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  1. I am not mad or upset by what others wear .The O.P asked for all opinions I gave mine. The thing is we are all judged by what we wear (human nature) it is common in the U.S. for out of shape middle age men( which I am one) to wear muscle shirts ,do rags and other juvenile get ups or no shirt at all (always a classy look) . I am not for banning this type of attire (funny shirts) but belive me we all look better in a golf shirt or nice button down with collar.
  2. Sounds great as long as your not wearing Speedos with your ''funny shirts''
  3. If I did (I would not) I would keep it in the closet
  4. Not IRRITATED at all ,just trying to help you all look better.
  5. Please do not give the witless any ideas.
  6. Great post .I wish they would go to truncated Broadway musicals they have the talent . Royal and Carnival have done some of this I wish they would do more. We saw a shorter version of Hair Spray on Carnival many years ago it was great . There are so many to chose from something for every one.
  7. Don't hate anyone ''just telling it like it is''
  8. I told you none of them were funny. Were any of you guys Red Skelton fans by any chance. I think so.
  9. I am very light (but fat) but grown ups dressing like this anywhere is in poor taste .Again none of these are funny.
  10. Sorry to be the wet blanket on this one but get some nice golf shirts (with collar) and leave this hilarity at home .Most wont say but I will no one over the age of 24 should be wearing such cloddish get ups any where let alone on a cruise .B.T.W. none of these (or any others) are funny.
  11. Thanks for going to the trouble of telling me you do not care .
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