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  1. Got an E-mail from X on cruises for Europe this summer . looked pretty good seemed like a lot were from Amsterdam (which is fine with me) the prices were high I think they will go down . Have any other lines made any plans for Europe I know H.A.L. has not .We are hoping to do a ''Grand Voyage ''with them I hope they will still offer these.Are any of you looking at Europe for this summer .
  2. We like most today have all our pics on everything but old school paper . I saw that Walmart was only .09 per pic. and went for it half today and the rest tomorrow . I worry about losing all these pics from Europe and Caribbean cruises. it is a lot of pics from 12 years of travel but I think it is a great Personal gift (Mrs. Dolittle is hard to buy for) .It may end up costing a lot even at .09 per but worth it . I got her a couple of albums too .Anyone else buying anything cruise related for Christmas.
  3. Thanks all, I was hoping to do the 27 day this April it was canceled . It all sounds great hope it will happen .
  4. We are looking to do a Grand Voyage the longest we have ever done is 15 days . Would like to do double that on a H.A.L. G.V .For those of you who have done this what is it like . Do you get sick of the food ,do you sit at the same table every night ( I know you do not have to) Please fill me in on the best and worst parts of a long cruise.
  5. It seems like this might make sense (along with some kind of card ) it would make it easier for travel and at ports and airports around the world. Plus I think it is more serious crime to fake up a passport for any anti vaxers . Those who want to could bring there passport to the place where they get the shot and have it marked. Have not heard what they are going to do about a card or whatever I think they will have to have something. Those of you in other countries what are they planing to do . What do you think how should we handle this because there are going to be people who will not get
  6. Hope these will make it to the U.S. soon .Enjoy.
  7. I bought a new Passport holder today at Walmart it faux leather from the very prestigious line of American Tourister $ 3.10 in the clearance aisle . Have you bought anything to cheer you up or make you forget this mess. I would think all these companies are hurting like luggage stores it amazing how many of these there are and they are pretty high end .Please let this nightmare end soon.
  8. Sounds silly but it kind of is, been married 46 years and a big part of things we do as a couple is travel,cruise and share the planing . So when something that is a big part of your couple-dum is not there it has a bad effect. We enjoy doing it as a together and do it well together. When something that is a big part of your life is yanked out from under you it is stressful to both. I am someone who does not like change please let this nightmare end.
  9. We many people do not care for Bilbao we thought it was pretty good nice waterfront some wild architecture and good walking .Would like to see San Sebastian. One thing we did notice the port (Gexto I think it was called) was by far the most friendly and glad to have you port ever.There was a nice beach right next to the ship.
  10. Agree on Istanbul a lot to see walked thru the main bazaar came out to a collage on it's first day of school. walked the streets and had a great day.
  11. It is funny that Japan is just not on most people's list of must see places. It is odd for a rich and advanced country to have such a small tourist trade I guess this is why.
  12. As far as the Caribbean I could do with out all of it except mainland Mexico . I think it has a lot to offer the many attractions of Excrat ,Tullam some real beach towns . The site at Chichen Inzas the pyramid is one of the most amazing things you will see anywhere . Nice people also I wish they had more stops in mainland Mexico.Sorry about the Mexican spellings.
  13. Agree on London we had stayed two nights before Baltic cruise ,walked everywhere all day and all night. Happened into the theater district walked by the Royal Druery theater and one of my favorite musicals was playing ''Oliver! '' bought tickets for the next night (our last) and had one of the best night's we have had anywhere. What could be more London than a great story by Dickens turned to one of the greatest musicals ever. The Baltic cruise was great too.B.T.W. Great movie too if you ever come across it.
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