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  1. One of the reasons why we like traditional dining on Cunard (and until a few years ago HAL and Celebrity as well) was the opportunity to get to know people over a series of evenings - and by listening a bit more than by talking we got to know a fair amount about tablemates - most of whom were interesting in their own ways — I have had occasion to briefly meet some celebrities - but aside from their fame, there is little which is really interesting you can gain from a momentary encounter.
  2. Of course, when you talk about "value for price" in connection with a cruise, "quality" of the experience is part of the "value" received --
  3. I think you are right -- the 45 to 65 year old schlubs have made their point -- and the next generation (as next generations are prone to do) are tiring of it.
  4. The "very front of the ship" is the bow -- there are no cabins there. The most forward cabins with windows facing forward are in the superstructure - probably at least 100 feet aft of the bow. Those within the hull are still aft of the bow, and not at the "very front of the ship".
  5. It is hardly "snark" to question an absurdity. Most people have laundry appliances at home with which they are familiar - and have sufficient imagination to be able to come up with something to do while staying in a different
  6. My father (born 1897) spent more than a week in early 1919 in a Navy emergency ward with hundreds of others being processed for demobilization . He often spoke of it - wondering when (not if) another such plague would come.
  7. The only way to accomplish a Med-moor --- where you back into the pier or quay to minimize the space used, making it possible for a number of ships to be "alongside" - in the space one might occupy otherwise.
  8. Probably going further back than many here can recall - but how about Harry Belafonte’s “Jamaica Farewell”?
  9. Good thought - depending on what they would charge per person for the shuttle. Car service from Bayonne cruise terminal would probably be about $110 to nearest LI town - likely less to Penn Station .
  10. To each his own. I also do not like "being in cars" -- but this A) taxi or uber (sounds like a car), to 34th Street Station, B) then boarding light rail to Hoboken, C)then PATH to 33rd Street, then D)LIRR or subway home, then E)walk (if very close) or taxi to actual house - handling luggage at each of the four changes of mode - sounds like the sort of exercise compared with which one car ride might be preferable.
  11. At least you had sand on that beach - but I am too soft to swim on your side - about 70 F is the coolest I like - and prefer St. Maarten’s 80 F on our January trips. My nephew, however, is something else - now in a rental cottage near Otter Ferry on Loch Fyne - yes his lot all have wet suits, but still….
  12. Car service isn’t cheap, but considering the mode changes and total time involved in mass transit - getting from port to some transit to Penn Station, the LIRR, getting from local station to home (at minimum) - your car service thought sounds very good. Why end a great trip by beating yourself up to save a few $? When we debark in Brooklyn or Manhattan we regularly use car service rather than go through hassle to get to GCT to get Metro-North to CT then taxi from local station to home. If saving money were all-important, we would have stayed home in the first place.
  13. My experience is that there are far more people who fear snobs than there are practicing snobs.
  14. I repeat — and hope that the repetitive advocate of Oceania will simply (and quietly) enjoy the quality that line provides - and that his repetitive adversary will simply give it a rest.
  15. Because a number of cruisers are either non-drinkers or light drinkers, paying for a few drinks makes a lot more sense to them than paying a higher fare because it will include drinks. That sort of inclusive pricing is very much how the likes of NCL market themselves. It is absurd to insist that a la carte pricing automatically downgrades a line. It is also silly to compare AI’s inclusions and pricing with that of a cruise line.
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