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  1. I totally agree with you Pergrina651! We took the Homelands cruise that Bookboss is planning, almost 2 years ago in 2018 and almost exactly the dates they are planning (May). It was our first Viking Ocean Cruise. They certainly DID have their act together and it showed. It could not have been any smoother, and just plain spectacular. Everything and I mean everything, went beyond expectations. So much so we've been on 3 more cruises and are planning several more in the future.
  2. I just did the same thing for our upcoming cruise. The Wish List is there and I can still add, delete, and view it. You find it not under the List of Shore Excursions by Day. You go to the Menu bar on the far left, look down to the section titled YOUR CRUISE and the 3rd of 4 choices is titled "Wish List". Click and you are there.
  3. We've done Spain Day Tours before and they are good. In fact, we were going to take a look at them for our visit to Cadiz (and going to Seville) next fall. I would think this is a bit tight since usually ships take a bit to clear and then let people off. Would they consider waiting for you for another 15 minutes? How fixed are they on the departure time? Let us all know how it turns out!
  4. Love the commentary! Great story and thanks for sharing. We also have done the Caribbean on Viking Sea and have pondered doing another Caribbean cruise where the focus would be to just relax and not be worried about seeing all the ports. You mentioned special email offers from Viking for being already booked on another cruise. Interesting. We've had cruises on Viking booked into the future, and have NEVER had any email offers of any kind from Viking. Wondering if they total up all the cruises or revenue you have had with Viking and you have to hit some sort of bar to qualify for special offers.
  5. Wonderful! We did Iguazu Falls post trip (on our own) and stayed at the Gran Melia in the park. It was fabulous. And yes, you can see the falls from varioius places in the hotel - especially the huge infinity pool. Enjoy!!
  6. We agree - it depends on personal preference. We personally enjoy the sliders. We feel it gives us more visual space out the cabin and makes it feel larger. When we book, we look at the map of sliders and try to pick one of those rooms.
  7. We were also on the Dec 21 Valpo-Buenos Aires Cruise as Mich3554. Agree that it all depends on your interest - and it will definitely change from this year to your cruise in 2021. They do take into account the reviews and make changes in the offerings both in type and cost. However, if this helps, I did save some of the excursion offerings on our ship. We did take some independent tours as well. 2020 0106 Mon- Buenos Aires.pdf 2019 1222 Sun - Valparaiso.pdf 2019 1227 Fri - Punta Arenas.pdf 2019 1228 Sat - Ushuaia.pdf 2020 0102 Thu - Puerto Madryn.pdf 2020 0105 Sun - Uraguay.pdf
  8. just_dont - it certainly appears that way (2 sliders, two doors repeating). I hadn't noticed that. Posted last year by someone - this document has proven valuable! When reserving a room, Viking person even told us we weren't supposed to have that knowledge and wondered how we got it. Here is the list of PV Sliders (again). Viking Ocean - PV Rooms with Sliders.pdf
  9. We had been on 3 Viking Ocean Cruises and never a chocolate event - we didn't even know about them. Then on our last cruise last month they did it (unfortunately it started at 10:00 PM - but it was well attended, not by us though - can't do caffeine that late). Hopefully they'll do a chocolate afternoon sometime! (I put that in the suggestion box 🙂 )
  10. Thank you for all your advice! It certainly sounds like Lucca (and possibly a combination with Pisa) might be the way to go. I did not hear from anyone who took a private independent tour (yet), but perhaps they might tend to only look at cruisecritic for their specific roll call to get with people to fill those private tours. I do however, like the thought of no stress, and not worrying about getting back to the ship (taking a Viking excursion). We've only done private tours when we were doing an overnight or when there was quite bit of time (like 3-4 hours) before sailing to give us a cushion.
  11. Thanks! Do you remember what they cost? (the 4.5 and 8.5 hour tours)
  12. Ha! We had the same hope (that we wouldn't be spoiled too much). Happily though, after 4 VOC's and 4 more upcoming, we have been spoiled like crazy! And we love it! I hope that you'll also be spoiled and will thoroughly enjoy your VOC!
  13. We are on the Viking Sky this October and will be in port in Livorno Italy for just the day (8:00 am - 8:00 pm). I'm sure that many of you have done this port so I am wondering what types of excursions have you done that can be accomplished in the single day, since this is NOT an overnight port for us (I know many Viking itineraries have it as an overnight, but not ours). We are doing Florence for 4 nights pre-cruise (that starts in Rome/Citavecchia) so we don't want anything with Florence in it. Anyone do Viking excursions? Anyone recommend any small private excursions? Thanks in advance for any tips/advice.
  14. Hi Beachvue - I'm certain that people on our cruise took a taxi to the Hilton from BA port. Taxis at the port are a little different (than the rest of Buenos Aires). There is the Taxi Mafia at the port so you have to sort of watch yourselves. We took a taxi from the port to the AEP (the regional airport). When you exit the terminal building you are swamped with the mafia trying to get you into their taxi (at inflated prices of course!). We had to be firm to the point of rudeness. One of them even held our taxi door open (while we were in it) and wouldn't close it until we gave him $USD. The poor driver on the way to the airport apologized quite a bit for the boorish behavior of many of the taxis that "hang out" at the port. Just beware. Another option may be to arrange ahead of time with the HIlton for a transfer. They do that, but it is a little more $, but perhaps it is worth it. We highly recommend Frank's AsadoAdventure tour! (You can find it on TripAdvisor as well as other posts on CruiseCritic if you search). We also took 2 extremely well done "free" walking tours from the Orange Shirts. One of the historic sites and one up to Recoleta Cemetery. Guides were among the best we've seen on free city tours (you pay in tips) and we've done many of them in big cities over the past years.
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