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  1. I just got off of the phone with Celebrity and the agent was able to apply the 20% discount to my booking even though our cabin category is sold out. Last week when I called, the agent said no but I called again today, spoke with a different agent and she was able to do it. We were only able to save $300.00 on our cabin but I am glad I called back and the Celebrity agent was able to give us the discount. If you cabin category is sold out, call Celebrity back and speak to someone who knows how to apply the discount to sold out cabins.
  2. Did you have to pay for the test at CVS?
  3. Ken, How was the "Discover Roatan" tour? Did you get to see much of the island and would you recommend it for someone who has never been to Roatan?
  4. We are considering booking a transatlantic cruise aboard the Edge next year and are trying to decide if we should book a Sunset Veranda or Aqua Class. I was leaning toward Sunset veranda since it has a true balcony. However, I was thinking that maybe Aqua Class would be better for a transatlantic cruise since there are so many days at sea and we would have free access to the spa. For those of you who have sailed on an E-Class ship, is Aqua Class a better choice than Sunset veranda on transatlantic cruises with many days at sea? All opinions appreciated.
  5. I do not understand why Celebrity is not allowing passengers to tour Mexico independently. We did a land trip to Puerto Vallarta 2 months ago and there were absolutely no restrictions on where we could go. We flew into the airport and no one asked for a negative covid test or proof of vaccination. We were able to go anywhere we wanted to in the city on our own for the entire trip. We had the same experience when we flew into Cancun earlier this year. This makes not sense to me. Americans can fly into Mexico and go where ever they want to independently but cruise ship passengers must take "Celebrity Approved Tours"? We were able to go where ever we wanted to go by ourselves while in Puerto Vallarta an Cancun on our land vacations. Why are cruise passengers being treated differently in Mexico?
  6. I am currently booked in a Sunset Veranda aboard the Edge but now I see that the Concierge Class cabins are the same price as Sunset Veranda. Should I move up to Concierge Class for the same price or stay in the Sunset Veranda? I do not know how much of a difference there is in these two cabins since I have never been on the Edge. I am also not interested in acquiring additional Captain's Club points since we are already Elite.
  7. I am very disappointed to hear that the sandwich and pasta stations are closed. Could you please ask someone if they plan on opening these stations up soon? I have a cruise on the Edge in October and I hope everything will be open by then. I do not want to pay full price for a cruise but only receive half the product.
  8. Does anyone know what is the best deck on the Edge to book a sunset veranda on? And does anyone know which sunset verandas have the largest balconies?
  9. Can you please provide us with the email address to the FCC exception desk that you used?
  10. I tried to get my FCC extended by just 2 days for a cruise that starts on 10-2-22 and I was told no by a supervisor. However, she did say that there is a possibility that Celebrity could change their mind and extend the sail by date but she could not guarantee it. I think that we all should keep calling Celebrity to complain about the 9-30-22 sail by date on these FCC. There is strength in numbers and if enough of us complain, there is a possibility that Celebrity could extend the sail by date and allow us to use our FCC on cruises beyond 9-30-22.
  11. Please reply back and let us know if your FCC is indeed accepted.
  12. Does anyone think that Celebrity will extend the sail by date of 9-30-22 on the Future Cruise Certificates that are currently being issued on canceled cruises? In my opinion, this sail by date of 9-30-22 is very unfair given the fact that Celebrity is still cancelling cruises and we don't have a realistic date as to when cruising will return to full service. In my opinion, Future Cruise Certificates issued for cruises that were canceled by Celebrity should be good until at least the end of 2022.
  13. Does Celebrity offer transfers from Yokohama to downtown Tokyo for those of us who will be staying a few days in Tokyo after our cruise? If Celebrity does not offer downtown transfers, can someone recommend how we should get to Tokyo from Yokohama? I have never been to Tokyo before so this will be something new for us to figure out. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  14. Does anyone know if Celebrity will be moving their Japan cruises from Yokohama to the new cruise terminal in Tokyo? The new terminal will be much more convenient for people who want to spend time in Tokyo before or after their cruise.
  15. I was told by a Celebrity agent that if you pay for the cruise in full and there is no balance due, you cannot have the fare repriced if the price you originally paid goes down.
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