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  1. Good evening, thank you for any help. I am looking for a cruise line that offers fried fish on a regular basis (my favorite food). Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. No, but we were not there first thing in the morning but somewhere closer to 1pm. I have also experienced the long lines in SJ before so I would assume that is normal at this port.
  3. My pleasure :) Just as an FYI, I will probably stop following this thread in a week or so... if I get questions after that, my apologies, I likely wont see them :)
  4. Overall I though that the ship showed some age but that the crew and ship were overall quite good, better than the last RC cruise we took. The food was better too in the main dining room and our server, Elmer, was great (assistant server was pretty forgettable, sadly)…. I HIGHLY recommend the lamb shank, it was delicious! The guests were a bit of a strange mix. Generally sailing out of PR it is about 60% Americans, 25% Puerto Ricans (yes, I know they are American but they have a very distinct/different culture) and 15% non-Americans. I would say that the ratio was about
  5. I read that Royal Caribbean ships have theme nights where guests dress up and maybe the food/settings/entertainment is themed as well: Theme nights are offered onboard Royal Caribbean Cruises of four nights or longer. Because these events vary by ship and itinerary, dates and times will not be available until you board the ship and this can be found in the Cruise Compass. Some common themes we may offer include Black and White Night, 50's/60's/70's/80's, Country Western, Masquerade Ball, Toga Parties. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/aus/en/faq/questions/What-will-the-theme-nights-be
  6. Good evening, thanks as always! Anyone know what the theme for Freedom of the Seas departing 10/21 will be? South Caribbean. Thanks!
  7. Thanks as always for the help! Normally we go through a travel agent but this time we didn't (long story) and the TA sends us everything we need. I think that all I need is my Sail Away pass and my passport to board, am I correct? Thanks! No one else needs to answer, but thanks all :)
  8. I got to bid but my bid minimum was the same as if I had just bought the upgraded category.
  9. Thanks all :) I was on Adventure before and I swear I don't remember the Café Promenade just the place with pizza (Sorrentos per rhuntington3 ). I must have drank more than I thought! :P
  10. Thank you.. I thought they just had pizza and snacks.. I will have to look closer!
  11. I probably missed it last time I cruised, but the only place I found to get a cappuccino or something was at dinner. Is there another spot that I can't find or didn't realize? :p Thanks!
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