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  1. What you wrote did trigger something back in some of my unused brain cells. It seems I needed to contend with the same situation years ago and was told by AA that if I didn't use a voucher or credit for the cancelled ticket (I cancelled) within a year, I would get a refund. However, it seems the CC you referred to changed last month and in part reads: We will refund a non-refundable ticket (or the value of the unused segment of your trip) to the original form of payment if: You cancel within 24 hours of booking (and booked at least 2 days before departure). We cancel your flight We make a schedule change that results in a change of more than 4 hours to your departure time A passenger or their travel companion dies. (Supporting paperwork is required) Military orders require you to cancel your trip. (Supporting paperwork is required) If you bought your ticket through a travel agency or another booking source, contact them for a refund.
  2. The difference being: we cancel due to illness (covered) v. we cancel for another reason (the cruise is cancelled)...the latter is non-covered. I'm wondering if there is an option I'm over looking since a refundable air ticket is about 50% more than a non-refundable ticket and 'Cancellation for Any Reason Insurance' caps the refund at 50%-75% of the cost.
  3. I'm covered for the cruise portion via cc insurance if I cancel and I imagine I'll get $$ back from the cruise line if they cancel. What about airline tickets? My cc insurance would cover it if I cancel due to illness...but what if the cruise is cancelled and I no longer need the non-refundable air tickets?
  4. You're correct but they added a requirement that the cruise line fully adhere to the Canadian public health requirements. My new concern is the skyrocketing Delta variant. To offset that, is the increased number of vax ppl....so, who knows? I was just trying to think worse case scenario.
  5. Thanks, but know that. I was looking for a less expensive insurance plan that might cover cancellation for any reason.
  6. We're booked on a Viking Expedition for June of next year. Canada has banned cruise ships of our size thru Feb. 2022. If they extend that date and our cruise is cancelled, I'm wondering the least expensive way to get a refund on air tickets. Our trip cancellation insurance thru Chase Sapphire covers illness but not something like this.
  7. I guess i won't be surprised if I see them on sale in the ship's gift shop.
  8. Readily available on other posts but check the 'new cabins' on Celebrity website..
  9. Seriously...we need to have breakfast in shifts at the desk because someone at Celebrity thought it was a good idea to remove what little space there was for trays and meals? What will you remove next ? Replace the beds with twin size?
  10. Damn. Well, they're also reserving the right to rescind the ban based upon the pandemic vacs. I wonder if Cele. will cancel before final payment.
  11. I've googled the question of asymptomatic Covid pts being able to infect others and the answers I have found are always in the affirmative. In fact, my understanding of people who have completed the vac protocol still have the ability to infect those who haven't been vaccinated so, until we reach herd immunity, I'm afraid we won't be out of the woods as a society..only those of us who get vaccinated...My wife and I have had our 1st shots this week.
  12. I think you're correct about this not pertaining to cruises...We'll need to see if Canada is going to allow cruise ship to dock in Sept....I had also hoped that having received both does of the vaccine would suffice but the vaccine wouldn't prevent me, if infected despite the vaccine, from infecting other. I think the vaccine requirement for all is much simpler and even more effective than a test which could be negative today and positive tomorrow.
  13. In our case, we'd be CRUISING to Boston from a foreign port and before we could board our flight in Boston, we'd need to show a negative covid test...tonight tho, I heard on the news about a test you can do at home (or on a ship)...just $30 and the results appear on your smart phone...that might be the answer...hopefully our covid tests will be negative...we're getting our shots tomorrow.
  14. So cruise ending in Boston...we'd need to get to the airport in time to go to the rapid testing place; hope the line isn't too long; get tested; wait for results; then check in if results are neg. if one or both are positive; then quarantine in Boston for 10 day? Ya know what..I'll cancel the cruise.
  15. Exactly...let's hope so. We're under deposit for a 12 night RT Boston in Sept. 2021which is in limbo due to CDC limiting cruises touching a US port to 7 days until Dec. . Hopefully, with vaccines coming out shortly, CDC will reconsider the time line.
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