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  1. I am left-handed and do not like to write with a pencil, for that reason and others, including that I don't want to stand in line to get it sharpened. It's incredibly silly to pin the survival of the planet on plastic pens. 🙄
  2. Who is the captain? And will he be on for the March 7 cruise?
  3. With the money saved by driving one's own car, one can park at the port and still come out ahead.
  4. I bring my own stuff, but the way the Bigelow dispensers are in trays teetering on the edge of the tub is more of a problem than runaway toilet paper.
  5. We went to Spotts Bay on Celebrity in December as well. The seas were rough on our trip from Cozumel to GC. Celebrity provided a shuttle to Georgetown. There we watched the dockworkers recover several shipping containers that had blown into the sea, so they must have had quite the night, too.
  6. I have known Princess to offer a shuttle in this kind of circumstance; a lot of other passengers will have the same issue. The agent is uninformed.
  7. Not for this local, but the Canadians think it is. 😉
  8. We found one on Equinox in December, but I am not on Facebook so I returned it to its spot for someone else to find.
  9. Interesting. So if a person decided to spend a night onshore during an overnight in a port, one night would be subtracted from the number of total cruise nights? I wonder how a line like AZ with a lot of overnights keeps track of that . . .
  10. In December, we ended up in Spotts Bay off Grand Cayman because the wind/current was too strong in the Georgetown harbor. Celebrity had busses to take people to the town from there.
  11. They can get past the lock on the inside of the door. On Princess once (yes, yes, another line but also true on Celebrity), I was in my cabin on my phone, door locked, when the steward knocked once and used a key to come in. I was not happy.
  12. If there were a port I wouldn't mind missing, it's Costa Maya. 😊
  13. Yes, I didn't go to the first one we were invited to because I didn't have closed-toed shoes. My DH went and said a bunch of women (and a couple of men) had open toes. Annoying. 😒
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