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  1. If the efficacy rate for a future vaccine is only between 40-60%, I wonder if masks would still be required anyway. I guess everything is a wait and see.
  2. Vaccines are not 100% percent effective, that’s why. Most vaccines like measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox are >90% effective. However, the flu vaccine is about 40-60% effective depending on the strain. Then add in the variable of each person’s immune system is different. Some respond better than others.
  3. ITA Our society lives by no shirt, no shoes, no service. There are businesses that clearly state no food or drink allowed signs on their doors. We have seat belt laws. We have texting and driving laws. No smoking areas. These and others are not questioned and are enforced. No one bandies about personal rights violation for those things. Had we had clear, concise direction from our leaders and enforcement in March, we would not be dealing with this in July.
  4. Can’t like your post enough. Thank you.
  5. I can’t blame them or anyone else that chooses to ban USA. Until people act like mature, responsible adults vs ignorant, selfish children, I don’t see a curve reversal. Jmo
  6. I miss the special friends we have met and kept up with via mutual cruising and had future cruises planned and now cancelled and rescheduled. I’m focusing on the positive, that we were so lucky to cruise multiple past times , share great memories and so far we are all healthy. I would be lying if I said don’t get a little sad when I think of the wonderful things recently cancelled, but I try to redirect myself with how very lucky I am in the scheme of life.
  7. I would absolutely never trust this as being reliable. If a person wants to cruise they will. A little white lying will not hurt them. The deal breaker for us is having 3 past co-workers(nurses) die from this virus while caring for others with it. The deal breaker being the lost of our neighbor and close friend of over 25 yrs who decided it would be ok to continue working when most of us were staying home. He contracted, was on a vent for a month and then succumbed. The deal breaker will be a possible 2 week post cruise quarantine in our stateroom. Cruising will have to be modified and some course of treatment for us before we cruise again.
  8. From my own understanding, and correct me if I’m wrong please, the quote common cold is another type of corona virus. Think of how many each of us contact a cold. When a cold virus is contracted,We may develop immunity to that cold strain but that does not mean we have immunity to a variant that has mutated and hits us later. Viruses can easily mutate, change and attack again. since it is so new, there will be a need for huge research. It is far more disturbing to me personally, the effect on younger adults who are experiencing severe clotting issues that lead to stroke or amputation. my neighbor who succumbed after a month in ICU/ventilator, his wife of the same age (70), only had such a mild case, she could not believe she had covid! so my feeling is much study and research is needed before safety or even a little safety can be assured. No one really knows and if our top scientists don’t have the answers yet, personally I am not willing to trust a travel industry venue.
  9. No, not unless a very good treatment is discovered. I’m retired healthcare, I had 3 past co-workers die due to first responder responsibilities. I know many(over a dozen) that got ill and recovered. The majority were under 50 and none said it took less than about a month to feel close to pre morbid state. A close friend and neighbor died who had no other health issues. He had literally just turned 70. His was a horror story. currently, I have 3 friends who have lost parents. I don’t need to risk this nightmare or the nightmare of being quarantined on a ship, etc for weeks. If there is no successful vaccine or worthy treatment, I think many things we are currently spoiled with on cruising will vastly change and/or become very expensive. JMO
  10. We got our refund yesterday. We had cancelled cruise March 19, 2020.
  11. Overblown? Really. Interesting POV. I invite you to the state of NJ. Specifically, our healthcare units. Personally, I have lost a fellow nurse to this overblown hoax. I have friends working there butts off and risking their own health and families’ health. All for an overblown reaction. Then I invite you to observe what’s going on in our long term care settings. There are NO staff left. These facilities were not given or ran out of PPE long ago. My daughter is a Director of Activities, think cruise director. She received an N95 mask about 11 days ago. Most of the staff are using and rewashing cloth masks. She has been frantic the last week. Staff are getting sick. So that means at a minimum they can not come back to work in less than 10 days. Residents, who prior to Covid , were healthy, are dying. There are staff who are refusing to come to work and risk theirselves etc for 11 bucks an hour. My daughter is the liaison between resident and family via video facing. For some that was their last contact with family. Yesterday she called crying. There were so little nurses and Cna’s that my daughter was assigned patient care. Today there are no nurses on 3 floors. No cna’s on two of those. She is doing patient care today. She is totally PTSD along with so many thousands of others, that certainly do not think this is the overblown. SMDH.
  12. Good to know we aren’t alone and this is a waiting game.
  13. The post you quoted was not mine. Not sure how that technically got to me.
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