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  1. Thanks for your second-leg comments, nordski. I hung on your every word. ๐Ÿคฃ Fortunately, I do not eat toast, and my cabin in May will be midship, so I hope your vibration issues aren't a problem for me. But as you suggested, I may be too busy drinking Guinness to notice.
  2. I have not traveled solo in a suite (although I have traveled solo several times), but I have gone to Luminae alone for breakfast when my DH was off on an early excursion. The service was very attentive on those occasions, and I wouldn't hesitate to go alone for other meals.
  3. So, the Everglades aren't close to Port Canaveral; Google says 3.5 hours each way. You'd never get there, take a tour, and get to the airport by 2:30 or so to check in, get through security, and make your flight. And depending on the time of year, you'd be a mess. There are airboat rides in the Boggy Creek area, a boat tour in Winter Park--something like that would be more doable but might still leave you hot and sweaty.
  4. Too far? Google says 20 minutes. You're fine. Heck, we usually stay in West Palm Beach. If you're not going to have a car, you can do an Uber to the port.
  5. Or you could rent a car. There are car rental desks on Disney property.
  6. This isn't my conversation, but the person's e-mail address is in the message.
  7. I like to drink with a straw, and I don't need to explain myself. I am sure you have a habit or two that would make me cringe, but I resist getting into other people's business. Live and let live.
  8. My after-cruise surveys are accurate. I don't give all 10s (or 9s or whatever) because someone tells me to. I give my honest feedback.
  9. nordski--a B2B?! I am green all over again. Demand poutine and maple syrup. It's the least they can do. ๐Ÿ˜
  10. Celebrity also shows you where to go in an emergency: to your muster station.
  11. It shouldn't be too bad to get to the Florida Mall; it's right off the Beachline (SR-528). And at the time you'll be traveling, there should be no significant rush hour or school-related traffic. The Mall at Millenia is another story. The traffic in that area in not great, and although you could get there without hitting I-4, it'd be more complicated. Also, that section of I-4 is under construction.
  12. Where exactly are you going to from the port? Different areas of Orlando have different amounts of traffic.
  13. You've got the right idea: park at the port. No reservation necessary. Just drive in and park.
  14. Head over to the Florida Departures Board.
  15. Where does the concierge work from? The old desk location, while not overly private, allowed for business to take place separate from the lounge area. I'd prefer not to make my requests or ask questions about my account in the middle of the lounge when the concierge wanders by. If that's what the concierge does now. ๐Ÿคจ
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