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  1. Only 6 months to Sail Away... This cruise is really filling up due to the interesting itinerary. Still hoping for a viking.. LOL See you all soon...
  2. Just checking to see if the New Year is bringing some new visitors to the Edge for a Spring Break Cruise.. Hope to see you all soon...
  3. Thank you for your responses. We have a pretty large group, so it sounds like the Sunset bar will do...πŸ‘
  4. Thank you for your reply... What is RC??? We are considering the two areas... It looks like the Magic Carpet is an even smaller area...
  5. Hi All!!! We will be travelling on the Edge for the first time in March and would like to know where Cruise Critic members have held their Sail Away parties on this ship. We have been looking at the Deck Plans and we have narrowed it down to the Magic Carpet, Sunset or Pool Bars.. On the Solstice class ships, we have always held Sail Away parties at the Mast Bar, which was a perfect location. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you and have a Happy New Year...🎈
  6. All Aboard!!!!! Two days until Sail Away!!! πŸ›³οΈπŸΈπŸŽ…
  7. I was unhappy to hear that they got rid of the beautiful picture window in the sauna on Millennium too..
  8. Hi Everyone!!! All Aboard!!! Hard to believe it is 25 Days until Sail Away!!! There must be one other gay person on this sold-out cruise other than me and my husband... LOL 😊 Look forward to meeting other avid cruisers.... Take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! πŸ¦ƒ Gobble.. Gobble...
  9. Miaminice - I do agree -- I buy investments for appreciation too, but in this case it was a fun investment... I did make money and sold both Carnival (a while ago on the bad news) and RCCL at a significant profit. You are a very lucky person to have attained a 500% increase - but I do not look at everything as totally transactional, as others do...
  10. Hi all... When we want to book a cruise -- we lurk in the shadows until the "price is right..." We also have our TA make changes to the reservation, as pricing changes (usually prior to final payment and we avoid losing perks). We are going to Dublin/Iceland in July on Reflection. We got a GREAT deal... We have a 1A Balcony (on the hump - big balcony), Air from Palm Beach, Transfers, Drink Package, Gratuities, SBC, Internet (we get due to status) and it is running us $3,950 PP. We are staying at the new Hyatt in Dublin $200 per night additional. You have to work those deals baby.... 😁😊 Happy Sailing!!!!
  11. We love Celebrity -- but their non-combine policy is why we dumped RCCL stock and bought Carnival years ago, as we really enjoyed the SBC Carnival perk (on any of their lines) ranging from $100 -$250 depending on length of trip. We did better with the SBC's from Carnival on Princess/HAL than the stock appreciation or the dividend given. LOL😁
  12. The MDR on Celebrity ships' food are always very good. We have been travelling with them for years. We always have late seating and check out our tables. We know many of the Maitre'D's and we once heard (in jest of course) "oh no not those two again." We had a good laugh with the Maitre'D. When we first started travelling on Celebrity they had Michel Roux as their head chef -- the food was unbelievable and fabulous in the MDR and the Specialty Restaurants were amazing... IMHO specialty restaurants should be for a special dinner -- not to be forced to eat there to get decent meal i.e. NCL (don't even get me started on NCL). We do not discuss NCL, Costa, MSC in our home.. As for RCCL they could do a bit of work on their food as well - as it is average at best. Celebrity, Princess and Holland America (though Holland tends to cater to an older crowd) tend to be the top of the mass market lines before the big jump to Azamara, Crystal, Oceania, etc.. Happy Sailing!!!😊
  13. Hi there!!! Re: the Classic package which I currently have, but we always upgrade to Premium 🍸-- as previously mentioned, it depends on the liquor(s) you drink. I also recently read that the bartenders will not be making the mini-martinis at the Martini Bar any longer for Classic Package drinkers. You will have to pay the up-charge and tip for the larger ones. Celebrity also recently added the gratuity of $14 PDPP, if your received the Classic Package as a perk -- but we were reimbursed by our TA as a SBC. Cruise lines are always looking to generate new revenue sources... I hope they don't kill the golden goose that is making the cruise lines a fortune... You know what happens when you get greedy. 😒
  14. Hi there!!! Good -- glad to hear it... Need to go after the "chair hogs..." We were on one cruise where one women was trying to hold on to 10 lounge chairs for family members. I called one of the pool butlers and he said she can only hold a second chair for a short period.. Needless to say she was not a happy camper... She then started arguing with him... Oh Well...😁
  15. Hi All!!! I (as a Colonist 😊) will throw in my 2 1/2 cents (pence or tuppins too)... When this $14 PPPD gratuity charge came up on packages that were included as a perk in the U.S. -- our travel agent charged us the $14 PPPD, but then gave it back to us as a SBC. Problem solved (for the moment)... The cruise lines have been really making out like bandits with these drink packages (as they get the liquor quite cheaply) and now they are getting a bit greedier... If they keep up the good work -- they will kill the golden goose...🐦 Happy Sailing!!!πŸ›³οΈ
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