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  1. thanks for the review. I had to cancel celebrity cruises before due to work. i just always assumed that x food was significantly better than ncl. interesting to hear that they were comparable. i really enjoy osheana/the local bar. it's really enjoyable to have great bar food 24/7 for late nights. lastly, i didn't think it was possible for someone to try to upsell me more than on ncl 😆
  2. This is eye opening. I just assumed that ncl would treat you like kings/queens on board. ambassador level is something that i have a good shot of hitting in about 20 years. but i guess that doesn't really mean anything to ncl, and in turn it means even less to me lol. this just incentivizes me even more to not be "loyal" and always shop around for the lowest price.
  3. Congrats OP! You are the first ambassador that I have seen ever.
  4. I was on this cruise the week before you. I do miss sitting in the Haven hot tub. Back at it working. And I totally get the whole flying in and leaving the same day bc of work. Can't be helped sometimes. The rush is half the fun 😉 My question to you is, would you only ever do Haven? Could you go back?
  5. imo, you do yourself a disservice by not checking other lines. You never know what else you may like. it's always good to look/shop around. With that being said, I have done almost 20 cruises on multiple cruise lines. imo they are more similar than different, except when you go onto the ultra high end cruise lines. Some have better food. Others have better entertainment or newer ships (NCL imo). And they all nickle and dime you. Make no mistake about that.
  6. Great. That means that I am only 17 pts away from platinum. So in about 3 cruises then for me. I would really love using the free laundry since flying with luggage can be annoying. But I wouldn't but just to get points. It's all about cruise fare and value. On an unrelated note, I think it's funny that people wear their lattitudes level with such pride. Someone was dying to tell me that they were pl+ on my last cruise (Getaway on Jan 5th). It's like star bellied sneeches from Dr. Suess. Makes me chuckle.
  7. I find it weird that someone with DM1 has to drink lots of water a lot of time. But NCL might need a prescription for water when you call/email NCL. It is a headache dealing with it.
  8. Does anyone know if the step mother is a lawyer. I think I remember reading that somewhere, but I'm not sure.
  9. Thanks for the post. I will now know to renew it soon.
  10. Yea, they refuse to go on that ship again, lol. But in all seriousness, I believe the pattern made them more sea sick was what they told me. I know they also have a fear of clowns but they didn't mention it to me...so that pattern reminding them of the circus may be a subconscious thing. No worries. I appreciate the input tho. Glad we all figured it out!
  11. Thanks. I encountered an error when trying to log on today, so I couldn't.
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