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  1. I have enjoyed your review immensely. Big thank you! We have been on Summit several times and it made me homesick for her. This itinerary is on my bucket list. It looks like you had beautiful weather. Again, thanks.
  2. We were on Jewel late May-early June to Mediterranean. Itinerary Rome, Crete, Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini, Athens, Naples, Rome. Tendered to Santorini with no issues at about 8:30am. We had a private tour which was much less than the similar tour RCI sponsored. There were 5 cruise ships in port that day. The cable car line at 2:30 pm was ridiculous. Roughly 90 minutes. Tourists could have been shopping or dining and putting much needed $ back into the economy vs standing in line. The cruise lines have reps monitoring and no one missed the ship
  3. We have cruised Summit probably half a dozen times and in 2018 twice. We have never had a subpar meal. It’s subjective as mentioned.
  4. Totally agree. We have done this cruise 4 other times and we have one scheduled in 2020. Wonderful itinerary and ship, but the caves, not so much for kids under 5. Lots of dark areas with lots of steps. I would think it might be scary or tedious for them. I don’t think you can take a stroller with all those steps, not sure, though.
  5. Thank you. I lived through a family tragedy several times with my brother at age 18 and many years later a nephew at age 18. My feelings are that nothing will bring that loved one back. Nothing we post or what happens in courts will make those close to the deceased feel better, have closure etc. Nothing can do what that family wants— a redo. Bring their baby back. Please bring our child back. That’s why I can only come up with no words and heartfelt prayers to those survivors. I happen to be a helicopter grandma. “Don’t lift him over your head” “ Oy watch him”. I don’t believe it’s an age issue. It was a tragic issue. I pray somehow this family heals and is graced.
  6. I am personally glad you posted. Yes, my heart goes out to this poor child and her family. There are no words. However, we are all human. People do dumb things. Hopefully, the dumb and tragic do not cross paths in any of our lives. Hopefully, posting something like this will open eyes about safety. I see plenty of extremely unsafe things that happen on cruises. I just shake my head at what goes on in people’s minds especially with guards down on vacation.
  7. We just returned from a European cruise. I noticed absolutely NO difference in dress due to itinerary. Again, none.
  8. Generally, there is a7pm show and then repeat show at 9pm. Occasionally, there is a later show or a theme party. There is the casino and other lounges.
  9. Yes, the buffet had usually quite a few different choices of eggs Benedict.
  10. We are going on Celebrity Eclipse 15 nights in Oct-Nov. 5 sea days there and back. We enjoy sea days and Celebrity, the price was right, too.
  11. We were in Italy and Greece late May through early June. It was already hot out. I was glad we wore hats. Our heads were protected. As it was, our arms got plenty tanned. I saw plenty of tourists getting burned. Many of the ancient sites have slippery uneven stone or marble pathways, the same with steps. So good, comfortable walking shoes are necessary. As mentioned above, certain sites do have dress codes and they are enforced. I can imagine how hot it can get in July and August, so dress wisely.
  12. My opinion is it is more important to dress sensibly and safe vs as a “tourist”. Purses that go across the chest, in FRONT and are traveler safe are good. For men, wearing a backpack or wallet in BACK is not safe. Again, front wear is essential. There are various companies that make safe men/women’s purses and packs.
  13. We just did this same exact tour with the same company June first or so. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it on my own and spend more time in Fira and Oia. It’s not that the tour was subpar, it’s that Santorini was way too crowded and could be even worse in July. Add in increased temp and humidity. The paths through Oia are twisty and crowded with irregular steps throughout. I heard a passenger from our ship actually broke her leg in Oia. I would have enjoyed a more relaxed time on this beautiful island, but we were hurried and skipped enjoying a refreshing meal, so we could get to the cable cars and back. The cable car lines were about 75-90 minutes. That alone was a circus.
  14. We just came back from Santorini. Please keep in mind the length of time it will take via cable car. A total of 5 cruise ships were docked when we were there. The line at 3:30 was 75 minutes. At times the line got a bit testy with groups trying to cut the line. The 587 steps with donkey waste dodging was out of the question, but takes roughly 30-40 minutes.
  15. We have sailed on Summit half a dozen times and 2 of those were within the last year. We live outside of NYC and frequent steakhouses frequently. We have rarely had a “bad” meal on Summit. Is it Peter Luger’s or Keen’s, no, but I don’t expect it to be.
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