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  1. We were in concierge cabin 9237 on equinox in August. It is a nice cabin on the slant with a huge balcony. It was also directly above one of the the smoking areas. On port days the smoke smell was extremely unpleasant.
  2. Just wanted to follow up on my outcome on this issue. After several emails and a phone call I have been told that the move up program is no longer accepting bids on this particular cruise due to lack of inventory.
  3. Thank you. There was no additional email address included in the email invitation. I responded to the invitation. They came back and said they don’t manage it and gave me a new link to try. It didn’t work either. I winder if many any are having this issue. Very frustrating to want to make a bid when we have been invited to do just that....but to not be able to.
  4. We are also on the October 20th cruise. I’d received the upgrade email back in August. At the time the link worked but I didn’t bid. Today I decided to bid and I get the same message.
  5. Thank you! They are now at the age where they know that they’d like to use the diamond lounge benefit. 😊
  6. Just popping in with a related question. We became diamond while our children were under 18. We all had diamond status. The kids earned it outright as we always had two cabins and paid full fare for them. Do so they get to build upon their existing cruise credits or do they have to start from scratch to earn the next tier?
  7. We are just back from b2b sailings on equinox. First week started 8/24 in aqua class and second week started 8/31 in concierge. The two weeks were night and day. The week in aqua was a dream. It all came together. The excellent cabin steward and the insanely attentive service in blu. Second week we went to mdr and it was not good. Clearly the servers had too many tables. They tried. But the service was not good and frenzied. The food was pretty good. But the close togetherness of the tables and the lack of attention to detail was not good. We spent the last three nights in Tuscan grille and experienced what we remembered from cruising ten years ago. First week was probably the best cruise weve we’ve ever had. Second week left something to be desired. But both weeks were great overall. In both sailings inhave have to say that the common element was excellent service at the buffet. Both weeks I noticed every single time the staff going out of their way to help those who required assistance. They repeatedly came around with drink refills etc. this was at busy lunch and breakfast. I was particularly impressed on debarkation morning yesterday that the staff continued this very high level of service. Typically on debarkation morning they just want us out. Lol.
  8. We sailed on the 11/5 Allure out of this terminal. We arrived at the terminal later than we ever have due to our own logistics. We caught an Alamo shuttle to the port and arrived between noon and 12:30. Theporters were available and quickly dealtwith our bags. We walked inside side but had to wait about ten minutes before being permitted to go up the escalator to checkin. There were plenty of RCCL staff with tablets to scan our documents. We were onboard before 1 and cabins were ready. Disembarkation was not as smooth. We were assigned group 32 out of 72 with an estimated departure of 9 -9:30 am. Our group was called close to 10:30. This was our latest timeever leaving a ship. Once off the ship we were separated into a line for US passport holders. The other line was massive. The issue appeared to be customs and their inability to handle so many people. We were held upstairs for about ten minutes and then allowed to fetch our bags. After that we were out in about 5 minutes.....but the international line was still way backed up. Hope that helps.
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