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  1. Moot question for me since it's not currently in the budget. But, if it were....the first one I could get on.
  2. All of the above. Plus walking into our cabin for the 1st time. There is something very comforting about taking your "home" with you on all your far off travels.
  3. 1-Price 2-Itinerary There aren't any other criteria, really. I'm retired so the time of year is not important. I pretty much stick to one line and any ship of that cruise line will do. When I have been able to afford it I go for longer cruises further away from home and such itineraries would be my first choice. Being more budget minded these days cruises closer to home (no flying or pre-cruise hotel costs) become my first choice.
  4. I've suffered from motion-sickness most of my life and have had all of these symptoms. The first symptom I get when motion-sickness sets in is sleepiness. The motion-sickness causes vertigo, which causes the nausea which results in a loss of appetite. The vertigo also causes disorientation. And yes, it feels like it is messing with my brain. Some of those symptoms are also the side-effects of Dramamine and other medications. I have found the sweet spot for dealing with it and am only rarely bothered by it on a cruise. I have heard that some people never find the answer. I agree you should talk to a doctor to find out what's going on.
  5. As others have said: the one I'm on. Which is none right now.☹️
  6. I took the British Isles cruise twice. Twice on each cruise we had an excursion that included lunch. So, four meals. All fixed menus. All chicken. Small salad for starter, in one instance. Soup in another. Bread, some kind of vegetable with the meal. A dessert of something or other. All pretty good as I recall. My sister is real picky and did OK.
  7. I walk barefoot in the cabin and while I don't go barefoot around the ship, I have gone back and forth to the laundry room barefoot. I like being barefoot, but my feet are more tender these days, age I guess. When not barefoot it's flip flops or sandals from as early in the spring as I can handle the cold weather to as late in the fall for the same reason. I do put on more supportive shoes for walking longer distances like walking the dog or hiking.
  8. I talk to pretty much anyone. Table mates, room steward, waiters, clerks at sales desk, people in the elevator. But, there is a BIG difference between being friendly and being rude and boorish. And it has little to do with the topic, rather how you respond to how they respond. Start with a simple and pretty general question or statement. If they answer, let them do most of the talking. Keep the conversation light and know when to leave. People often love to talk about themselves. I have learned a whole lot about families and home life from room stewards simply by saying "Oh, I see your're from Mexico. Guadalara? My friend is from Nayarit. Is that close?" Others don't want to talk at all. Learn the difference and don't get your panties in a twist if someone doesn't want to talk you or ignores you completely. And, for God's sake, don't keep pushing at someone who clearly isn't interested. That really is rude. The bottom line is if you do it right you can still be your friendly self and they can be whatever makes them comfortable.
  9. That stupid duvet is the worst bedding, ever. So hot. 3 cruises ago it was duvet only. We requested sheets and they gladly brought them, but they were not sheets. I think they were the duvet covers without the duvet. Kind of odd. The cruises since then have been the 2 sheets with the duvet in the middle.
  10. We sometimes bring cards. Actually you can cards in the casino, at least on Princess. They are the ones that have been "retired" from casino tables. They usually cost $1 a deck and are still in pretty good shape. You can get games in the library so we don't bring them. We'll get Trivia and sometimes Scrabble.
  11. I'm not much into technology. I always turn my phone off and store it somewhere and could not give a rat's a** about apps or anything that requires that I carry that stupid phone everywhere. I would much rather look at and talk to people or whatever is going on than stare at that little screen. On my last cruise I put my Medallion in a pocket or on the included lanyard. Then I behaved exactly as I did before. Even before the medallion I checked my account often. The only real difference I saw was the cabin door opened itself. So, for me, having the medallion instead of the card is much ado about nothing.
  12. We don't go back to the ship just to eat. We find some little place to eat, often one that is located in or connected to whatever site we're at.
  13. A fleece jacket or a pullover sweater with windbreaker will likely be the most you'll need. Also, gloves and a scarf. We were there the last week in September. In New York and Boston it was fairly warm. Newport Beach was picture-perfect-post-card beautiful, war and sunny. Bar Harbor was skipped due to fog. It started to get cooler in St John, Sydney and Halifax. Not really cold, just cooler. It was overcast in St. John which made it feel cooler. Windier in Sydney and Halifax with the same results except when you were shielded from the wind. On Prince Edward Island the weather was once again so beautiful and clear I wanted to just stand and stare at the ocean forever. But, again the wind was heavy around the water and I remember us running to get back on the ship and out of the wind, laughing all the way at the wind trying to push us over. Quebec was also sunny and beautiful.
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