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  1. You do get more points for slots than video poker. Not sure how the points really add up for table games.
  2. Seems like that should work. Would think that you could make friends with other people on the ship going to the water park and have kids tag along with them. Unless the adult has to sign a liability form for the kids they are taking in. Haven't seen any posts mentioning that, just posts saying people weren't allowed to send their kids alone into the waterpark area. If they leave and want to re-enter does the gatekeeper check for adults again?
  3. Prices you are getting are on the high side (most of ours would be $49-56 and $20-24). You can cancel and rebook any of these if you see a lower price. Normally you would do this online but with the Deluxe/Refreshment only bookable by calling you likely would need to call for the better price. Who knows, maybe they will just refund the difference rather than doing separate cancel and book transactions.
  4. Water shows and comedy showed up about when production shows did. Have never seen anything but "Headliner Show" for the entertainers. Didn't find out who it was until we got onboard.
  5. App doesn't show any of my reservations for Allure - and it specifically says they will show up once I get onboard. For that matter the shows themselves don't appear either on the app calendar. Just a generic description of some of the shows in the show tab. Everything looks good in the Order History in the online Cruise Planner.
  6. Typically they cut off online Cruise Planner purchases around 3 days before sailing, so you would need to buy before then. And anyone over 21 generally has to buy the Deluxe package (sometimes you can buy a Deluxe and a Refreshment package if one person doesn't drink but you have to call). You can buy if you see a sale ($46/pp/day is lowest I have seen lately) and if you get the upgrade cancel before it is used onboard. This will obviously tie up a large chunk of cash.
  7. These buses leave from the bus loop just outside the pier. Also available for return, provided you don't want to stay after 5 or so. Check with driver. Last bus might be very full so take an earlier one.
  8. Our TA noticed the booking and added it to the final payment bill.
  9. Have sailed on Island five times, two after the update. Pretty much the same ship as before. If you don't use the IC on ships, you won't care. Still great enclosed pool area with great loungers there. The one downside is the way they handle Anytime Dining. Since there are only two dining rooms on Coral and Island the Anytime gets to share with first seating fixed dining. That eats 1/2 of the Anytime room until around 7:30. Plus Club Class now eats half of what is left for the entire evening. So if you want to eat early you get to show up 1/2 hour before the dining room opens and there are four "lines" to get in the door. One for Fixed, one for Club, one for Anytime with reservations (very hard to get) and one Anytime. had one guy in reservation line who normally dined First Seating and was permitted to use Club but wanted to sit with other folks. So each person in his cabin was taking up three seats in the dining room. Club Class is usually pretty empty but they have to save seats in case someone shows up. After 7:30 Anytime is pretty easy to get into.
  10. Definitely worth taking this tour (ship or private) once to see both sides of the island. You will get a lot of information on the French president's promise to rebuild. Great people on both sides. The one place that tends to have massive problems getting back is the road between Phillipsburg and the port. Have seen hour long lines getting back. Walking was actually faster than riding that last 1/2 mile or so. Only problem we had was rain/AC fogging up the bus windows.
  11. Good luck. Several posters here have reported that the person scanning cards at entrance won't let the 11 year old in without you, and you will get to pay the current shore price to get in. Of course they probably won't notice if you pay, take the kid in, and then leave. The entrance is designed to extract maximum dollars from the guest.
  12. Another twist for you - non-refundable means you get back all of the deposit as a future cruise credit (for the person cancelling, not transferable) and you forfeit just $100. This means that you probably should book husband as solo and change name of other passenger on your cabin. Then he gets the future cruise credit, not the friend of the kids.
  13. Nope. The OP stated they bought this insurance early in case of change in health between booking and final. But it does assume that they are going to have a problem before or during cruising that will require an insurance refund. You are partially correct - if the problem occurs before final there isn't any need for insurance. After final, if health changed since the payment they can get all their money back since there are no health preconditions which would negate a payment. And there are no preconditions that would prevent payment during the sailing. Fortunately the OP got their payment credited to insurance instead of toward the cruise. Others have reported the same problem.
  14. You do know that husband/wife in same household share status - so even if one of you has higher points and gets to the next level you both have that level. Points don't transfer, but you have the status of the person with the most points. While your JS may be able to accommodate three people, the lifeboat capacity for your area may have been reached and they won't let you book another person in it. Booking another room would help, but since you have already paid for your cabin you will end up paying for two people (husband+guest) in a third cabin.
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