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  1. You should try to pay attention to the point of the discourse - it does not matter how many Keystone trains there are that are “CAPPED AT $60” even if it is as many as 12 out perhaps 45 total. The fact remains that the overwhelming majority of trains ARE either Northeast Regional or Acela. But to remain on topic: we are talking about the cost savings by buying in advance — which still means that the $44 “Saver Fare” which is only available when purchased in advance is prefereable to a $60 capped fare - which you seem to see as the holy grail.
  2. Of course Debrett’s — a competent, albeit regional, aurthority - is not the final word — certainly when it comes to accessories to wear with the Tuxedo (named for the New York community where it gained acceptability).
  3. One of the two times we insisted on being moved to a new table as we left the MDR the first evening was when we were seated with two French Canadian couples, who made no recognition of our existence - or demonstrated any familiarity with inside eating. My French (which works quite well in France - with the obvious exception of Paris - as well as in Quebec) was met with stony silence.
  4. Just as an exercise I checked Amtrak for fares between NY and Philadelphia : Their “Saver Fare” is $44 while regular fare is $60. They might not “increase” fares as you get closer to travel date, but you will find that the “Saver Fare” is regularly shown as “not available” for dates in the near future, while it is available for future dates. So, I suppose a nit-picker can argue that the regular fare is not actually “increased” - but the fact is it costs more if you buy your ticket close to travel date because the lower “Saver Fares” are no longer available.
  5. Well perhaps a daily rider might have occasional luck, but my experience (and, apparently that of your fellow Philadelphian - Phillyguy31) is that Amtrak routinely increases prices as travel date nears. It it makes no difference if the trains are sold out or not - the lower fares, when available, are only available well in advance of ride date —- which happens to be the time frame when most cruisers would be making their travel plans anyway. And, there really are not “many” Pennsylvanian and Keystone Service trains between Philly and NYC - the overwhelming majority are either Northeast Regional or Acela.
  6. Do you stay in your kitchen after turning on your microwave oven?
  7. Perhaps surprisingly, there is enough difference between the accommodations, food and entertainment on U S Navy ships and on the better cruise ships - so it is not seen as “more of the same”.
  8. Which is what I was thinking - full sized for service dress blue or service dress white - and very few Navy officers below Commander bothered (or were expected to bother with) Mess Dress.
  9. They are called “black tie” to distinguish the “informal” tuxedo from the more formal tails - which always involved a white tie. From the beginning, colored ties, and cummerbunds, were acceptable - initially regimental or school patterns/colors.
  10. Definitely include Salisbury on a Stonehenge visit. The cathedral is beautiful - and is set in an open field since the surrounding buildings were taken down long ago - which makes it perhaps the only gothic cathedral which can be really seen as a whole - from a distance.
  11. In addition to bandaids, we always carry non-stick gauze pads and easy-off paper tape for abrasions or larger cuts. We also keep an eyeglass repair kit and temporary dental filling material.
  12. Wouldn’t it be a “fact” that the person discussing wine in QG would be referred to as a sommelier - and not a “wine waiter”?
  13. “All CC members”??? Are you insane? Obliviously certain tests must be passed: What lines do they prefer? Early or late dining? Port or starboard accommodations? Assigned or as-you-wish dining? Baseball caps worn backwards or frontwards? A very large number pre-select themselves out.
  14. BULL!!! We travel Amtrak several times a year - between Stamford and Philadelphia, Baltimore or Washington. Fares very tremendously depending upon how much in advance you buy the ticket. Who in his right mind would wait until the last minute to buy a train ticket to get to a cruise they have likely booked months in advance.
  15. That picture: pressed khakis, collared shirt and navy blazer certainly seems right for non-gala nights. That is my go-to outfit - with perhaps a pair of Breton reds in stead of khakis.
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