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  1. Everyone says the portions are too small. Maybe we are just normal people, but we thought they were quite generous portions at all the Chef's Tables dinners!! Some people had to go to the WC to get more food, but we were absolutely satisfied at the end of the glorious meals at Chef's Table. It is all about the experience! Can't wait!
  2. Of bigger concern to those flying to Bermuda on American Airlines soon or shortly - is that American is having a massive cancellation of flights. A very interesting and informative article. American Airlines’ massive flight cancelations American is approaching 500 flight cancelations over the course of a four day period around this weekend: On Friday, June 18, 2021, American canceled 83 flights On Saturday, June 19, 2021, American canceled 123 flights On Sunday, June 20, 2021, American canceled 167 flights On Monday, June 21, 2021, American canceled 97
  3. Thank you CharTrav! You are always right on top of things. We appreciate your doing all this work to keep us informed!
  4. Hi - we are on your June 29 cruise. I just went to MVJ and it says: "IMPORTANT: Your health survey is available 7 days before your cruise date." We have implemented additional protocols to ensure your health and safety throughout your voyage. One of those new protocols is a required health survey. This survey will become available 7 days prior to your departure, and we request that you complete this survey for each guest during the 7 day timeframe.
  5. We have the same concerns on our Bermuda cruise upcoming. We can certainly avoid any large groups that Viking allows (although I have to think Viking will pay closer attention to those) while on board - but how to be avoid those people when doing excursions? Will they have to have a separate bus just for the large group that didn't mind the close face to face contact? At some point the desires of some do indeed impinge on others. A bit selfish if you ask me and perhaps should be delayed a bit . . . Time will tell. Wish you all safe cruising.
  6. It will be interesting to see how you do respond to the answers the very questions you ask. i.e. will you repeat what the Bermuda organizer did? How do you plan to balance crowd control with a group of 70? Especially since Viking won't do Meet & Mingles because of limiting large groups. Perhaps the desires for large face to face social contact will have to wait for a few more months. So many are anxious to mingle - it sort of reflects our country - everyone thinks things are fine and just wishes to be back to normal. Will follow how your large groups go.
  7. We so love your wonderful attitude and positive nature! You must be a very happy well grounded person. Enjoy your posts of reason and perspective !
  8. Well stated, bbtondo! I totally agree. Our biggest stress in all this is really that we can be singled out, quarantined, and taken off the ship from this massive daily test via a false positive - which is just ludicrous. Also - to have to quarantine by bad luck of being near someone who later tests positive is stupid - but like someone earlier said, countries like Bermuda are operating in total fear mode, not science mode. What this will do is make people on Viking abandon Viking Excursions and go out on their own, where you don't encounter anyone with that Viking contract tracer on t
  9. We also have done Bergen-Amsterdam-San Francisco on Delta (KLM). Unfortunately the times now are much different - Viking Air Plus may only give YOU one or two choices since that is what the airlines give them. Your choice - take that or do your own air. Or you could wait, take a chance and hope that the airline routes/pricing system stabilizes before your trip.
  10. For the time being, Viking Air Plus is a waste and an abomination. Not entirely their fault (since the airlines hold all the cards) - but beware, until things get more back to normal, you might be better off doing your own air, getting ticketed, getting the seats you want rather than wait all the way until Viking tickets 60 days out and those options are gone and you're stuck in middle seats in the back. Just my observation -- and we will be not using Viking Air again until quite awhile. I too am quite disappointed.
  11. Thanks, John. Yes, we hope that your son is doing OK. I, like you, was not aware of the ramifications: that even if we are personally very careful, take precautions, wear masks, and do everything right, that if by chance someone else who tests positive happened to be near us - then that would cause us as innocent conscientious bystanders, to be quarantined. We definitely would not have booked this cruise knowing that. Probably my bad though for not digging down into the tiny details of this. I kick myself, as for us on June 29th, it is too late to cancel. Irony is ou
  12. Hi Dee - yes, possibly. I think Andy (Heidi13) in some posts mentioned that it might require more difficult specialty work and time, that yes, might be hard to find these days!
  13. It does make for motivation though to just go ashore yourselves and not come in contact with other Viking passengers. I believe from now on the motivation will also be to disengage from anyone else on the ship itself. Will be like the beginning COVID days when everyone was avoiding everyone.
  14. Likewise. THis is a firestorm. I hope it goes all the way up to the Chairman. It needs addressing as soon as possible. My fear is Viking will not take action at all - driven by keeping the money and the need for cash flow. If you look, this situation is being discussed on so many other Viking forums (Malta, Iceland, and more) as the ramifications clearly might apply to them as well. Viking - you had better listen and respond soon! The carefully and successfully created brand image is suffering a tarnishing - and this is from a VERY loyal Viking Customer.
  15. I for one, hope this blows up in Viking's face. Not to wish ill-will, but a firestorm may be what it takes to get Viking to tighten up and enforce what they state. Sadly, in our society, it seems that if you have money and/or are a mover and shaker, rules don't apply. It would be different if the rule breakers were the ones who get punished, but the issue for those of us coming up is that you can be a complete innocent bystander and get nailed to quarantine. We are completely stuck - on June 29th cruise and cannot cancel since our "COVID" insurance only covers us if "We" get
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