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  1. Just want to add to the Thank yous for taking us on your cruise with you. I love your posts and will now miss not having them to read. Welcome home!
  2. Yes there is a Haven on the Gem, I've even stayed in it. Sorry for the misleading statement, I did mean no Haven access for the aft penthouse.
  3. Sorry, I'm terrible with names, but there was good entertainment throughout the ship. I'm not sure if Teacake was on your November cruise, but if you see her listed in the theater, go see her, she's fantastic!
  4. We love, love, love the Gem and her staff and crew, and as usual they did not disappoint us. We are suite travelers (aft penthouse, no Haven on Gem). Having been on the Gem many times for us it was old home week with greetings from all of the staff and crew we have come to know and love. This is one of the things that keep us coming back. We have done this itinerary many times and usually only get off in Great Stirrup Cay. Since DH has not seen the new Atlantis exhibit, we did go there on a ship sponsored tour. Being a child of the space age, I really love the Kennedy Space Center, and even though I've see the Atlantis exhi8bit before, I still got chills and he just loved it. Teacake performed this cruise, and all I can say is if you see her in the line up,don't miss this show. She has an awesome voice and does Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin songs. Even my old stogie, Italian DH, who doesn't understand all of what is said or sung, loves her voice and enjoys the show. Sadly I was sick (bad cold) for the rest of the cruise, so I spent time sleeping in the cabin and keeping germ spread to a minimum. This is where having a butler really is great. She brought me hot chicken soup and plenty of tea with honey and lemon! Our only disappointments with this cruise have to do with new corporate changes. The first being with photos.Now when they take a picture in a restaurant they come back with prints to buy then and there, they are not available later. We found this very disappointing as we like to review and decide at the end of the cruise. his resulted in buying much fewer pictures then usual. Yes, even as frequent cruisers, we still buy pictures! The second is much more subjective as anything to do with dining is. They have removed the potato soup from the Cagney's menu, as well as zucchini and spinach as sides. Also, as suite guests, the removed the salads from the lunch menu. We missed all of these. In La Cucina, folks may be happy to hear that they brought back the pizza. Not of interest to us. Sadly though the removed the carpaccio, beef lazagna, and lamb chops. Food is subjective and not all will agree with our disappointment and I understand that. Did this ruin our cruise, no, but felt the need to mention since NCL does read the reviews. Any questions, just ask and I will try to answer.
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