded, although that would depend on which food station you chose. We were never able to make any of the early starting shows, even arriving one night 45 minutes early it signs were already posted that it was at capacity. The Lincoln center, OTH, was never crowded nor were any of the lounges. My take-away was with the Koningsdam size ships, HAL sacrificed space in their larger venues to make for more lounges and smaller venues. This definitely showed in the MDR and Main Theater which were nearly always packed.
  14. We visited the Rhine Falls four years ago. It was in June, not record river levels but quite a sight anyway. You'll love it.
  15. We sailed the Basel to Amsterdam route on AmaWaterways in early May. A bit of rain for several days, but the trip through the gorge was spectacular
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