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  1. This is true. The cruise lines are in the spotlight. If there is a cluster traced to a ship, they will be between a rock and a hard place and unlike most businesses that are operating under state guidelines, the cruise industry has to answer to the federal government. That being said, so far (fingers crossed) there is evidence that following CDC protocols and rigorous testing is working on land, but it requires everyone to play by the rules. We are not out of the woods yet.
  2. We are not dining in. But we are doing take out as often as we would normally dine in. So our spending about the same. The restaurants that have figured out online ordering and ready-on-time pickup are getting more of our business than the ones that haven't.
  3. I will bet you a beer that if and when the CDC publishes their responses to the comments they will write most of them off as being non-responsive to the questions posed.
  4. Coming attraction for a big budget movie with a plot that goes nowhere?
  5. Crew cabins on Deck 2. With bunk beds. That would be awful, no offense to any crew here. I think you are right. Maybe they will wow us this time. Desperate times...
  6. That bill is sitting in a committee that probably isn't even convening a hearing for it. There's nothing on the docket. I can't even read the bill yet, it hasn't been posted online. Maybe next year they will resubmit the bill under the next Congress.
  7. So many restaurants in NYC are in cramped spaces. With distancing they will only be able to accommodate a fraction of their usual numbers. It will be a disaster. Up here we have been lucky with a dry and warm summer to allow for outdoor seating. That business has completely dried up since Labor Day. It will get worse before it gets better.
  8. This I agree with. Unfortunately, the CDC has no motivation to speed things up and there may be forces in HHS that slow things down. This is the federal government. I deal with the Patent Office all the time. Sometimes it takes a year before they even look at a patent application, never mind getting around to actually granting the patent. I'm not holding my breath that any federal agency will expedite anything for the public unless it receives orders from above, and I don't see that happening any time soon. On top of that, public sentiment is decidedly anti-cruise these days. Bayley is projecting confidence that we are in a new phase. Maybe he knows something, maybe not. Only time will tell.
  9. You should be able to. The masks are only when social distancing isn't possible. I dropped my vehicle off at the dealership this morning for service. The dealership employees were all walking around with their masks around their necks. They only pulled them over their faces when they were getting close to the customers. I think this is they way it will play out in the future. Get too close, throw on a mask, otherwise, we're maskless.
  10. Nothing can happen until the cruise lines submit their plans. The ball is still in their court. If we are in suspense today it is because we are waiting for the plans, not for the CDC.
  11. This only pertains to the order. Please see the order itself. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/pdf/No-Sail-Order-Cruise-Ships-Second-Extension_07_16_2020-p.pdf Page 19: Cruise ship operators shall continue to suspend passenger operations and not embark passengers, except as approved by HHS/CDC personnel.
  12. The order was previously set to expire on July 24. CDC extended it on July 21 (announced on July 16, effective July 21). That was 8 days notice. In any event, I don't think it matters because everyone knows nothing can happen until the plans are approved. CDC is not simply going to drop the requirement for that. The extension of the order is a given, so it doesn't matter if they announce it today or three days before it expires. I'm not sure what you think will happen differently if they delay the announcement. There are other milestones that have not been met.
  13. That's not correct. The order specifically states that one of the conditions for permitting operations to resume during the no sail order is approval of the plans. If the plans are approved then they can resume operations while the no sail order remains in effect.
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