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  1. Can someone tell me which concierge class cabins on the hump of deck 12 have the largest balconies on the Solstice class ships?
  2. Thank you. I just tried to make a reservation in my cruise planner and 9:30 is the last time it will allow me to reserve a table. So I guess 9:30 is the latest time they will allow you to enter the main dining room.
  3. Does anyone know what time the main dining rooms on Celebrity Solstice class ships stop allowing passengers to enter for dinner if they have Select Dining? For instance, can you show up for dinner at 10:00pm if you are returning from a tour that ended at 9:30pm? Would the dining room allow you to be seated and served this late?
  4. Taking a cruise is a part of living and enjoying life for many people. If someone decides that they want to take a cruise out of Brazil in spite of everything that is happening, that is their choice and should not be judged for it.
  5. There are all kinds of things happening on this planet. More people are dying from cancer, heart disease, obesity, gun violence, terrorism, car accidents, alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. You cannot stop living your life just because things are happening on the planet.
  6. I totally agree. Right now, I would feel safer in any country other than the US.
  7. Cruises are a part of tourism. People on cruises spend money just like any other tourists.
  8. I think that there is a real possibility that cruises could start in August in parts of Europe. Many European counties are starting to accelerate the lifting of restrictions because they are starting to feel the economic impact of not having any tourists. I was watching a news segment on the BBC last night about some of the towns in Italy that depend on tourism and they are desperate for tourists to come back this summer. I also saw a news story that reported Greece and Spain are determined to have a tourist season this summer as well. I think August is possible for cruising in Europe as long as the infections continue to decrease.
  9. What do you mean by the breakfast and dinner outside? How is this possible? Does Blu have outside seating on the Edge? And if so, how does that work? When are you allowed to eat outside in Blu?
  10. My cruise in February of this year was canceled by Celebrity and we received a full refund. Does anyone know if Celebrity would allow us to book the same cruise next year at the price we paid on the canceled cruise? Do cruises canceled by Celebrity qualify for this enhanced cruise with confidence?
  11. This is the reason why I started this topic. I was told that Celebrity is issuing FCC with various expiration dates. I am interested in finding out if these future cruise credits can be used on cruises that are past the expiration date on the certificate. I guess in your case it worked.
  12. Today I was told by a Celebrity agent that if you have a Future Cruise Credit and you are not sure if you can use it on a particular cruise, you can do a fake booking on Celebrity's website, put in the future cruise credit number on the page where you enter your name and the system will let you know if it is accepted. Has anyone tried to do a fake booking to see if their future cruise credit could be used on any cruises they were interested in taking?
  13. My Celebrity Asia cruise that was cancelled by Celebrity back in February is showing in my cruise history as if this was a cruise that was taken. If Celebrity is going to include cancelled cruises in our cruise history, they should give us the Captain's Club points we would have earned once the cruise was completed.
  14. We have a cruise booked with a non-refundable deposit. We booked with a non-refundable deposit because the price of the cruise was cheaper. The same cruise is now being offered with a refundable deposit at the same price we paid. Can we change our deposit to refundable since the price is now the same?
  15. I don't think all of the ships are in Florida. I believe the Apex is already in Europe.
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