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  1. We are Category 2A- Veranda. Does the category actually matter or just refer to the area of the ship? Thanks!
  2. Ship: Millennium Cruise: 7 day Dawes Glacier Date: 09/17/2021 Booked: Through a travel agent No Captain's Tier, first time sailing with Celebrity Was booked in an inside cabin, placed a minimum bid of $150pp for a Veranda. Got the bid, got the Veranda room. Category 2A
  3. From what people are saying, does the premium drink package cover gelato? i dont think it does but people in this thread seem to be equating the two .
  4. Thanks all! I had to google to find the urban dictionary meaning.... sorry about that! I like ladies in all sizes but that isnt what i was aiming at 😛
  5. Good afternoon, thanks for any answer to this small question 😛 Anyone know if it is possible to order a hot tottie onboard? It seems a great drink choice when the weather is cold!
  6. Question: We sail on Sept. 17, so we need to take the test Sept 15 or 16, right? It depends on when the 48 hour period starts so i am not 100% sure. Thanks!
  7. I plan to go in a few weeks, Sept. 17 🙂 Thanks JgMorgan, that is great info!
  8. Thanks for the help! I googled it but i could only find info from 2016 and before... does Millennium do movies anywhere or movies on deck? I plan to be outside alot so it would be nice.
  9. Oh, thanks, that is definitely not what i was expecting. I thought it would be heated lounges 😞
  10. Oh, thanks, that is definitely not what i was expecting. I thought it would be heated lounges 😞
  11. Good evening, thank you for any help. I am looking at the cost of upgrading my room and part of the benefit of upgrading to the AquaClass is that you get free access to the Persian Gardens which is something i will enjoy. Does anyone know what the weekly cost of that is? Thanks!
  12. Good morning, thank you as always for your help! We booked a trip on Celebrity Millennium (September 17, 2021) and it stops in: Ketchikan 7:00AM - 4:00PM Juneau 1:30PM - 10:00PM Icy Strait Point 7:00AM - 5:00PM We would like to get on a glacier without helicoptoring in (we get motion sick) so does anyone know if it would be possible to canoe, sail, hike, etc. onto a glacier instead? We think that the only possible port where we could get onto a glacier would be in Juneau. If anyone has any recommendations, i would greatly appreciate it!
  13. Good evening, thank you for any help. I am looking for a cruise line that offers fried fish on a regular basis (my favorite food). Any suggestions? Thanks!
  14. No, but we were not there first thing in the morning but somewhere closer to 1pm. I have also experienced the long lines in SJ before so I would assume that is normal at this port.
  15. My pleasure :) Just as an FYI, I will probably stop following this thread in a week or so... if I get questions after that, my apologies, I likely wont see them :)
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