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  1. Was it $500 off the price shown on their website? When is the cruise? Soon? Years away? What DV category? Which itinerary? Asking only since these factors may play into what they offer. did you ask for SSP? Or ask for OBC? Or request full payment for later? Seems Viking is getting more like airlines as technology allows for more demand style pricing and offers.
  2. iancal - Thank you so very much for this good information! Nice to know and this transportation mode sounds very doable. We will be trying it to go from Santiago (where we are staying in a hotel) to Valparaiso (where we will be in an airbnb ahead of our cruise).
  3. Agreed! The Laundry Room was definitely great for meeting fellow passengers!
  4. We spent a day in Oxford last fall - it was quite impressive, and easy to walk around. Took a good walking tour to hit the highlights as well. We are flying in a week early before the Midnight Sun cruise and staying in an Airbnb in London and taking day trips from there. Hard to believe the South America trip is only about 4 months away! Excursions and dinner reservations should be coming up somewhat soon!
  5. To be clear for people - in case the word "included" is confusing . . . Free: Every passenger has wine/beer "included" for lunch/dinner. This "includes" the house red/white wine of the day (which varies by day and by cruise itinerary in our experience). This also "includes" the house Sparkling Wine. My wife actually had this about every dinner as she thought it was not that bad. This does "not include" any Proseco. To get any Proseco, she was told she'd have to purchase it by the glass or have the Silver Spirits Package. Costs (not included for free): Silver Spirits Package - which had different sparking wines and multiple reds/whites AND prosecos. Without the Package you could always "Purchase" a glass of anything on the drink menu. We had the Silver Spirits Package on one of our cruises and my wife thought the Proseco was actually very good.
  6. Hi deec - I plan to do what I did on our last Jupiter cruise in Apr/May - posting a separate thread under Viking Ocean - something like Live Updates from Dec 21 Jupiter SA cruise or something. That will make it easy for people to find and for those who follow us on the same itineraries. Look forward to meeting you finally on our Midnight Sun cruise in June!
  7. Hello iancal - we are planning to use the bus from Santiago to Valparaiso. Plan to take a taxi from hotel in Santiago to the bus station. Question: did you purchase bus tickets ahead of time? did you need a reservation? was it crowded? did the bus stations in Santiago and Valparaiso seem safe? What time of day did you travel? Thank for any advice! We are traveling this December.
  8. We are on the Dec 21st Santiago to Buenos Aires Jupiter Cruise - and with Patrick Watts on Dec 31st in the Falklands. I will be sure to post updates during the cruise to let you all know how things go -weather-wise and more!! We (fortunately or unfortuantely) had to take this Dec 21 cruise due to family timing - we'll at least see how the Christmas and New Years are on Viking I suppose.
  9. We did a cancel and rebook - but Viking never offered anything and in fact, we lost the OBC we had. Thankfully our TA made that whole with a VISA Gift Card. Never underestimate anything. With Viking it seems that there is one thing certain - there is no set of procedures that are followed. Every situation in unique.
  10. Yes indeed! That is what we do as well, as we also have several trips on the books! And the Insuremytrip reps were also helpful to us and informed us of this option - which is nice! I was a little skeptical, but just this past week did my first "add on" as we paid for our air on our Midnight Sun trip (TAP Portugal from SFO-LIS-LHR). The "add on" was very easy to do and worked fine, which was reassuring! (Plus we had to change trip dates slightly as we adjusted to get better airfare with TAP now having great fares)
  11. Thank you planterx2 for your information. We will be on Lisbon to Miami in 2020 on the Sky. Since the itinerary takes you from Lisbon to the Azores to Bermuda and then down to Miami, I also had a little concern about the seas with this more northern route (versus the more southerly route that began with Columbus).
  12. We also have used Insuremytrip.com a lot and have been happy with it. For our Viking Cruises it has seemed to run for us roughly 7 % of the non-refundable costs. As expected, it gets more as we get older :) But can't do without it. Although we've never had to use it, thank goodness, we've had friends on the cruise ships who have had to - and made us realize how important it is. But like any other insurance, you need to buy it well before you need it! Thank you for the Tripinsurancestore.com information. We will have to look at that now as well. Then add in what we get from the credit cards....
  13. CCWineLover

    Hong Kong

    Wait and see what happens. That is a long way off (May).
  14. Hi Michael219 - Good points as well. Sounds like we're doing the reverse cruise! We are doing late June/early July as well, but on the Viking Sun leaving out of London and finishing in Bergen. Thus, we are going to do the train to Oslo (DIY) and look at possibly doing Flam. We were told by friends to stay at the Thon Rosenkrantz in Bergen and in Oslo as they are quite good, so we booked those. We don't generally have much luggage on a Viking cruise so we'll do our own on the train - not an issue for us. We'll "see" you sometime in early July as our two ships (Jupiter and Sun) cross paths up in northern Norway!
  15. Thanks for the tip Cyber Kat! Something to definitely consider (re: the experienced stewards)
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