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  1. I don't understand why some people keep mentioning reducing food waste at the buffet over and over again as if it is such a huge problem. Everything about cruising is an indulgence. What about the carbon footprint of cruising. Why focus on the food? There always seems to be plenty to go around.
  2. I’ve seen it done. Every item on a separate plate. You pick and choose. Or take two if you want a larger portion. Rectangular plates to fit on a tray.
  3. I predict that the food will be pre-plated and you’ll just grab and go.
  4. I wonder, do they count plated food as "wasted?" Are they counting the amount that is scraped off of people's plates? I think most of the waste comes from oversupplying the ship. They always carry a few extra days of provisions just in case and some of it spoils before they can use it.
  5. Keeping people more than six feet apart at all times is impossible. The solution (until an effective vaccine) is testing, contact tracing, and isolating the positives.
  6. They will rotate off as soon as practicable.
  7. They said it was "a non-cash asset impairment loss of $1.1 billion" which I take to mean the loss of market value of its assets.
  8. Captain Kate said that the minimum crew for Celebrity Edge is 80 but they currently have 130 to support the thousand or so non-working crew remaining on board.
  9. I believe it was Rahm Emanuel, former Chicago mayor, who once said "never allow a good crisis go to waste."
  10. It may be like calling ahead and putting in your name at the hair salon. Not a guaranteed reservation but it bumps you to the front of the line. Everyone else will be in a standby queue as happens when the WJ is full.
  11. I suppose if that's the case then there will never be a large sample size for the large units. Every one they build will essentially be a prototype since they are constantly changing the designs and rarely build more than a handful to the same design.
  12. In 2018 ABB announced that they had orders for their 100th cruise ship. With at least two pods per ship the number in service might be a bit higher? Unless some have already been retired.
  13. My understanding is that the azipod design was improved on Harmony and Symphony. This paper discusses the subject generally. It's not clear when this was published but it appears to be after 2011 which would be after Oasis and Allure were built. https://library.e.abb.com/public/51235341c521f4dcc1257a8a003c8cd1/ABB Generations_26 Improvements in Azipod design.pdf
  14. Still unknown. Allure still needs to get into drydock for certain required maintenance. It's possible that some other renovations could occur at the same time.
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