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  1. Against those 970,000 worldwide COVID deaths in 3/4 of a year, the flu toll worldwide is in the neighborhood of 500,000. In the US - where statistics are likely more complete - COVID has taken 203,000 in less than nine months while the flu toll, in rare bad years, might reach 60,000 - and more usually is in the 25,000- 40,000 range. One has to wonder at the sort of desperation which leads to prolonged absurd rants - I wonder if holding an equity position in cruise line stocks might explain.
  2. It is becoming tiresome seeing people trying to trivialize COVID by overstating the impact of the flu. In a very bad year the flu might cause 60,000 US deaths - while in about eight moths COVID has caused 200,000 US deaths - and is now apparently on an upturn. In addition, many of those flu deaths were avoidable if there was wider acceptance of the flu vaccine —- while it is not yet certain that any comparably effective COVID can be developed.
  3. I did ask you not to respond - but I am, unlike you, willing to acknowledge error. Yes I made a typo. You, on the other hand repeatedly misuse statistics - which are apparently beyond your ability to understand - to support what amounts to a disregard for human life which I find disgusting. Again: please do not bother responding.
  4. Of course NCL was primarily interested in off-loading the sick passenger ASAP - and was going to do do so at the first/nearest opportunity, rather than wait until better treatment might be assured.
  5. You are very free with throwing away human lives: that "..just 1.4%..." -- which you acknowledge is 4,620,742 PEOPLE -- that is PEOPLE, not percentages. And, if the reasonably expected 1% mortality rate applies, that is 46,207 DEAD PEOPLE. Where did you study statistics -- which you seem to like throwing around without any comprehension of or concern about what those statistics measure? Please do not bother responding.
  6. Accepting the necessity for more time to process passengers (boarding and de barking) and to clean the ship, it is hard to see how slowing debarking by four or five hours (from 6:00 to 10:00 - 11:00 AM). would only delay sail away by two hours or so. I would think a four hour morning delay - plus an hour or so for extra cleaning time - would delay sail-away until closer to midnight.
  7. Can you identify a few of those “many lines”?
  8. It is important to adhere to principal — such as continuing to wear shorts in the Summer, even when the temp does not get out of the low 50’s(F). Fortunately we will be back near 80 Wednesday and Thursday, so it will be back to the beach.
  9. That “just 14 people in a 1000” which you dismiss as “not much at all” works out to about 49,000,000 people when applied to the US population. Even if we consider just the roughly half of the population which does not now get immunized, we are talking about 24,500,000 people - or, given the roughly 1% mortality rate, 24,500 human US lives per year; not to mention the costs in treatment and lost man hours. Frankly, I think you should reconsider your Cruise Critic user name.
  10. While dramatic, helicopter evacuations are quite rare — they are not on standby everywhere, and even when available they have rather short range. I have observed only one on a cruise cruise - several hours after departing San Juan for New York, Noordam turned around and sailed south for a few hours to get within range of a U S Coast Guard helicopter based in San San Juan. I have been on a number of cruises when the ship diverted to a nearby port to evacuate ill passengers/crew or got within range of a Coast Guard boat.
  11. I just recalled an old Frank Sinatra movie “Assault On A Queen” — a ridiculous story about some modern pirates who somehow raised an amazingly undamaged sunken World War ll German U-boat and used it to stop and loot the Queen Mary at sea.
  12. This is a large part of the problem: people who reject complying with precautions are largely responsible for the need to keep the precautions in place. After “you can’t teach the stupid”, trying to teach the selfish is the next hurdle.
  13. Yes - and the mosquitoes get “infected” by picking up the YF from infected people and pass it on to other, uninflected, people. I am not aware of whether or not the mosquitoes themselves suffer any symptoms or are merely unimpacted vectors.
  14. You mean like that virtual vacation company in “Total Recall”? If you could preselect the virtual entertainers and your virtual table mates as well as the virtual itinerary, you might have something there - still not for me.
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