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  1. I am talking about this comment on the other thread: "Too bad the idiots are pretending it is going away." And now, I am checking out of the Fashion board, which has taken a turn. Y'all enjoy your club.
  2. I am not attacking you, to address the next post in this reply as well. And I don't care what you talk about with your stylist. I was objecting to your use of a politically tinged phrase, which you, by your "those people" description, know will rub some people the wrong way. You are willing to state your views, and I am stating mine, only I am not insulting people. Enjoy your next salon visit.
  3. Well, yeah, when you call me an idiot, I take offense. I won't call you a name, though. It's not helpful and certainly not relevant to . . . haircuts.
  4. Cute pants. Probably looked better with your shoe choice; I don't think I'd make a line at the ankle with this strap wearing these pants. I have been to my office twice since March to pick up a few things. I have to get permission, be escorted in, and leave in around 15-20 minutes. It is eerie. Today's outfit: a Chico's Off The Rack tank top and some black shorts. What I wear just about every day, unfortunately. Although I did go to the mall yesterday and out to lunch with a pal, so I had cargo pants and actually wore eyeliner and mascara. No point in lipstick or powder
  5. You think characterizing people with whom you disagree as "rabid Red folks" isn't political? 😳 And others have used "idiots" and other terms. People disagree about masks and reopening and other virus issues. The name-calling is what I object to.
  6. I would like to discuss topics without the political angle. It could be that some posters have different opinions and view your (general "your") views as "rabid." Can we stick to haircuts and the facts about mask requirements?
  7. Starting tomorrow in Orange County, masks will be mandatory while in public.
  8. My hair guy just tracked me down, and I made an appointment for the 23rd. I definitely need a trim, although I may keep most of the additional length, and I also will get a few highlights to cover my, ahem, grays. I was going to bite the bullet and just let the color grow out, but the main cluster of the grays is right at the front of my head. Of course.
  9. I don't make my purchase decisions based on others' experiences either. 😇
  10. I got back two separate amounts, one of which matched the taxes and fees. I am also waiting on about $700. Interesting that you're waiting on a similar amount. (Is yours $674.08, by chance?)
  11. I usually use the "I want to earn interest on my own money" argument, but these days, my accounts are also interest-free. 😉
  12. Well, there's always not answering. Or, certainly, choosing this answer for one of the first few questions would have gotten a bit of your point across.
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