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  1. Thanks for the heads-up just booked November 2020 Harmony cruise free balcony and free play. cheers and happy cruising
  2. Not a Celebrity cruiser yet but have done several URComped cruises and my host is very responsive for the many questions I had. Recommend you contact you host and ask. cheers and win big!
  3. Yes go and enjoy the free cruise...wait how old are you? Just kidding, be careful and as usual wash hands regularly.
  4. Congratulations I just got it a couple months ago and am slowing transitioning from Carnival to Royal. Just completed my third comp balcony cruise and have fourth booked for August. And now hear in April another wow good bye to Carnival and hello to Royal.
  5. If it is not listed under your offers on the carnival website you could call or email the players club...good luck. In my opinion they have really gone down hill on casino offers and customer service in the past couple years. We have switched to Royal and have had four free balcony cruises with drinks.
  6. Six was my best year...work keeps getting in the way.
  7. Wow just got off the Liberty and the Platinum/Diamond gift was a photo of the MardiGras... just do away with program or at least give us a drink coupon we can use anytime not just breakfast and lunch. Perks seem to be going down and down.
  8. Doing the NASA countdown 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 days until cruising on the Liberty. Happy New Year!
  9. Yes you can cash out as often as you wish. Good luck we had a great time on the Legend.
  10. Well based on zero replies maybe I’m the first sucker to book this offer. I’ll post a review after we get back.
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