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  1. I hope you'll learn to be more inclusive with your language and thoughts rather than name calling. Under your definition over 50% of the population is bigoted because of their religion...this is before including people that are against preferential treatment and segregation (especially when it is unmeasurable). Show me the scientific evidence that can prove LGBTQ status and then tell me again why they shouldn't be treated the same as everyone else. I'm for equality and evidently that is controversial. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/bigotry https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_religious_populations
  2. What statistics do you believe are more accurate? I would have welcomed sincere discourse on any of the issues raised. Instead you chose not to add anything to the conversation. Many countries allow marriage before 18. I never raised the issue of child abuse. https://www.independent.co.uk/news-19/the-lowest-age-you-can-legally-get-married-around-the-world-10415517.html
  3. I honestly enjoyed everything in the MDR...really good experience and prefer variety. I tried almost everything and with multiple courses if one course was disappointing it would still be great when factoring in the entire meal.
  4. I guess the title should say, "completely unfriendly". I didn't ask anyone to agree with my opinion or perspective but I was hoping to see a higher level of tolerance. I am not jewish or Muslim but I wouldn't choose to post large pictures of bacon just to try and denigrate someone else's views. In the same way I try to avoid making fun of vegetarians even though their justifications are usually random and without providing a reasonable basis for their avoidance of certain foods. I would be happy to eat breakfast with anyone and most likely have a great conversation.
  5. Terry, the pictures and overview you provide is always fantastic, detailed, and beautiful! Very much appreciated. I've done two cruises with Silversea, have one cruise to Bermuda in August (Oceania), and will be going to SE Asia in January on Celebrity. It will be our longest cruise (14 days) with a few days in Hong Kong, Hanoi, Hue Danang, Ho CHi MINH, and Singapore. Although our larger ship will require more effort to get into key areas we are still very much looking forward to our first trip in Asia!
  6. The concern is as legitimate as a preference to not focus on any other subgroup. I did a Google search (and everything is true on the internet :-)) About 4.5% of people identify as LGBT. For me the interruption and resource investment is more detrimental to my cruise experience than the lack of hand sanitizer. Others are free to have their opinions....but I think to exclude 95% of the people from enjoying the pool for an hour doesn't make sense.
  7. I think the replies in this thread have been very effective of making my point. Being gay or lesbian is legal, and no issues with engaging others who are LGBT. I am more tolerant of someone who is gay or lesbian than most of you are with me. Even though I may have religious or political reasons for not supporting their lifestyle. That said, other people's lifestyle shouldn't be a reason to be intolerant of others who don't share their views. There are very real religious and political reasons for being sensitive to these issues. Personally, I think the overall conversation is off topic but I saw too many people bashing others to sit back and watch (intolerance). What other political concerns you ask? - Continuing down this path of gender fluidity will effectively eliminate women's sports. No real differentiation will be made. I believe Nike featured a transgender person runner in an Olympics ad (I have a daughter, so legitimate concern) - I've personally been discriminated for not being LGBT on bids and employment opportunities (ex. Fannie Mae gives a 5% advantage, many companies now ask for employment). I guess I could lie and say that I am transgender....but I shouldn't be required to...and I don't think there is a standardized method to substantiate claims. It's hard enough with Race, since I don't think DNA tests are required (Elizabeth Warren used this loophole to her advantage) - Chipotle offered me a 5% coupon if I proved that I contributed to a local LGBT cause (again, I should be able to personally decide what is acceptable to me, not bullied) - Men/Boys can technically walk into many women bathrooms without regard to privacy - From a religious perspective, I think it is insulting to use a rainbow (a promise from God) to encourage a behavior that is not ideal. Schools push the Pride issue so much that more people are becoming LGBT (the only way it can really happen since it is not hereditary) For the record, I am not a fan of people having sex with animals or children. Some people don't draw these distinctions either.
  8. Seems like quite a few intolerant people in this thread. I don't care for any segregation of groups, and not a fan of PRIDE events or supposedly LGBTQRSTUV friendly events. For many religions homosexuality is a sin so it is equivalent to having an event with only adulterers or liars allowed. That doesn't mean they are intolerant...and I would also be offended if I paid money for a cruise and they had a special event with the captain just for men, or married couples, etc. IMHO political objectives shouldn't be pushed on this forum or on a cruise line.
  9. I think the main reason this is done is for standardization and sanitation. If you buy a bottle at a land based restaurant it is assumed you will drink (or pay for the whole thing). On a cruise with a drink package, if your group requests 2 bottles of a certain type they can readily change their mind for the next course. Once the bottle hits your table it can't be re-served to someone else and they don't want to tell you no. Kind of like when a bread basket hits your table.....it's not going back to be re-gifted to another customer.
  10. It is an internet acronym. Your mileage may vary. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/ymmv
  11. Personally, I thought food quality was very good on my Celebrity Cruise in November. I've cruised on Silversea twice before so my expectations were pretty high. I don't remember ever having a bad meal...or even an average meal. My biggest disappointment was with the experience, trying to get drinks in lounge areas, using a card for drinks, crowded buffet, and Celebrity's lack of ability to solve problems, etc. In fact, one of the reasons my next cruise is on Oceania is the lack of customer service. I couldn't easily escalate concerns and intended to book a cruise with my parents on Celebrity leveraging the onboard benefits. Anyway, I've got a cruise to Bermuda in August on Oceania and it will be interesting to compare. Fast forward....I had a $200 per person certificate from Celebrity (they eventually solved an issue) and the rest of the cruise overall was decent for the price point. We have a 14-day Asian cruise booked on Celebrity in January. The price was good and it will allow me to reassess Celebrity from a different perspective. I'm looking forward to both cruises.
  12. I agree that most people can take private tours without real concern under most circumstances. Notice the disclaimers in my sentence. However, to say it is only a scare tactic is also not fair. Sometimes a private tour is a "one man operation". I've taken private tours with larger companies, but I have also done some great tours with a "person" holding a sign. Not much reputation risk. In other cases the private tour could be offsite or a "on your own experience". Taxi's, buses, traffic, or unforeseen circumstances can happen. Ever been late for a meeting? Ever been stuck in traffic? Hike took longer than planned? I've had these things happen in my own backyard so I think it is fair to say it can happen to others. When do I take ship tours? I am a time sensitive person and will always leave myself a cushion. I would be more inclined to take a ship tour when the time window is tighter than I would normally choose but the excursion is something that I wouldn't want to miss. A tight timeframe with a ship tour can help reduce stress vs the alternative.
  13. OK, when I was still working though issues with Celebrity customer service I booked a Cruise to Bermuda on Oceania with my parents. The pricing is not much different. Oceania $1,199 for a 7 day inside from NY to Bermuda. Compared to Celebrity: - Specialty restaurants included -Wifi included - 2 days in Hamilton and 2 days at St George (vs. less desirable 3-day dockyard with Celebrity) - Specialty coffee and smoothies, afternoon tea included in base rate Personally we needed a 3 person room and are paying for a deluxe ocean view. Still reasonable. That said I am also booked on a 14-day Asia trip with Celebrity in January 2020 with an Ocean View and it was very reasonable and the promo includes drinks and gratuities. About $5K for the 3 of us. https://www.oceaniacruises.com/Caribbean-cruises/new-york-to-new-york-INS200801/?sr=%2Fcruise-finder%2F%23search-result-anchor https://www.celebritycruises.com/itinerary-search?dates=2021-01&destinations=FAR.E
  14. If this is a big issue, I would encourage you to try Oceania. We are booked on them this Summer for a Bermuda cruise and my understanding is they serve all guests in the buffet.
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