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  1. It's still the Day 9--maybe you they will just repeat everything? Like your own personal Ground Hog's day.
  2. Trip insurance and tickets that allow for changes. But mostly asking up front to see if I'm nuts for even thinking about it. And that has been affirmatively answered.
  3. Something to think about. Thanks!
  4. Thanks all, may just suck it up and take the red eye back. Hopefully routes will change between now and then.
  5. Another question...How early do they start letting people off the ship? Wondering if I could make a 10 am flight.
  6. Not at all. If this results in more people not opting to cruise, I'm okay with any possible discounts that may or may not happen to fill ships.
  7. Digging this out because it's been a year and it finally looks like I'm going to book in the next month or two. I can get a good deal with the Sail Beyond event, But I'm wondering if the price will drop further. If it does drop can I just get a price adjustment? Also is Celebrity Air usually good? Can I request a different flight if i don't like what they give me? What airline do they use? What do people really wear to dinner? Not just on formal nights? Any other tips, suggestions, or things I should know as a first time Celebrity cruiser?
  8. Looking forward to this review. This ship is a real possibility for my next cruise.
  9. A handmade card was probably better than a store bought one anyway. Thanks for taking me along on this journey.
  10. Having sailed that itinerary twice (on Splendor) I can make a pretty good guess the formal nights will be Sunday and Thursday. Lobster will likely appear on Sunday. The sea bass is also amazing.
  11. Thanks everybody for taking the rest of us along with you!
  12. Yes, but they have plenty and they are quick!
  13. The back row on the shuttles in Mazatlan is wide enough to accommodate most chairs, walkers, and strollers. They have ramps to load and unload as well. Learned this when Mom was using a walker in Mazatlan.
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