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  1. I have never experienced an airline which did not permit seat selection as you wished - as long as there were available seats. Waiting until the last 24 hours is a sure way to wind up with the dregs. Because many arrangements have a few two seat options (a good reason to pick one airline over another) it is worth paying that extra bit to get pre-selection rather than winding up two well separated middle seats. I have quietly ignored switch requests from people who regret their earlier enonomising by waiting till the last minute.
  2. I am fine with switching seats as an accommodation —- but not if the switch represents a down-grade: say from an aisle seat, or a window seat to a middle one, or to a row where seats won’t recline. I feel no social obligation to significantly discomfort myself for the benefit of someone who failed to plan ahead.
  3. Good STARTER LIST - for people who haven’t quite finished “doing Rome” in their first few weeks there. I would add Santa Maria degli Angeli - by Michelangelo - built in 16th Century around the ruins of the Baths of Diocletian - just happens to be a personal favorite.
  4. Ostia Antica or Hadrian’s Villa are within reach - if you are interested in archeology. However, considering the time and nuisance of getting a rental car, I would suggest re-thinking the notion of having already seen everything worth seeing in Rome. A little research is likely to come up with a few creative ideas.
  5. It’s probably just 200 miles from Reno to SF- but it is pretty much in the precise wrong direction. I’m sure you must have checked all options - but it’s bad enough to have to have three flights without one of them being in the wrong direction.
  6. It is not a walk “to the city” - when you leave the pier you are in the old city - maybe five minutes from your stateroom.
  7. Agreed - this reminds me of the old line - second prize is three nights in New Jersey - first prize is one night.
  8. I used to play that, but for the last five or so years I have seen very, very few empty seats on planes - probably the last couple of dozen flights - and a number have been booked solid.
  9. Best idea is to: a) Do some research for each island to choose your beach. b) Take a taxi rather than ships tour - saving money, picking you time, as well as beach. c) Consider sharing taxi with others you may have met on cruise. Caribbean taxi drivers on the whole have always struck us as reliable and knowledgeable.
  10. I generally do not care about aircraft make or model as much as seat arrangements. As we generally fly coach (day time) to London, our primary concern is to find a two seat arrangement between window and aisle (usually towards the rear) so we do not have to share with some heffalump who wants to raise the armrest to give more space -which means thrusting his hip across the DMZ. We generally depart UK on train or ship - to Continent or back to U S.
  11. Are those golden tennis shoes? And is that a club blazer. I believe that dressing for dinner is (sadly) a vanishing tradition; but is best moderated to not dominate one’s life. I still adhere to the necktie at a seated dinner notion — but have strayed (as, apparently, have you) from the old rule of only white shirts after six. Because I want to enjoy - not suffer from - my travel, I prefer to make do with a reasonably compact baggage train
  12. Because our cruises are almost always paired with air and land travel, space and weight are serious considerations. I always wear a blazer when travelling - which suffices for all non-formal nights - with different shirt/tie combinations. All I have to pack is tuxedo or dark suit. An earlier poster - who claims to bring “three of four dinner jackets, seven lounge suits and a few blazers” for a 14 night cruise, must be kidding: those “few” blazers must mean at least three, otherwise he’d have said “a couple”; these, with seven suits and three or four dinner jackets - means never repeating. It also means travelling with two or three steamer trunks- assuming he will also want to wear appropriate shoes, different shirts and an occasional change of underwear. I cannot help wondering if he is one of those fellows who always comes out ahead in the casino, and who comes home with “art”/watches/jewelry which gets appraised for multiples of what he paid for them.
  13. Well, young lady, I certainly agree — my younger daughter, now nearing 50, keeps wondering when I will grow up.
  14. I think Jane needs to set priorities: getting off the ship, getting a diner breakfast, getting up to Herald Square , finding those Westie slippers (anyone know what they are?), and getting back to Red Hook in time for a 12:30 tour ( all without the assistance of Dr. Who) is going to be difficult-approaching-impossible.
  15. I understand that the 12 day December 22 QM2 sailing from New York is sold out except for the Grills. It is possible if longer segments do not sell that some availability may come up; but if you are looking at a very rare and desireable itinerary (say, a Caribbean cruise from New York NOT on NCL or Royal Caribbean), you are likely to miss the boat if you hold off too long in hopes of a last minute deal.
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