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  1. I have to agree with you Barbrox. Was counting on seeing Cuba next year (Dec) on the way to the Panama Canal. I have no interest in places like Haiti or Dominican Republic or Jamaica or the Virgin Islands. However, the small islands like you mentioned would definitely be interesting. I'd even enjoy seeing Grand Cayman or Belize. I can imagine Viking's frustration with the new Cuba policy and trying to figure out how to cause the least disruption and still accommodate the equally frustrated passengers threatening to bail from Viking. A true no-win situation.
  2. We love CT and also the shows. You should be fine with 6 or 7 pm if you want to linger. Even could do 7:30 if you moved along through dinner. Seemed like we took purposely anywhere from 90 min to 2 hours for the CT dinners but we liked to take our time. We saw some people “speed through” in an hour.
  3. You can do a search in Cruise Critic on this - I know there were some good posts recently on this exact subject. If I remember correctly , several people very much enjoyed the Andes tour from the group called ilovechile tours at: https://www.ilovechiletours.com/ We are likely going to book their tour called Andes Panoramic Route. https://www.ilovechiletours.com/andes-panoramic-route Good reviews on Trip Advisor as well.
  4. You can count us as World Cafe fans as well. As many have said though - it depends totally on your dining style. We just personally like the ambience of the WC - much more relaxed, quiet, and less chaotic. We have had many great conversations with the various WC servers there as they are not so busy as the other dining rooms - where they were always running like crazy! Plus the view from the 7th floor is often unbeatable, both inside and out!
  5. This is great info! Never even thought about Delta Vacations. Great tip!
  6. Good info. Anyone used any device FROM downtown Buenos Aires to EZE? We are at the Hilton after our Jupiter cruise in January.
  7. It was www.copenhagenfreewalkingtours.dk they have several different ones. We did the classical at 12 noon
  8. So you don’t have to book Viking air to get Viking airport transfers? How much did the transfers cost in addition to the hotel? What hotels did Viking use? We are going on Viking South America as well.
  9. We took free walking tour (the main one) just a few weeks ago. Was quite good. Left from the statue across the bridge north of Christianborg Palace. There were about 20 people - mostly in their 20’s to 50’s. We liked the very good pace and everyone kept up great! In my opinion it would not be so good for anyone who had mobility issues or didn’t like to walk. Fortunately in our group everyone did. I would guess we did about 4 miles or so in 2 hours. Hope this helps.
  10. Yes within the last couple months someone did post an excellent pdf file that showed all the rooms for sliders and doors for PV. Do a search for it. I downloaded and printed it but don’t have it this second. It was very helpful.
  11. It probably depends on your cruise line, where it docks, and what time. There are some ship lines that provide a shuttle from the closest pier, but only certain times. Some don't provide at all, and if at outer piers likely no free shuttle bus. There is however, very good public bus transportation from the piers into town, as well as taxi's. We were in Copenhagen last month and had a free shuttle from the close pier (Langelinie 190) but then used the bus from the Oceankaj terminal (further away), as the ship had to move terminals during the night, to provide for disembarking.
  12. CyberKat - we did this exact combo in February with Viking Sea. Not sure when you did it, but we had no problems at all. We even got back to the ship from the St Kitts Railway with plenty of time to sit and relax and have lunch in the World Cafe, before heading out on the next tour. (included St Kitts and Fairview Estate)
  13. Viking will try to get back on time. The issue to deal with is tour passengers who don't abide by the guide's request to return to the bus at a certain time to go back to the ship. We had an incident in Malaga where that happened - the 2 women disappeared and were nearly 30 minutes late before coming back to the bus. The guide did call the ship to let them know that 20 or so people would be late and were going on the next tour. So - it all depends on the courtesy of your fellow cruise passengers!
  14. Arggg..... was very much looking forward to seeing Cuba. In this politically charged world, one always has to expect things. We had things change in France due to demonstrations there recently. However, the first leg of the World Cruise in Dec 2020 next year leaves from Miami to LA and makes 2 stops in Cuba. If this ban is still there, wonder if Viking will look to visit some other ports on the way to the Canal. (or at least have some alternatives lined up)
  15. Probably a good decision! We have been in both PV3 and DV2. The first DV2 was our first VOC and it seemed fine. Then PV3 which was quite spacious - we got spoiled. Last cruise a few weeks ago we had DV2 again - but the room we had was like Peregrina talked about - it had this Pillar in it. Didn't seem like much at first, but it really got in the way and with the TV and desk, it seemed really narrow passageway indeed getting through from bathroom to the veranda side of the bed. I found some pictures that I took of it. (Room 6048). Hope this helps you and others!
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