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  1. And, what will they do with them if they do take them? How many critically ill people can be cared for in some of the smaller, less developed ports of call.
  2. Better roses than skunk cabbage — and small ships than megas.
  3. Has anyone any reliable information on new-build orders? Have any lines cancelled, or put new-builds on hold?
  4. I recall my mother referring to her efforts to clean our guest room as “a wipe and a promise”. Of course, we were probably not harboring anything more dangerous than perhaps a comb left behind by one of (the amazingly many of) my older brother’s girl friends.
  5. I do not choose any cruise ship “FOR” any vacation. I do choose QM2 as a way to come home from what is the closest thing I have to “elegant vacations” : my visits with rather formal sister’s family in England. I choose QM2 (which is perhaps one of the most formal ships sailing) - not for her formality, but because of the fact that she offers the most comfortable way to come home from frequent trips to visit that formal family in England. She sails from Southampton - perhaps three hours away from my sister’s house, and she lets me off in Brooklyn - about an hour away from my house. it is purely coincidental that the ideal way to cross the Atlantic happens to be similarly formal to the week or so preceding that crossing. Frankly, I would prefer a less formal shipboard environment — but the convenience of the itinerary makes sense.
  6. Which is probably in the middle ground (which we also occasionally inhabit) - between our fairly posh dinner/gallery/theatre events and our sleeping out and cooking over wood fires options. But, if you are planning a week or two packing can be a real ***** if all three tiers must be planned for. Diversity make life more interesting.
  7. Two three day cruises is a terrible idea - checking in twice, packing and debarking twice takes a big bite out of total experience. Yes - more likely for noisy drinking crowds, but Carnival, NCL and Royal Caribbean all offer 7 day drink-fests - the Bahamas, Pacific coast of Mexico, etc. — have your pick.
  8. Well, I’m not sure if it’s “elegant” but a week at my sister’s just outside of London - with a couple of plays in town, a gallery or two, at least one seated dinner with old friends and relatives followed by a (fairly formal) return to the US on QM2 is on a plane quite different from a week in a tent in Maine. You play the cards you are dealt (or deal to yourself) - I don’t see “elegant” as a derogatory term.
  9. Round trip from California probably gives 5 sea days each way (great if you like sea days) and at least four or five stops - meaning at least two weeks - meaning a generally older crowd on board. A repositioning will mean five sea days one way (with necessity of flying back) and either spending time on one island or scheduling inter-island travel. The POA hitting several islands entails round trip flight to Hawaii, with NCL on board experience - decent entertainment, lousy service - but probably least expensive overall.
  10. They could consider, after food service ended, washing down the entire area with high pressure fire hoses —- simultaneously cleaning while encouraging turnover.
  11. ...and double (or triple) cruise fares - or else drive the lines into insolvency.
  12. Times change. Thinking of a cruise on a mass market ship as an “elegant vacation” is kind of like going to Walmart for an elegant shopping experience.
  13. Agreed, but those large lines are selling cruises NOW — to customers who simply have no idea of what they are being offered. Perhaps the old “caveat emptor” adage is simply passé.
  14. At this point, 482 days - QM2 coming back from England in September 2021 seems the earliest. Something else might come up sooner, but we’ll have to see.
  15. I really would not take anyone who rated people on the class of cabin they booked seriouly. Of course, if people are willing to live hundreds of miles from salt water —- well that IS an indication worth noting.
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