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  1. I use the port valet parking. It is so convenient. I have used it for terminal 3 numerous times.
  2. Does cafe al bacio serve decaf coffee and decaf specialty coffees. I did not see it on the menu. I saw decaf tea.
  3. FYI. I contacted the maitre d on the Legend for our January cruise. I did not receive a response to my email but my request was honored. I am glad I sent the email because the line to see the maitre d was really long on embarkation day.
  4. Just curious - did you have vibrations in your cabin From the thrusters?
  5. It was great seeing the picture of “P”. He was our room steward. We were on the Legend starting January 12th. I had taken a picture of his name tag so I had the correct spelling when filling out the Carnival survey. I also let Carnival know that we didn’t like the 5:30 dinner. It was too early. That half hour made a big difference - we felt rushed.
  6. If you read the fine print, it says it will not cover pre-exiting conditions. That is what I decided not to get their card.
  7. Those blocks of woods on the windowsills were not there for my last 3 cruises on. Carnival out of Tampa. That is why I took the picture.
  8. I was on the Carnival Legend and the windows at the pool area can only be opened approximately 6 inches. There is a permanent block of wood installed to prevent the window from being opened fully. I am pretty sure that is in response to the tragedy on the Freedom of the Seas when the toddler fell from the pool deck this past summer.
  9. I watched 2 different videos for LPC. While watching the video it was amazing to see how many other guests were also recording. I would have thought since it was such a unique and new experience that Celebrity would ask guests to not to record. They always told you that in the theater - remember “no flash photography”. I enjoyed watching the videos but I would not spend $55 for the meal based upon the food reviews.
  10. My husband has a heart condition. When we cruise, he always brings his weekly pills in a 7 day pill container and he always brings the rest of his pills - anywhere from 30 - 90 days in the original packaging. He just keeps them in a little bag. He has never needed them but definitely peace of mind.
  11. That is exactly what I did for my last cruise 2 weeks ago. I brought the email with me and I confirmed upon embarkation. I made the original reservation when I booked over a year ago.
  12. Celebrity Constellation will be sailing from TAMPA starting this November. I have her booked for November 2021.
  13. To Jim_Iain. Thank you that was exactly what I was hoping for.
  14. I always take a picture of their name tags to properly identify them. This way I know I have the correct name (and spelling) and job title even if they don’t hand out business cards. It definitely helps me when completing the survey after the cruise.
  15. No, they have not but there have been rumors Celebrity might come to Port Canaveral.
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