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  1. At the first port. You will go through customs and such at the first port so plan extra time that day.
  2. Reisdawg

    Visa question

    Nope. Japan is a visa free travel for US citizens US Embassy- US citizens traveling to Japan
  3. We booked our cruise in November of 2022 and are now 53 days away. Time goes by fast enough and enjoy researching all the things you can see….
  4. We paid for the 3 bags of laundry on board. Admittedly we are in Tokyo for two weeks prior to the cruise so I did book a hotel near the port that has a washer/dryer in the room before our cruise but I am trying to pack less clothes so I can get even more in our luggage back…
  5. I have to use the incognito mode on my browser to get the site to work. As a really old programmer, I assume that the cookies they use are messed up and I have to clear my browser history yet again for their site to work normally…
  6. The excursions range based upon several factors especially if they include food. The Osaka excursion just mentioned lists at $124.30 per person but by watching for sales, I was able to get the excursion at $87 per person. Most ports have an under $100 option but the longer excursions are around $150 to $200 if you want local food. We do have an excursion for every port simply to hit the highlights quickly but many people say the locations do have excellent transportation if you want to explore on your own.
  7. Almost all cruises try to visit two countries or more due to tax laws.
  8. We are on the same cruise but we spend 2 weeks prior to the cruise exploring Tokyo.
  9. This is extremely helpful for our July cruise. Thanks so much!
  10. Makes sense. All cruises would love to continue to make money and I am sure if the license is reasonable, many would take advantage of the extra cash.
  11. No. The casinos are not open while in any port that I’ve been on including Bermuda.
  12. We picked the Celebrity Cruise primarily because of the ports visited. Because this is our first visit to Japan, we wanted to see some of the major cities like Kyoto. This will be our third cruise with Celebrity but our primary focus is on the places visited and that the food is good (so no Carnival for us again).
  13. Was the Bear wrestling law put in place to avoid conflicts with the previous football coach?😝
  14. We are going on the July 14th cruise from Yokohama because my wife is a high school teacher and this is the only time we can go. We’ve done Disneyworld in August and we are expecting the same type of weather. Basically going early in the morning and planning afternoons indoors as much as possible. We did a cruise last August to Mexico and really had a tough time in port so we are better prepared this time with cooling rags and other methods.
  15. My wife was able to get the zero proof package on our trip in February by going to Guest Relations on the first day.
  16. This is from early August. They do change dates between sailings but this should give you a good idea of previous times.
  17. We did a Move Up on the Solstice this year to Aqua. You get a different room probably right below the pool. We didn’t hear a lot of noise but we went in February when most were not using the pool. We ate at Blu most nights and enjoyed the food but frankly would not upgrade again. It was under $100 per person with the ship half full so most places were fairly empty to begin with..
  18. Just saw the Blades 8 pm show that was listed as sold out. They did start letting people in without reservations about 15 minutes before the show.
  19. Booking opened on July 6th for our August 6th cruise for the shows on the Allure of the Seas. The comedy show was able to book on July 20th
  20. Did you try from the website? I know that the app has some functionality issues and I was able to get an arrival time for my August cruise when check in opened at midnight.
  21. Booking opened on July 6th for our August 6th cruise for the shows on the Allure of the Seas. The comedy show was able to book on July 20th.
  22. You have to look them up on Facebook and message them directly.
  23. Same for the Allure of the Seas August 6th sailing….
  24. My daughter had paid for the express processing of her passport and was going out of country for school. She was told to wait until the week before her travels to escalate but she instead contacted our local congress rep. The next day it was processed and shipped….
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