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  1. Swim goggles? On Navigator they made me take off my sunglasses with keeper. No idea on Coco Cay - don't think the price is worth it. Water World annual pass is $69 for a park that is ten times bigger.
  2. Typically an hour before departure is the latest you want to get back. Likely a long line for the tender at that point, so we like to get back earlier. Last tender will officially be 30 minutes prior to departure but that long line might make it much later (Grand Cayman). They use large shore-based tenders there but there is limited space for loading so it can take 20 minutes just to load.
  3. Other minor points. Immigration may or may not board the ship to clear you. More likely your B2B group will be the last people escorted off the ship, you go through immigration, get new cards and right back on before others board. Typically this is 9:30-10:30. If you are going into town instead, you will usually get your new cruise cards the night before and you can get off at any time. Then you are not allowed back on until boarding (they have to zero the passenger count). You will need your passports going out through immigration, but not to get back on since you already have your room key and have checked in. Doesn't hurt to have it but no reason for anyone to ask for it. In-Transit card and room key get you through security and allows you in hallways while cabins are being cleaned. Coordinating with your old and new stewards is important - they will move your luggage and hanging clothes. Once the old occupants of your new cabin leave you can move your safe contents into the new cabin (preferred). The Pan American pier is across the bay from Old Town, adjacent to a small airport. Not walkable into town, but you can easily pick up a cab with the passengers getting off.
  4. If you are in the terminal before boarding starts they do separate people into groups based on their status, but you can always sit with a lower level group. Once boarding actually begins it moves fast, so the two with status might only gain 5 minutes even if they sat with their own group. After the initial rush you board as soon as you check in.
  5. Corkage is for bottles brought to the dining room and if you don't finish it they will store it for the next night. I usually have to twist the waiter's arm to charge a corkage fee even when I bring in Dom Perignon. You may also find that it is cheaper to take the bottles you brought onboard to the dining room than buying onboard with the discount. Corkage fee is $15. With two cabins you can bring 4 bottles onboard. Examples: Beringer White Zinfandel is around $6 in Publix in Florida. Add $15 and that is $21. Onboard price is $33 less 40% discount plus 18% gratuity is $23.36. Dom Perignon is $156 Total Wine plus $15 is $171. Onboard price is $235 less 20% plus $18% is $223. You might want to look up a recent onboard price list for wine to check this.
  6. On any given cruise you will see 5-10% of the people with some kind of cold, especially during the winter (although not all coughing is cold-related and there is a lot of that as well).
  7. Alaska is a totally different type of cruise. The entertainment is scenery and wildlife. Only problem is the wildlife tends to show up on the opposite side of the ship from where we are.
  8. Good for her! Now all you need to do is book a scooter for her since she won't want to use just a walker around the ship.
  9. The problem with going to the Transportation and Ticket Center is that there are NO buses from there to Disney Springs. This is to keep people from parking for free at Disney Springs and going to the Magic Kingdom. Buses from the Springs run only to the resorts.
  10. Correct. But very little of the app works until you are on the ship. You may get some of your personal schedule a few weeks out but mostly it will show "we are preparing for your cruise"
  11. There isn't any link. This is just an RFID chip like credit cards or actually a bit more like Disney magic bands since it has both short and long range RFID with a battery. The ship computers track the chip as a number, including when you get on and off the ship. Computers know who that number is and associate that with your account and picture. When you are on the ship you can find your party or order a drink (or room service) with the app in many locations, but you don't really need the app unless you want to look up your account balance. Medallion is used primarily to unlock your cabin door, buy stuff, and get on and off ship. DO NOT pack your medallion in your luggage. You will use it to check in and board.
  12. On Coral and Island we prefer the Aloha deck, not in a bumpout. Usually doing this on Panama Canal trips, but these have about a 10' overhang that protects from sun and rain. Downside is that you can get some noise from them moving loungers around at night (probably not an issue for you. Pick something under the Lotus Pool area - you will likely spend quite a bit of time there.
  13. We normally pack masks and snorkels for any trip and leave the fins at home. This isn't a great location but in our case we have other ports. We have also been on cruises where we hit NONE of the intended ports so worth being prepared.
  14. Gratuities will be refunded to original credit card, along with any taxes and fees if the cruise is cancelled. One person on the original booking must remain on the booking if you do a name change. Travel ability probably depends on her surgeon and how they handle it. Lots of folks travel in wheelchairs but obviously if she is in traction she can't travel. If they install a plate she might be healed enough by then to cruise.
  15. It goes back into your room account as refundable credit. If you don't use it by end of cruise it gets refunded. Have had this happen multiple times.
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