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  1. I think you mean Hati didn't you? Temps are in the mid 30s in Lagos at least right now. And the nearest embassy hundreds of miles away.
  2. To be fair NCL left them in a very dangerous place off the cost of Nigeria wasn't it? Leaving someone behind in Africa is not the same as leaving them in Spain or Iceland or whatever. Particulary Americans, Brits or Australians.
  3. What about flying people in from wherever? Especially overseas? I highly doubt there are many direct flights. Far more to NYC/NJ area.
  4. Do they have one? Considering on at upcoming vision sailings for however many weeks people have paid the final balance? Any change of port will ergo include change of flights/accomodation for many people.
  5. Bayonne is closer to Baltimore than Norfolk and there is Brooklyn of course and any international flights to BWI can probably be changed easily for NYC/NJ. I guess it will come down to which port is cheapest for vision to sail from.
  6. How far is just to the north? Close enough so it could be used without needing to be re-enforced or whatever?
  7. I didn't know that. It is a real pity that explains why ships like NCLGem or Dawn never go to Baltimore. Yet I thought those ships where very similar in size to the Vision of the seas?
  8. Good to know they can't take any cruising slots then. Once is the channel is clear it can reopen problem they have is constructing the bridge in the centre. I take it there is no chance they would construct the bridge higher to possibly open the city up to more cruising? I ask this question with no knowledge of any other bridges in the area.
  9. No and I take it they can't be bought in easily it would be too involved to try? If they could be bought in though wouldn't it just be a case of bringing the baltimore staff down to work the equipment once setup as they probably trained in it? Be.slower with the space restrictions perhaps but better than nothing. Albeit at the expense of a few cruises. And if it is a choice between commerical ships and cruise commerical will win everytime we all know that.
  10. So they wouldn't be able to bring trucks down and unload onto the truck at ship side on at a time?
  11. Forget cruises from baltimore. Bigger question what about the container shipping where do they sail from now and do these sailings take cruise ship berths if they can? And wouldn't Bayonne NJ be a good choice given the possible ease of access to freight train at least to a close proximity. A closer proximity than brooklyn. And since they are rebuilding the bridge do we think they will build it higher which would maybe open up baltimore to cruising?
  12. Is NCL headed toward bankruptcy do we think? They can only cost cut so far.
  13. State Dept B visa (the tourist visa) refusal rates by year. Shows list by country of application.
  14. Remember the NCL Joy. The ship had chinese writing inside for the guests everything in chinese. It didn't take and they had to redo everything. They can't hang their hat on the chinese market. I also remember keeping up appearances the BBC sitcom. I can't explain it for the Americans you just have to know it. If they wanna take on Cuanrd on the T/As they have to bring the days of the keeping up appearances the poshness that cunard has lost capture whatever is it they need to capture. I don't know how else to describe it.
  15. Apparently 30% of chinese tourist visa applications are refused to the USA. There is no point to applying again if you are rejected you know. An interesting point to consider away from the China discussion. How like the Cunard ships of old would this be in terms of dressing up dinner the way it used to be back in the bow ties and all that jazz which many people has gone by the wayside on Cunard. If they bring back that experience perhaps they might get numbers and pose a real challenge for Cunard. If they can bring it back that is?
  16. I don't mean like that it sounds I really don't but I am under the perhaps mistaken impression that is difficult for Chinese people to visit America as they are not on the visa waiver program and they may struggle to visit UK as well. I have heard it said that more Chinese people visit france every year than the U.S. If that question/statement holds any water it could be hard to get that target market onto their transatlantics? And besides we have seen China targeted ships flunk before look at the NCL Joy.
  17. In fairness to it. We haven't seen it yet so we don't know what it will be like.. I can't find much info but it will be built he has the money and the will to do so lets assume it will be done. And the demand point is valid which brings the question of where it would make it's bones. Not on the transatlantic market nor the long time live on board market like the world ships. So where can it slot in?
  18. I doubt there would be demand for a regular competitor to the QM2/Cunard on the transatlantic crossings?. Wouldn't HAL who used to do it back in the days of regular ocean crossings to America do it once again if there where demand? Or is it purely a respect thing that no one takes on Cunard on the transatlantic market save for the seasonal sailing for relocation of fleet?
  19. If it was a terrorist strike would massive law suits from the passengers not be forthcoming?
  20. Chart room would flood probably. And captain has 10 seconds to react?. How far away would the ship be is the big question. Lets just pray it never happens. Of course you could really avoid it by simply sailing on by as you say they can.
  21. I never said 60 mph. Just hit from however many yards away. How much explosive 500 pounds in weight? So not very big? Or is that big? Such an impact against the QM2 detonated 3 ft away from the side of the ship that has the chart room and golden lion would breach both venues kill people and flood the ship on both decks? Won't sink the QM2 but the point is made. And besides the QM2 or ay cruise ship could not react to a ship that suddenly came it from 300 yards away could it? I know enough to say any cruise ship could probably outrun nearly any ship they could get their hands on so the only chance of success would be from stationary position.
  22. And that duty trumps safety of the passenger and crew? Bear in mind it was far different world when that duty was inacted than it is today sadly.
  23. Cruise ship don't have the armour the U.S.S Cole had do they?. Many people woul die in a copycat attack? Pray they never try it. With the cruise ship at a full stop they would be able to strike if they suddenly came at the ship the captain would have no chance to evade would he? Such an attack would really change the industry just like 9/11 did for flying.
  24. So why stop to rescue ships in the middle of the ocean? Doesn't that rescue put everyone at risk. It could be anyone on that ship
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