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  1. We have 3 2 week cruises booked on Princess in 2022. We would really like to go. However, we will only go if everyone is vaccinated. Just not ready to take the risk of going with those that do not care to be vaccinated. We have so much enjoyed cruising but maybe it is time to do something else. Sad.
  2. Thanks for posting the Geoblue trekker once again will cover covid problems. Good to know.
  3. Glad to help. However I don't understand why one would also need to purchase from an outside carrier unless it is for evacuation. I am thinking we would not need it since we also have evacuation from Chase Reserve credit card. What am I missing?
  4. Some Medicare Advantage Plans cover the same $50, 000 lifetime charge. Some Medicare Advantage Plans cover all emergency medical costs outside of the US the same way they do inside the US. I believe this is new in the last couple of years. It is worth checking your own plan.
  5. I agree that the little table is useless. However, many people really need the chair. Not everyone who likes to cruise is young and healthy.
  6. I got a mailer about another casino offer. It is not a good one but I am phone challenged and would like some help in case I someday get an offer I do want. It list the discounts and I do understand that. Then it says scan the box to get the $100 casino offer. I can take a picture with my phone but don't know what to do with it. Help, please.
  7. your answers are in this thread https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2767929-heres-how-to-see-if-you-have-any-casino-cash-available/
  8. I just tried to check my prices for booked cruises and suddenly am not seeing the casino discount. Until now the method outlined above has always worked. It says in a red line that I am getting the casino price but I am not. Anyone else having that problem?
  9. This discussion reminds me that we had an aft balcony on the Prinsendam shortly before she left the fleet. I really felt the vibration in the cabin. The real surprise was the waterfall action from the aft pool above every time the ship rocked from front to back. No, it was not sprinkles but a genuine unexpected waterfall.
  10. Thanks Dave and Kazu. That is not the answer I wanted but am glad to know. Maybe we will use it for gratuities an take a tour. It is only a one week cruise.
  11. I have read that onboard credit can not be used in the casino. Is this true also for the online credit for booking a "free" casino cruise?
  12. Thanks so much Laminator for posting. What a variety!
  13. I would like for you to post it. I don't get the emails for some reason but the offers show up when I search but having a list would make it easier to find. Thank you for offering.
  14. I believe it is a casino offer, but I did not get the most recent list of casino offers. Usually the price for an inside is listed as $200 but you can upgrade. The numbers are the same as if they send you an offer for a free inside. It is just inside $200 with a $200 on board credit
  15. It was about 3 or 4 years ago and a great cruise
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