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  1. Normal cancellation policy is item 6 in the Cruise Passage Contract. Same page as the Travel Summary. There is also a link to the new temporary policy there. Interesting to note that the penalties now include all pre-cruise purchases instead of just the cruise cost. It would be a good idea to cancel drink packages and excursions before you cancel the cruise. I suppose there could be a new disclaimer in the Personalizer saying there is a penalty to do this, but I haven't seen one.
  2. Was hoping to get first crystal block on 4/19 Harmony cruise. Plus $18 drink package at slightly over soda price. Would MUCH rather go than sit waiting for refunds of planner purchases. Still haven't gotten to Coco Cay.
  3. Even during normal times refunds from cancelled Cruise Planner purchases take around a week to process. Same as any other credit card purchase. And "interest" hasn't really existed for 10 years. Suggest holding your breath until you get your refunds to make things go faster.
  4. Jones Act has NOTHING to do with cruise lines. And the only US cruise line for ocean sailing in NCL - for one ship.
  5. Should be similar to this: https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/ov.php?ship=Regal-Princess&cabins=E501-E535
  6. If you haven't already, try posting on the roll call board. Might work.
  7. Figured that there should be an NCL ship in there but looks like many are docked in Nassau.
  8. We've seen men in shorts turned away on Regal and Royal even on non-formal nights but it is pretty rare. All other ships even T shirts with no sleeves and baseball caps are becoming the norm.
  9. If you try booking this online the booking engine probably won't let you book (person outside of age limit will be greyed out). We have had this problem with age 70 restrictions on a tour in St Maarten that we have been on three times before. Onboard they probably don't care. They will just send the form to your cabin. Or you just stop by the Shore Excursions desk and ask. Most post-cruise excursions really don't do anything that would restrict a kid. You probably won't be able to use a stroller - San Juan streets are rough and cobbled and steep. And bus won't handle car seats and likely won't have seatbelts.
  10. Been a while for us but never saw strawberry soup. The popcorn soup tastes like soggy popcorn and has a similar mouth feel.
  11. Had a story on news last night that masks discarded in ocean is the new plastic waste. Hundreds washing up on shores. Lots of local scalpers selling on street corners. TP, masks and wipes.
  12. Transfers on Disney bus in Orlando are fairly expensive (like $38pp each way). You get some stuff on tv screens for that. Rental car can be much cheaper, or there are a number of companies that will take you over for less. With non-Disney you will have to handle your own luggage. Dream is a great ship, but three nights isn't enough to enjoy much of anything on it. We did a four night and it was way too short. Even the seven day on Fantasy felt very short. We sailed from Port Canaveral on both and didn't find the terminal to be any better or worse than other ports. The problem with Disney is that you are paying a high price for the on-board experience. Balcony cost is comparable to a aqua suite cost on a Royal Caribbean Oasis-class ship. And Oasis-class ships are higher cost because of the onboard experience (shows, restaurants, ice rink, climbing wall, zip line, ...). The ONLY reason we are going Disney on upcoming cruise is son wants to give second daughter the experience of a Disney cruise.
  13. RoyalUp is run by an outside organization. You may want to verify your credit card wasn't charged.
  14. The funny thing about buying excursions these days is that even though you paid for it, the payment actually appears onboard as an account credit. Then gets debited when you actually take the tour. We had several last trip that got cancelled by the cruise line and they didn't have to take any action - the OBC just stayed in the account and wasn't spent. I don't even try to use OBC in advance any more. Our experience rebooking was that the tours were cancelled and refunded, but we did have a new booking number. Also had to fill in all the online checkin information again.
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