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  1. No plans to cancel, we leave March 29 for 11 nights on the Dawn.
  2. My favorite! You get so much food! Enjoy!
  3. We always book through NCL. Why chance it?
  4. Found some on social media group under freestyle dailies from February. There are 2 groups, this group has a large (N) in the group name. Can't post links or names here, so check it out.
  5. Site that can't be named .....ook, they have dailies from early February Western Caribbean. Look up freestyle dailies (NCL).
  6. If your platinum or higher, you don't need numbers. They just call your status group which has priority boarding.
  7. It was worth it! Once in a lifetime experience! How many people can say they've touched the walls of the canal?
  8. My group with the large F is a newly created group, more laid back than the other. Hoping we will grow larger than the other one!
  9. We did the ferry! It was amazing. Takes you to the Pacific Ocean.
  10. We had our specialty dining package included in perks for 2 dinners, plus our platinum 2 free dinners. But the dining packages are cheap and well worth it.
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