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  1. THAT is why I originally suggested switching once you get on board.
  2. In the northeast we are really lucky - temps in 40’s -50’s at night and only low 80’s (if that) daytime. We will finally hit mid 80’s this weekend. We have not needed A/C in the past week.
  3. Norfolk is beautifully positioned - within an easy day of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and DC population areas - with a bit of care and intelligent marketing they could be a prime embarkation port.
  4. Then definitely Princess should be considered.
  5. Because you sounded unhappy about paying $280 to park (plus gas and tolls both ways) I figured the perhaps $80 Uber/taxi costs plus the train fare might be a good alternative - but nothing is perfect. You might want to explore car service to/from home and cruise terminal.
  6. We regularly sail from Europe to US October-mid-November. Some times itinerary gets adjusted, but never a real problem. Someone from Ontario (or northern US) is far more likely to get bad impact from snow storms a day or so before sailing than have serious concerns about October hurricanes.
  7. Good advice - particularly in context of your wanting to travel between Australia and Europe —- which, if even possible by ship, would be very expensive both in money and time. Investing in therapy (there are many programs) would easily pay for itself.
  8. Probably makes sense - especially if you put much value on your time. Grabbing local transport to/from pier to off site parking would be a hassle. But, From Northern Westchester you could consider Metronorth to Grand Central then NYC taxi to/from cruise terminal.
  9. With tremendous flexibility it could be possible - but because there simply are not that many long distance itineraries to/from a given port, you would have to adjust the time frames. I do a fair amount of trans-Atlantics by ship -but that is a lot easier because there are many eastbound repositioning in the spring and westbound in the fall - which can be paired with Cunard’s QM2 sailings to from New York — I doubt you would have much date flexibility on Australia-Europe sailings .
  10. I have switched to MTD a couple of times with no problem and have never heard of someone being unable to switch— but I have heard of people being unable to to switch from MTD to fixed dining once on board.
  11. After Amtrak from CT to Baltimore, we sailed out of Baltimore in early 2019 - we stayed at Hilton Garden on President Street - good price. good neighborhood, lots of great restaurants. Mc Henry row is closer to cruise terminal, but not really easy walk - especially with baggage - and kind of sketchy neighborhood. Taxis are not that expensive and worth the price for the better area.
  12. Makes sense - but the wording used:”update my passport” suggested that it was the passport, not Global Entry, that got updated.
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