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  1. Much easier to go from Progresso than from Cozumel. With Coz you have the 45 minute rocky ferry, plus the long bus ride in each direction. Typically these are the last excursions back onboard before sailing, and usually late. The ruins are worth a lot more than an hour or hour and a half. Uxmal is a better site (less busy), slightly shorter bus ride from Progresso. Still over an hour each way. Having been on the ferry for just a short trip you couldn't pay me to take it to the mainland. When Princess couldn't dock a few years ago the ship anchored off San Miguel and used the ferry to get to shore. Less than 100 yards and people were still getting sick on it. If you really want to go to Chichen Itza from Coz it would be well worth the extra cost to take the flight excursion. Spend more time at the ruins and a view from above. Costly, but no worse than some Alaska flightseeing trips.
  2. Makes sense - tax on local companies using foreign labor as source of hard currency.
  3. We rebooked our April cruises for cruises in September. Now those have been cancelled. The big difference on this cancellation is that we don't get 125% as a FCC. Makes sense - only new money is eligible for 125% and the old FCC paid for the new cruise with a bit left over. Haven't gotten the new FCC yet. Just got the taxes/insurance from the April cruises and way too soon to get anything from the recent cancellation. Don't think cash back is an option either, but we will just have fully paid cruises next year.
  4. Never needed a passport (or anything but ship ID/photo ID) in Antigua. Both cruise lines I had booked for Martinique were stating that a passport was required just to board the ship. Sadly, both the spring and summer cruise were cancelled so we never got a chance to find out.
  5. Thanks Ken. They did cancel. Will pass info on to our TA. Looking at B2B2B next year assuming cruising ever resumes.
  6. Somewhat concerned about the 125% Cruise Planner Credit in the latest round. Our CPC were applied to cruises that were just cancelled today. The FAQ is pretty clear that only cash purchases on the latest round will get a 125% credit. That is ok. But they also imply that OBC (which is how the 125% was delivered) won't be refunded. I will be very upset if the OBC from the first cruises isn't reinstated (almost $2K). The FAQ says if you cancel a cruise the OBC was applied to you lose it. Unclear what happens if they cancel the second cruise.
  7. For those who have Disney booked before or after their cruise, the new Park Reservation System is open today (you must have both a reservation and ticket through September of 2021). Park reservations are required on top of tickets, and having a hotel reservation doesn't guarantee entry. Took around 4 hours to get mine. Folks with multiple bookings are sometimes hitting a random "exceeded maximum reservations" error, so book from the back end of your vacation toward the beginning. Takes a long time to get logged on to your account so work-around is make a dining reservation for Disney Springs near term until it asks for you to log in, log in and cancel dining, then use "Park Reservation" pulldown on the MDE tab and select "Make a reservation" on that page. This gets you past the initial login wait, although it is still long. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/#/reservations-accepted Of course my cruises are being cancelled this week - not sure if we will fly to Florida just for four days at Disney World.
  8. If you had cruise planner purchases on the cancelled cruises in most of the cancellations you could opt for 125% of that. That gets converted to OBC, which can be used for any purchase in the Cruise Planner. Ours took around 5 weeks to get, then 10 days after I loaded the emailed codes into the web site. Sadly, the new cruises are in the block that will be cancelled this week.
  9. If the OBC is from RCI it should be active much sooner. If it is the 125% OBC from the cruise planner on a cancelled cruise each passenger will get an email with a code to use (took around 5 weeks for us). Then you can use the "Redeem your Future Cruise Credit Now" link on the manage cruise page (below where you enter a cruise reservation/date) to add the Cruise Planner Credit to your new booking. Took about 10 days for ours to show up. If this is from RCI credit card you have to call. Can't help with other sources. Same link is used to apply Future Cruise Credits. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/reservation/future-cruise-credit
  10. Then there is the question of what happens to the Cruise Planner Credits that were applied to these cruises from other cancelled cruises. Hope they would just become another Cruise Planner Credit ( or just loaded back to the original numbers). But language of the original emails were that these were now non-refundable OBC. We had applied all but around $300 to new cruises that will be in this latest group of cancelled cruises.
  11. We hadn't even gotten the credit notification yet but once our cruise was cancelled our TA called Disney and they moved everything from this July to 2021. Taxes, fees, payment. The extra 25% (around $1000pp) will go as OBC on that cruise unless we book transportation, lodging, or Disney tickets before then. The TA said this is the easiest company to work with - call for three rooms/seven people took about 5 minutes.
  12. Your timeframe could also allow you to book a westbound Transatlantic to Florida, stay on the ship for a Caribbean cruise and then fly through Nashville home. Cost savings of one flight might pay for the TA cruise. Really depends on how much time you have but does sound like a great trip!
  13. RoyalUp offers generally start at around 90 days before sailing, so at that point whatever your package involved isn't going to matter. But you might not get an offer to upgrade at all or the cost might be higher or even if you submit a "strong" bid it might not be accepted. Generally $250 for two people is a good deal, but you can easily look at the difference between an interior and balcony are currently priced at on your sailing to see if it is a good deal for you. If you take the upgrade, you might still get a RoyalUp offer to a junior suite or suite if you want to try for something higher. We won a contest certificate for an ocean view, 7 day any ship, and the upgrade cost to balcony was $9 or grand suite was $900 total. We did the grand suite. Only time we have sailed in a suite.
  14. Did first activity but never got points. Second activity involves social media which we don't use. Would rather be sailing.
  15. The advantage of San Juan is being able to hit more ports in a week than Florida sailings. Costs more to fly there these days but was a great deal five years ago. You will get a lot more locals on the ship since if they can't fill it they offer those folks rates that are half of yours. With the OBC you are paying around $120pp/night which is excellent for a balcony on most ships. If you like the ports (and we like all the ports sailing from there), buy it! And if this is an Eastern/Southern alternating series of ports I would highly recommend doing a back to back.
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