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  1. Only 10 months to Sail Away... Hope others are considering this amazing cruise... Maybe we will get to bring home a Viking... LOL😊
  2. Hi all!!! Hard to believe this Christmas cruise is only 3 months away... Hope others will be joining us.. See you all soon...😁
  3. Hi All!! The number of people on the cruise is growing by leaps and bounds... Hope to meet others traveling. See you all soon..
  4. Hi Everyone!!! Just back from our summer cruise and looking forward to our Christmas cruise... See you all soon..
  5. All Aboard!!! 9 Days and Counting...🎈
  6. Redtravel - Thank you so much for the information. We have an overnight there, so we are looking forward to an evening in Seville. 😀
  7. 21 Days and Counting!!! All Aboard!!! 😀🎈
  8. roothy123 - We were surprised as well... Some other members in our CC group had it on their travel information that it was Seville. We had the original information that discussed Cadiz. We are happy to go to Seville, as we have an overnight there too. ICT lineman - Thank you for that wonderful information. We just picked up our DK Eyewitness Top 10 book for Lisbon as well as Andalucia and Seville. We use that series of books for all major cities and regions - it is small (to carry) and has city and transit maps too. We are on the 7/5 Sirena trip next month... We try to get to Europe every year.. Thanks again!!!
  9. Belfastman - Thank you. Everything we read did not say anything about going up the river. Great!!!
  10. We are travelling on Sirena next month and everything I have read on Oceania points toward ships docking in Cadiz. After a discussion on our ships' thread, someone mentioned that the ship will be going up the Guadalquivir river and docking in Seville (not Cadiz). Has anyone had this experience? I have not seen anything on it before. I hope they are correct. If so, is it in a central location of Seville, as we have an overnight? Thank you
  11. Thank you for that information. Where is that ignore feature located???😊 Keithm - Hi there!! You found me...😊 I agree totally, but we would like a "A" cabin, preferably A2 - we like that category location and the little perks associated with it. We also snapped up a great "flash deal" for our cruise in July, so I am sure they would love to have us cough up some extra cash on the cabin. We have an outside at the present time which is fine. We also will wait and see.. Keithm - Sorry that trip on Celebrity got cancelled. Now you will be on a Valentine's Day cruise.💘 You will have a great time. E-mail me to let us know when you are arriving in S. FL, so we can get together, if possible.
  12. docmark - I apologize for not acknowledging you in my last post...Happy Sailing!!!😊
  13. We have been Elite for several years... presently trying to claw our way to Elite+ LOL😊... But the first time we had free laundry, we called to find out if a pair of socks counted as one or two items... We laughed and the woman on the phone laughed.. For the good of the group, I am happy to report a pair of socks counts as one item...😁
  14. As we cruise quite a bit on Celebrity, we went back and forth on whether to upgrade. As we received the Classic package as part of the deal previously and on our next two cruises - we will upgrade to Premium, as we found that (even w/o a Discount) for $12PP a day it was worth it for us... We have a large SBC, so that will more than offset the cost. Also, we try to do it with a bartender we know (it really is something when you know many of the bartenders on the ship 😁🍸). We always treat them well over and above their regular gratuities and they take care of us too... Happy Sailing!!!😊
  15. stl9092 and bbtondo - I agree with you both totally. As we are avid cruisers (approaching 40+), and have been on cruise critic for years (primarily on Celebrity and Princess) I find in my experience on the Oceania boards that many times people are much more argumentative and curt in responses. Additionally, when people come to join a roll call, I have found most do not introduce themselves to the group - it is basically a "what's in it for me attitude." As you mentioned, we are all here to enjoy and share our experiences and be helpful to newcomers. Some people need to take an introspective look and review basic social skills and manners. Hope to see you both on a future cruise...You sound like my kind of people... 😁🍸
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