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  1. No dolphin encounter will let you join the group and take pictures - they want to sell the pictures to you. In Cozumel the Royal VIP swim at Chankanaab is great but you won't be able to get closer than about 100' from the swimmers. As Coralc said, any admission to the park will get you on the main dolphin dock (VIP includes some lunch and drinks by the way). Book direct at dolphindiscovery.com for best prices and pay around $20 for a cab down there. The swim programs are farthest out. Encounter is only about 50' from shore. Their pictures will run around $100 per group. Advantage of going on your own is that you don't wait for buses and can enjoy the rest of the park on your own schedule. Just make sure you head back based on ship time - last trip we were 1 hour ahead of local time. Allow 1 1/2 hours to return in case of traffic. Cabs drop off across the street from the pier entrance in a mall area.
  2. Head down about 30 minutes prior and elevators and seating should be wide open. Will take a while to get elevator after the drill, though. Many aft stations are in the aquatheater, with wheelchair seating at the top. Many forward stations are in the theater.
  3. Last cruise wife tried some of my grapes at dinner. So good she asked for some. Rest of cruise waiters brought her a bowl of grapes and a cover to take them back to the room. Bagged them and she had them with breakfast and lunch every day.
  4. If you have a TA, they must sign you up for either MyTime or one of the Traditional seatings. If your TA signed you up for MTD then you should be able to make reservations for a specific time in your Planner. If your TA signed you up for Traditional you will NOT be able to make reservations in the Planner. The Oasis-class ships seem to be the slowest to load dining options in the Planner, but I made my MTD reservations more than a year before sailing (last April for next April sailing). They do load dining in batches so you just have to keep watching your Planner.
  5. Current Black Friday sale has soda for $6.50 a day as opposed to $8.99 for April cruises. We don't drink mocktails, specialty coffee or premium tea and the included juices are fine. Not worth buying the refreshment package. Regular coffee, tea, water, things like lemonade are all free for anybody. The soda package gives you soda from gun in bars and Freestyle if they have the machine on the ship. Refreshment package adds mocktails, fresh OJ from oranges and specialty coffees and teas plus gun soda and Freestyle. If you don't drink more than about 3 sodas a day even the soda package may not make sense.
  6. My doctor would have let me travel two weeks after cancer surgery but infections are possible. Mine got moved a couple of times because the daVinci suite wasn't certified yet. Quite possible they could move yours until after your cruise. Ask before you cancel the cruise. Each case is different but good luck!
  7. Suggest you call Captain's Circle - should be credited for each leg of each cruise. If Elite you also get a minibar setup for each leg.
  8. On Allure they used the MTD dining room for traditional at 5 and others started at 5:30. Unfortunately those early diners tended to delay leaving their table after dinner, messing up the MTD folks who were coming in at 6:30. Had one couple sat in the adjacent table for an hour after they finished their dessert. We got in early MTD that night at 6:15 and they were still there at 7:15. Fixed seating you are expected to be there by your waiters and other people at the table at the scheduled dining time. One reason we choose MTD is to avoid the people who don't show up on time and delay our dinner and evening.
  9. One suit is plenty. More than most folks take.
  10. Since Royal started having lifeguards at the pools they are usually roped off until 7 or 8. Times will be in the Compass and do vary depending on ship and which pool. The Adventure Compass thread shows main pool at 7 and Solarium at 8 for most days. Same thread shows walkoffs starting at 6:30, but this always depends on when the ship is cleared and when immigration folks get to the terminal. We have gotten to FLL several times around 8, and maybe once at 7:30. If you have any luggage most airlines will want it checked by 7:15 for an 8:00 flight. Have also tried getting on an earlier Southwest flight but would have cost $600 extra in the terminal - we had Wanna Get Away tickets and they were not available for earlier flights.
  11. Also note that if you bid on an upgrade from a standard cabin to a suite using RoyalUp you do NOT get the extra point per night.
  12. Tea is generally free, although they have some premium types in the package. You do know that you can get canned soda for about $15 for 6 cans. You need to drink several mocktails and several sodas a day to break even. We bought the soda package when it was $6 a day but can't justify the current $11.
  13. Used to get these but easier to take cash since each certificate is a max of $100 and taking a stack down to the Cage was a pain plus they missed one form. Cashier's Cage just looked it up and gave us the cash. Checked upcoming 4 cruises and it appears in all 4 in the Onboard Services section of the Personalizer. Also now shows a maximum limit of $1000 per person per cruise. The 2021 cruises can't be purchased yet online. Shore excursions and things like flowers can be, though.
  14. When it gets to final payment time you the TA will charge you for both the cruise and air fare (as deepcman mentioned). Generally you can still get lower rates on air fare up to 45 days from the flight and this will get refunded to your credit card.
  15. Understand that you were not aware of the way they handle tax and port fees, but... you want to switch from a 6D to a 1C and instead of it costing $60 to switch it will cost $100. Doesn't sound like a big deal to me. Wait until later today and the cost could be $500. If you want the cabin jump on it!
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