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  1. I emailed the US Tourist Board for Barbados since the website wasn't clear about the protocols for people boarding a cruise there and this was the response: Regarding travel protocols to Barbados presently, to enter the country you have to take a PCR test three days prior to arrival here. Then when you reach Barbados you will be given a Rapid test and the result will be known by the time you leave the airport. If you do take a PCR test instead of the Rapid test, the results are known within 48 hours. If you decide to change your flight to be safe and worried-free, please try to be in Barbados at least one full day before sailing. The times are fluid in face of covid and December is only three months away. Check out these links for further information : www.visitbarbados.org and
  2. Just a few days away from final payment and debating whether to cancel. We’re booked to fly in 2 days prior to cruise but it looks like Barbados is currently requiring a COVID test upon arrival, with 2-3 days of quarantine required until a negative result is available. On top of that, American just had a schedule change giving us only 40 minutes to connect in Miami, so there’s a good chance we’ll be stuck in Miami until 1 day prior. How far in advance are those of you taking the cruises out of Barbados flying into Barbados? Diana
  3. We just booked the December 4 cruise from Barbados. Does anyone have any hotel recommendations close to the port? Diana
  4. I would ask your TA to request an extension for your final payment for at least a week.
  5. We’re currently booked on the 8/16 Iceland cruise which sails round trip from Dublin. Dublin currently has a 14 day quarantine for travelers from US so unless there are special provisions for cruises that’s not going to work. I noticed that the person who said the 8/4 cruise was a go is from Scotland so maybe it’s a go for UK residents only.
  6. I looked at Viking’s Iceland cruises since I’m not sure our Azamara August one will happen, and they are sold out. Maybe that’s why they’re not showing up on the UK website?
  7. My picture shows us sailing out of Venice on the Quest in 2012. Loved sailing out of there. Diana
  8. If you book with a TA that is a member of Virtuoso there is sometimes an additional onboard credit available, or if it is a “hosted” voyage there is an option for a special shore excursion. Also, a TA may have more leverage to get extensions on payments.
  9. I booked it yesterday.
  10. Our next several “tentative” cruises are on Quest (which all of our previous minus one were), I’m so glad that Ryszard will be back on Quest!
  11. Not sure why Ohio residents are going there for vaccines. It took some time but both of us were able to schedule appointments the day we became eligible for the following week about 1/2 hour from our home. 40 and under are eligible starting tomorrow.
  12. We’re also on the 8/4 cruise and the following one. I think I will probably rebook Scotland for next year before final payment. We booked air through Azamara since we could cancel without penalty until final payment. We will hold on to the Iceland cruise for now since there’s nothing similar scheduled next year. I can tolerate having to take ship’s excursions for one cruise if necessary but not two!
  13. I just saw on Facebook that Amanda Paulson will be the Cruise Director.
  14. Not “out of town” but we did an evening rooftop visit at one of the Gaudi houses (Casa Battlo Magic Nights) which was very enjoyable.
  15. I’m not either, but since I’m still not getting correspondence from Azamara despite contacting them a few times, I can’t vote anyhow!
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