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  1. I'm hearing from people on the eastbound Harmony TA that their onboard purchases have been canceled. ???
  2. He is right about the sanitizing. And some of the supermarkets near me have already given up trying to sanitize the carts. It's like they couldn't be bothered with it. Here's a wipe, do it yourself.
  3. It may be true, but it's unsupported by your post. So there's this: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/11/20-3299_article
  4. That "44 cases" study by the airline industry certainly doesn't pass the smell test. Here is the bottom line: air travel is considered "essential" and there is no appetite for overbearing restrictions on flying. It's that simple. If CDC imposed restrictions on airline passengers, there would be howling just as much as when restaurants and bars are shut. CDC is allowing the airlines to voluntarily decide what to do, including filling middle seats if they choose. Hawaiian Airlines is resuming non-stop service between New York, Boston and Honolulu. The scheduled flight tim
  5. Respectfully, I have a different understanding than you do. The virus doesn't care if you are on a cruise ship or at a wedding or in a movie theater. Contact is contact. On an airplane you are in a confined space for long enough to spread the virus. Why don't they test the passengers? All of the arguments I hear here are not persuasive to me. But that doesn't mean I "lack understanding." We just have different impressions.
  6. Airline - dozens of long duration international flights daily from around the world, crews exposed on multiple flights and at multiple layovers. No ongoing restrictions until Nov. 1, 2021. Yeah, I'm going to compare them. It doesn't take long for the virus to infect someone.
  7. They never imposed anything like this on the airlines.
  8. I don't disagree that the managers should have known better. But making false and misleading statements is a violation of securities laws. If there is any merit to this case, I don't see why it shouldn't be pursued.
  9. That's fine, the court of public opinion never closes. I just try to cut through the noise on social media.
  10. The facts set forth in the initial complaint are rarely sufficient to win a case. It's just enough to overcome a motion to dismiss. If this goes to discovery and trial there will be literally hundreds of documents on the docket. Time will tell.
  11. The 2021 Boston Marathon has been postponed until at least next fall. We as a country are not getting a handle on this. No amount of personal responsibility is going to bring down the numbers unless and until there is a mandate, and even then too many people will refuse to comply. My anxiety level is going up. My parents on the other side of the country are getting up in years and declining in health, and because they are high risk I can't visit them unless I quarantine for at least 14 days after flying. Time is more precious than ever.
  12. Keeping in mind that the allegations in the suit are unproven, I will make one more observation. On February 5 passengers on Diamond Princess were quarantined in their cabins and it was clear that the industry would suffer some impact, even if that impact was not fully apparent. By Feb. 27 the stock was already down to $77 and to $48 by March 9. It was not until March 18 that Stifel cut its price target from $161. March 18 was also the low point YTD at $22. So one question is what happened in the interim that held back the analysts. What took them so long to react and what was going on in the
  13. From the complaint: 15. Finally, the financial impact of the Company’s false and misleading statements and/or omissions was revealed as analysts downgraded Royal Caribbean’s stock and slashed their price targets. For example, on March 18, 2020, before trading opened, Stifel Nicolaus (“Stifel”) cut its one-year price target on Royal Caribbean from $161 to $40. On this news, Royal Caribbean stock dropped more than 19 percent over the following trading session.
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