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  1. I.M.H.O I would avoid more than one excursion per port . It is stressful enough meeting and waiting for the trip to get going once let alone twice in one day. We have found it is best to pick one that is best for us ,go with it and have some un-structured time in port not to mention the cost will really add up with more excursions. Good luck with your planning.
  2. Started cruising in 2001 loved it and followed it in all types of media. It was rare to ever have any cruise stories in the news . Now it seems like every week People falling off, people going missing, ships crashing into each other on and on .With these flu stories on T.V. every night it has got to scare people away from cruising . Making news is almost always bad (nature of the beast) but it would be good for all of us if it could stay out of the news for a while. The first big cruise story that blew up big was the missing man on his honeymoon I think this story ( still unsolved ) kicked of the modern era of lots of cruise news . What ones do you remember ,and lets hope this all goes away.
  3. I have a pack rod (six piece's) and small reel .Works well caught 35 Salmon in Alaska.
  4. Good ideas ,they did have a vacations gone bad show . I told you we could as well and better.
  5. What is with the so-called Travel Channel I am in the mood for some cruise (or travel) shows and all they ever have is ghost shows and other idiocy that has nothing to do with travel.I thought it might be fun to give them some ideas for some real travel shows . I have a few but I will give just one it would be called ''Lost Vacations '' it would be great places that are not around anymore showing what they were like and peoples great memories of them. There are lots of old film and 8 mm from people to get an idea what these places were like . We all could think of a few right of the bat. It would be better than the twaddle they have on now. Anyone else have any ideas for good shows on cruising ,travel and fun . Because no one at the T.C. does.
  6. We just stayed at the Ocean Sky Resort not the biggest not the fanciest but great beach . A lot of good places to eat nearby and a free shuttle to many of them.
  7. My take on CBD is that when something works for everything it really does not work.
  8. We have gone to Excrat it is a ferry and bus ride but worth it a great expereince lots of fun .
  9. Sounds great if you can afford it .Was lucky to climb the pyramid in 1994 ,have heard you can not climb anymore. It is steep and kind of scary on the way down.
  10. Many are easy to D.I.Y. hope you are overnighting in S.P.B in Russia it is best go with private there are many and all come highly recomedned bu people on this site. It would help to know were you are going.
  11. Walk of with your own bags and you will get to the Airport without any drama.
  12. So on the first day you went to the Maitre d to tell him you want your hot food HOT and your cold food COLD . You forgot to tell him to keep the water wet .
  13. Have not done them all but barcelona ,Lisbon and Porto are great stops sounds like a great cruise.
  14. It might make more sense to do it in the buffet .That is really family style.
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