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  1. Thanks for the review. I’m with you! May husband and I really like the Epic, in fact we like the bathroom setup. One can use the sink/shower while the other goes about their business privately. Your lamb looks delicious!
  2. I happen to really like the Haven breakfast buffet. As a person who is allergic to eggs, I’m unable to order much off a standard breakfast menu so to have some nice selections appeals to me.
  3. I am truly not trying to be confrontational at all, so please don’t interpret this way: my husband and I are fit as fiddles. I’m a marathon runner. We move quickly. There is no way we could make it from one end of the escape to the other, change clothes , and return to the pool in 20 minutes. There may be a slight possibility that an hour or so passed. Time gets away from us all on vacation.
  4. Maybe next time leave a timed note? Seems a polite way of “securing” prime seating. If I came across a pool lounger with just a towel on it, I’d by all means take it.
  5. We went with Icy Strait Whale Adventures and had a great time, in spite of the worst weather day of our cruise. I got a group together on our roll call and we booked their boat privately. I think we were 20 in number.
  6. Just call the dining reservation department and make if for 3 people. 1-866-234-7350.
  7. We are booked in one that looks like it’s right under the Splash Academy Youth Center, so that’s fine with us. We aren’t in the cabin during the day anyways. FWIW, I notice on our upcoming cruise, most of the Mid-ship mini’s that are available are under the garden cafe and the pool area on the starboard side. The port side, where the youth stuff, is pretty much filled. I’d never bid up to a mini-suite and risk being under the buffet. Check the prices on these. We upgraded from a mid-ship balcony for $10.00 (yes, ten dollars) per person after final payment and were able to choose our own cabin.
  8. Can you hear that thunder? 🌬🌫💨
  9. I’d love to have your Copenhagen notes as we are headed there soon. Lynnie.davidson@me.com. thanks!
  10. On the Jewel we had both in Cagney’s. On the Sun, breakfast in Moderno, lunch in Cagney’s On the Jade, both in Moderno.
  11. I love the joy in all of your faces! What great family fun and memories.
  12. Speaking of alcohol, have you noticed if they are serving any “hard seltzer” such as White Claw or Bon & Viv?
  13. Update: We booked yesterday on the .no site for a savings of 4000USD. I had 2 iPads and did a mock booking on the US site as I navigated the Norwegian site. It was very simple. Our cruise documents are in Norwegian, so I have sent an email asking for all future communication to be in English. The (very long) countdown begins!
  14. Thanks for all of this info! I feel like my plan is sound.
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