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  1. What drink package is included outside the of Yacht Club area when one has booked a YC room: Easy Package, Premium Package or Premium Plus Package?
  2. I called my TA and the $300 is from Celebrity and said it should be showing up in the Cruise Planner. She told me she'll be making a call to Celebrity.
  3. Thank you, I will do so. I was thinking the OBC would show up but maybe not until after final payment; however, I got motivated to ask tonight as some excursions on this cruise are already showing sold out.
  4. I booked via a TA on 08-26-19 but one of Celebrity's "Perks" I chose was the $150.00 p/p OBC. The TA threw in more OBC which I don't expect to see until after I board just as you stated.
  5. I'm not seeing it (where you described it would be) on the Cruise Planner page; which is where I've seen it before. Does it make a difference if I booked through at TA?
  6. ...when will this credit show up in my "Cruise Planner"? I'm guessing after final payment which is November 22nd, 2019 but I thought I'd ask.
  7. FYI for those on this sailing. Per NCL, the stop in Freeport, Grand Bahama is now a day at sea.
  8. @Jared100 What was the name of the beach club you went to (understanding that Taino is the name of the beach not the club)? Do you remember the cab fare?
  9. I'll be boarding the Breakaway May 12th (2019) and it is my understanding that the fee will be collected after passing through terminal security but before check-in/photo/room key. Is this correct?
  10. I've never heard of finding a group rate on Facebook. Is this common thing? I thinking about booking the Breakaway's 05-12-19 sailing out of Miami. How to I go about finding if there is a group rate for this cruise on Facebook? (P.S. I'm less than a novice with Facebook)
  11. I know that one can pre-order a bottle via the Fun Shops before the actual cruise. My question: Can a bottle be purchased after embarkation? For example day 3 or day 5?
  12. Not sure if this is old news on this board; however, I thought I'd share (as it was new to me). During the Q&A session with Capt. Johnny (and staff) on the December 9-16, 2018 Harmony sailing he made a quick (but yet not cryptic) comment that RCI is working on a 10,000+ passenger ship. The way he said it indicated (at least to me) that it was in its infancy. At the time I wanted to ask if that number included crew but time ran out. Interestingly, prior to Capt. Johnny's comments his Hotel Director commented that he was recently at a leadership conference and that RCI has some really big/exciting things in the works but wouldn't expand on his comment. Thoughts(?)/Comments(?)
  13. I'm not a straight-up shot person; however, on my recent Anthem cruise out of Newark (May 2018) not one bartender would serve me a cocktail as a "double". Then to add more annoyance was the fact that the booze poured was specifically measured out. I prefer a stronger drink and drink it more slowly than something on the weak side which I drink faster and get more full.
  14. I got $60.00 back last week via a $2.xx credit and a $57.xx credit to my card. I'm past final payment and was perplexed so I called my TA and he was equally perplexed; I've opted to stop asking questions! Interestingly, during this same time I upgraded from ocean view to AquaClass and didn't pay a thing but now I'm wondering that even though I was past final payment I was refunded some of the difference (in my favor) even though I don't think that was suppose to happen. But if that was the case I should have gotten more than $60.00 back.
  15. I will be on the Getaway in September (2018) and made a couple online reservations for Cagney's as I got the 3-day specialty dining package as part of my booking. I was not charged $'s for making the reservations. The following language was included in my confirmation email: FOR PRE-PAID RESERVATIONS, CANCELLATIONS MUST BE MADE NO LATER THAN 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED DINING TIME TO RECEIVE A FULL REFUND.IF CANCELLATION OCCURS WITH LESS THAN 24 HOURS’ NOTICE, NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED. If I decide to cancel a reservation with less than a 24 hour notice will one of my three days be deducted?
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