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  1. Sand ,I have about a pound in my trunk (and washroom) .We also as kids would collect shells and paint them Poorly . After a couple days they would be gone.
  2. We did an X crossing in 2011 From Europe to New York . We were not sure we would like it but it was great with a lot of great people . Agree on joining your roll call we had a great group (best ever) .
  3. First not till 2001 but I would only go on the Loveboat if Ethel Mermen was belting out some of her show tunes. If Charo was on board I would jump overboard couchy-couchy.
  4. Prices can drop on any cruise but the big drops are after final payment and the closer to sail date.If you are flying to the U.S. last minute air tickets can cost more .
  5. I think part of what went wrong with roll calls were people calling them selves leaders and putting them self in charge. Gift exchange really , I think they are nice people but I want to sit around for an hour and hook up for some excursions or train rides from some one who has done it.Not some silly bead wearing ,gift's and meeting the crew .We should try to have some kind of way to re-do meet and greets .Also once people and get nothing out of it they won't return. Would like to hear some ideas on how to get roll call's and M.and G.s back down to cruising and ports.
  6. Thanks to C.C. for something a little more free form sometimes the rules of each thread can be a straight jacket .
  7. We were going to giving cruising a rest this year and do something .We ended up doing nothing(first time in 35 years).I really miss it,what I hate about this whole thing is the indecision in even the smallest things in booking anything. I am ready to cruise and can not wait. I do understand the lines trying to hold there price in the higher zone but I do not think they can. ''This to shall pass''
  8. It is not about the cruise line or the ship, Europe is all about the ports pick the one with the best stops for you . Excursions in Europe can run into the thousand's but many can be done D.I.Y. with help from this site. Sometimes it make sense to do a cruise ship excursion but most times it does not . Tell us what ports you are going and many on this site will tell which you can do yourself. Europe is long days and you will come back to the ship tired and may not be using all the ships extras. Also look at private tours were you can join up with other's and save money and have a smaller group . Do not know much about smaller ships .Good luck .
  9. Naples is the best so many great excursions an the city is not a tourist trap .We always save a couple of hours at the end of the day to enjoy the energy of this crazy city.
  10. In my youth we were in a family type swim club (a pool) and that kind of suit that men step into briefly made a comeback around 69 or 70 I think . Bad look the straps were to thin looked silly like the ones weight lifters wear (they look silly too.) I am always up for a silly debate on men's bathing suits .
  11. This is sad ,it is so tough for Mags. I saw Cruise Travel mag in Walmart last week .I was shocked it was still around.
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