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  1. Since it's close to double the cost when I put in MIA cruiseship shuttle versus just MIA, I guess I will just keep it as is. I don't know if the higher price is to account for the shuttle or not, but we were planning to just Uber or taxi to the rental car center anyway.
  2. I assumed 3900 NW 25th was a different location than the airport, because when I put in pickup at Miami Airport, the rate is around $60. If I put in the port pickup 3900 NW 25th address, it jumps to around $115.
  3. I know this has been discussed in other posts, but I thought the last updated information stated that Avis/Budget have no shuttle to airport, Alamo/National/Enterprise does have a shared shuttle and Dollar/Thrifty also have a shared shuttle. However, I just tried to book Thrifty, and it says under shuttle that cruisers must pick PM4 location, 3900 NW 25th St. So I'm wondering if that means they no longer have a shuttle to the airport. Does anyone have recent experience with car rental shuttles from Port of Miami to airport? I will try to call, but it sometimes can be difficult to actually get the local office and not transferred to the main reservation center, and they don't always have good information.
  4. I need to clarify my initial post. When I called back, I was told the combination that cannot be made was the casino rate with the add-on promo codes starting at $20/day pp that add to existing promotions. I know there's a very long thread on that topic somewhere. I have the 3 for Free with the casino rate currently but wanted to add the promo code for $20 pp/pday for drink package and internet. Not possible I was told.
  5. Has anyone been successful adding Best Sale Ever, Europe $200 off Airfare with a casino rate? When I called, I was told they could only add one of those promo codes, but currently I have another cruise booked with 3 for Free and the Europe $200 off Airfare with a casino rate, so I'm thinking I may call back and ask again.
  6. Looks like they only forecast 27 days out. I guess we just book the cruise and hope for the best.
  7. There are two cruises in October 2020, so I assumed there were also two in 2019. That explains why I was only able to find trip reports on one sailing. Debating if the first sailing this year on October 3 is a bit early in the season.
  8. To those who sailed on the Northern Lights cruises this past October, I've seen reports that the second cruise did see the lights, but I'm curious if the first cruise saw them.
  9. I went ahead and booked adjoining OV cabins.
  10. I haven't booked a lot with Royal, but they have a cruise to Alaska in 2021 I'm looking at and would like to book, but I'm not familiar with their promos I don't see any promotions to go along with the sailing. Do they generally offer things like OBC or beverage packages like some of the other cruise lines? I need connecting cabins, so I don't want to wait too long. I thought I read there was a Wave sale coming up.
  11. Anyone been to Norway in October? I've read it's too early for any snow-related activities, but I'm wondering about scenery. Any snow-capped mountains that time of year?
  12. The only option for flights home from Bergen after our Viking cruise next year are flights with 2 stops. Here are my options for the stopover within Europe: 50 min in Oslo 1 hour 5 min in Copenhagen 1 hour 40 min in Oslo 2 hour 5 min in Oslo All four flights then connect in Newark or Chicago with 2 - 3 hrs layover. They are on SAS. Can someone please explain what will happen in either Oslo or Copenhagen? Will we go through passport control, have to re-check our luggage? Trying to decide how much time we will need. Thank you.
  13. I noticed today that 2021 Northern Lights cruises are up for Feb and Mar 2021 on the Viking Venus.
  14. When you canceled, did Viking require you to immediately choose another date, or do they keep your funds on deposit for a period of time until you decide on a new sail date?
  15. I have this cruise booked for 2020, but may need to cancel. I would feel better about canceling if I knew there would be a future opportunity for this itinerary. Certainly the question was not motivated by any other reason. I was hoping those more experienced Viking cruisers might at least know if they would release all 2021 at one time or whether there may be more yet to come based on how releases have happened in the past.
  16. I just canceled and rebooked 3 items today that dropped in price for a sailing on the Mariner next month. 8.99/day soda package, 11.99/day internet, 10.99 Coco Cay float, 43.99 Atlantis aquarium. Wouldn't normally book anything in Nassau, but one person in our group wants to see Atlantis.
  17. I noticed this cruise is still being offered in 2020, but nothing for 2021. Other itineraries have been released for 2021. Do you think this cruise will no longer be offered after the incident earlier this year?
  18. My SetSail Pass for my Mariner cruise next month currently shows deck 6, muster B11, but no cabin number assigned yet. Curious if anyone could tell me the location of muster B11.
  19. Does RCCL allow onboard credit to be applied towards gratuities?
  20. Are port times listed somewhere on the Viking website? Without port times, it's difficult to make decisions about the itinerary and to schedule private excursions. I am looking at some of the Med itineraries.
  21. Are the prices really less expensive when you book ahead versus on the ship? When I look in my cruise planner, it says about everything is some percentage off, but I wasn't sure if it was a marketing ploy and the same prices would be available once onboard. For example, I'm seeing the soda package being offered in the cruise planner for 8.99/day, floats at Coco Cay 13.99/day, wifi 12.99/day. This is for a sailing on the Mariner.
  22. Can you use pool floats in the new pool area, or only at the beach?
  23. Anyone done this itinerary? If so, how did you like the ports? A couple of them I'm not too familiar with. Thanks.
  24. I have been to Rome, Naples and Livorno on a previous cruise. Wouldn't mind returning though, as there were things I missed. Never been to Greece. Not a Game of Thrones fan. I like the idea of sailing from Rome and then into Venice. I would like to try Viking, but my main concern was I wasn't sure what the ports of Crotone, Bari and Sibenik were like, if there was much there to see in comparison to the bigger ports that NCL offers. Looking at the excursions offered by Viking in those ports, nothing really jumps out at me.
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